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Religion In South Asia

1) Religion in South Asia

Detail the history of conflict relating to religion in South Asia (specifically Hinduism and Islam). What (if any) tensions still exist today [hint: think about Kashmir and other contested areas] and how can both governments find common ground to deescalate the situation. What are the risks if they cannot?

Your essay should be written with focus, attention to detail, and free of grammatical or spelling errors. Please see the rubric below for additional grading details.

Each essay should be between 500-750 words.

Discussion 3-1 Negotiation And Conflict Resolution

Each of us perceives “ethics” from our own point of reference as to what is or is not ethical. This assignment asks you to consider ethics and whistleblowers. Select one of the behaviors listed below for your discussion posting. Base your posting on your relationship with the “unethical person” and any risk involved in “whistle blowing”.

1. Stealing from an employer

2. Falsifying a time sheet

3. Padding an expense account

4. Falsifying any document or record

5. Lying about the conduct of a co-worker

Humanistic, Transpersonal and Existential Psychology

Humanistic, Transpersonal and Existential Psychology

Discussion 6

A) Many of his colleagues considered Rollo May the father of American existential psychology. What are the key similarities and differences that you discern between May and the European humanistic perspectives about the individual and connection to others? What makes these significant?

B) Irvin Yalom suggests that anxiety is an existential dilemma that can emerge in a person’s daily life and needs concrete decisions from an individual in order to ameliorate it. Do you agree or disagree with Yalom’s position? Why? How does your personal worldview influence your stance? Explain.

Discussion 7

A) Some believe that the integration of the mind, body, and spirit into a unitary whole can create harmony and healing in one’s life. Do you agree? Why or why not? How might the connection between these three separate entities be important in understanding how one might transcend physical aging? Support your position.

B) What are other types of “therapies” that can contribute to refreshing the mind, rejuvenating the body, and renewing the spirit? Which of these alternatives do you believe best aligns with a Christian worldview? Why? Which of these alternatives do you believe best aligns with your personal worldview? Why?

Discussion 8

A) Integral theory suggests that human development and psychological stages of growth should be integrated with a spiritual state of awareness. What are the possible benefits of recognizing “other states of awareness” as a way of healing a person holistically? Does this integral theory align with the Christian worldview? Why or why not?

B) Literature suggests that transpersonal psychology should be the 4th Force or movement in psychology along with psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology. Why has transpersonal psychology garnered significant attention over the past decade? Do you believe it should be its own movement (a 4th Force)? Why or why not? To what extent, if at all, is the notion of transpersonal psychology compatible with your personal worldview? Explain. How might this compatibility (or lack thereof) influence your dissertation research?

Dissonance And Attitudes

The textbook describes cognitive dissonance as the difference between our beliefs and our actions. Provide three (3) examples of cognitive dissonance that you have experienced. Describe at least two (2) potential behaviors or consequences that can arise from this inconsistency.


1-question – Create a brief research design abouta topic in which you are interested.Write a letter to a philanthropic or grant organization requesting funding for your study. Describe

the project in a convincing yetrealistic and way. Explain how theresults of your study will be arelevant.

2-question – How has technology changed yourprimary groups and secondarygroups? Do you have more (andseparate) primary groups due toonline connectivity? Do you believethat someone, like Levy, can have atrue primary group made up of peopleshe has never met? Why or why not?

3-question – Ride an elevator backwards.  Find a building with an elevator that goes at least 3 floors and is regularly used.  Make sure there is at least one other passenger and ride the elevator backwards. Instead of entering the elevator and turning around to face the door, remain facing the rear wall.  After you have ridden the elevator backwards, record how it felt and how others on the elevator reacted (you may recruit the assistants of a friend to make observations).  Also record any conclusion you can make about the social pressure to conform, and what it means to be a deviant.  Be sure to report the location of the elevator, the date and time of day, and the number of others present when you rode the elevator backwards.

4-question – What class traits define your peer group? For example, whatspeech patterns or clothingtrends do you and your friendsshare? What cultural elements,such as taste in music orhobbies, define your peer group? Most importantly, how do you see this set of class traits as different from other classes above or below yours?

Higher Teacher Salaries

After viewing the 13 Minutes video segment, NYC Charter School’s $125,000 experiment, you are ready to write a journal entry. Using the four points I provided for you above, discuss how they are relevant in the video. Discuss whether or not a program like this one could work if implemented nationwide? Be sure to consider what works about this program and what does not work.

Why Sociology

Write a 600-word paper addressing the following questions: How is this class going to help you with your field of study, your career, and with your personal life? Why take a sociology class?

All papers are to be in APA format. A template is located in Week 1 Readings & Tools.

For help with this assignment, you may refer to the Three Minute Sociologist Video.

Assignment 2 – Social Movement

Choose one of the two options below:
Option #1: One of the most prominent social movements in contemporary society is theOccupy movement (or another contemporary movement you can relate to). In at least600 words explain the history of the movement, including who organized it and why it was created.

Option #2: How do personal problems intertwine with public issues of our society, and with the global community of which you are a part? In at least 600 words, explain how this connects to the social movements.

Your paper must be at least 600 words and have a cover page and reference page with at least two references. Make sure your paper is written in APA format. An APA template is located in the Week 1 Reading & Tools.

Assignment 3 – Revolutions

Write a 600-word paper addressing these questions:

What are some of the work-related revolutions that have occurred over time in your current career field?  What do these changes mean to you?

What kinds of changes in the economy did these revolutions make?

You will want to focus on revolutions that have occurred during the Agricultural, Industrial and Postindustrial economic periods (pages 403-405 in your book). https: Download Intro_to_Sociology_2e.pdf


A one-page paper, APA format including title page and reference page explaining the strengths, weaknesses and limits of the research methods research design. With special emphasis on limitations. Please use at least 3 references and text citations and reference page. Please be sure there is no plagiarism and the work is scholarly.

Is due midnight tonight New York time. I can give you 12 more hours if you need it. Simply ask up front before we shake hands. If you cannot adhere to the details please do not accept. Willing to Pay $25

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