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The Nursing Process Discussion Post

The Nursing Process Discussion Post

Discussion board about  The Nursing Process.Provide references in APA format and include in text  citations for quoted or paraphrased content in the post.


It’s important to point out that the  nursing process is flexible and not rigid. It is a tool to use in  nursing care, but one that should allow for creativity and thinking  outside of the box.


 1-Identify and described the steps of the nursing process.


2-Discuss the importance of the nursing process as it relates to patients care.


3-Explain at least two ways in which nurses use critical thinking.


Please use attach document for in-text citation and references.




· Based on the model of your choice, find and post a visual image that depicts the model you chose to study this week and explain how the image depicts concepts in the model

· The initial post is to include insights into practice application

· Upload your image depicting a nursing model as an attachment in the DB 

· Please check the DB prior to your post to see how many students have already posted their selected philosophy

· Read your peers’ posts and reply to at least one peer who has explored a different philosophy

Letter From Birmingham Jail Critical Thinking Writing Assignment 2

Letter From Birmingham Jail Critical Thinking Writing Assignment 2


Directions: Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail is the document in which he most clearly articulates his nonviolent direct action strategy to address segregation. His moral argument turns on two notions of interconnectedness of communities and the moral and political justification to not listen to the laws. In this essay, you will answer questions in two sections. Upload to Dropbox Writing Assignment 2. Due: October 30th


Section 1: Explain King’s belief about the interconnectedness of communities all across the United States? What does it mean to be interconnected? Do you agree with this concept? (1 page minimum)


Section 2: Dr. King describes what a just laws look like. Additionally, he explains at length some ways in which laws can be unjust. What is the key argument for telling when a law is just or unjust? Do you agree? (1 page minimum)


Section 3: Given your analysis of this one central text in sections 1 and 2, what do you think the relationship between community and justice is for King? (1/2 page minimum)


Who gains and who loses from a tariff?


 Who gains and who loses from a tariff? How do the effects of tariffs differ from the effects of quotas? If you were a small country, what would you rather utilize? 

Children’s Most Prized Possesions

Children’s Most Prized Possesions

The photographer Gabriele Galimberti captured children around the world with their favorite objects.  View the collection of photos, Toy Stories, and reflect on the following:



If a picture is worth a thousand words, it would require 12,000 words to describe the images in this collection.  So as an early childhood professional, you will have to make efficient use of language to respond to the following items in a 250 word narrative.



Describe your response to the images in the Toy Stories collection, with emphasis on your thoughts and emotions.



Expand on your response, focusing on the diverse perspectives that characterize the various children’s choices.



You have to view the collection of photos, Toy Stories to do this assignment.


Culturally Relevant Methods

Culturally Relevant Methods

As an early childhood educator or early childhood administrator you have such an important role in supporting each and every child in your care.  First, review the Teaching Children Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education article and Chapter 1 and 2 of your text.  Then search for and read at least one additional scholarly source.


Compile and present in tabular format a lit of 15 culturally competent strategies for English language learners (ELLS) that you could use your early childhood education teaching or leadership role.  At least five of your strategies should be appropriate for infants/toddlers, five strategies should be appropriate for preschool, and five strategies should be appropriate for early elementary age. 

Compiling The New Testament

Compiling The New Testament

Discuss the following with an essay of at least 350 words.



The compiling of the books of the New Testament was an interesting process. Discuss the important people, groups, events, and councils that had a bearing on this process—both good and bad.


 At least 2 scholarly sources are to be researched for the writing of this essay as well as the bible, and they are to be properly cited with current Turabian style footnotes and a bibliography. At least one source must be:


Gonzalez, Justo L. The Story of Christianity Vol.1, HarperCollins, 2010

Week 2 Discussion – The Condition of Education: 2013

Week 2 Discussion – The Condition of Education: 2013

Figures 1, 2, and 3 from the report by the US Department of Education show that the greatest amount of money spent in 2009-2010 went to students, instruction, and salaries while NAEP scores in reading have not shown a measurable difference in 2011 from the scores in 2009.


Look at Chapter 3, page 91, Section: Finance

Indicator 20: Public School Revenue Sources – Elementary/Secondary Education


Indicator 21: Public School Expenditures


Scroll down to P. 102, Indicator 23: Reading Performance (NAEP shows that student achievement in reading performance for 2011 does not show a measurable difference from 2009). Math scores did improve, however.


You have been asked to address the school board about the disparity between expenditures and test scores. 


(Please note that I did not provide the documentation from the textbook but I have provided three sample answers and if you bid on assignment and your bid is accepted, all you have to do is reword the sample posts to make it an original. And if you have any questions after your bid is accepted please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can provide more samples if needed.)


How will you justify to the school board that so much money has been spent with little to show in reading scores?


Someone from the audience wants to debate the fact that too much money is being spent on education and believes state funding for education should be under more scrutiny. How will you address this concern?

Summary Paper – Role of Federal Government in Education

Summary Paper – Role of Federal Government in Education


Submit a one- to two-page paper that summarizes the role the federal government has played historically and continues to play in education (although the responsibility of educating its citizenry was given to the states).

Week 3 Discussion – School Accounting Policy

Week 3 Discussion – School Accounting Policy

You have just accepted the principalship of a large public school. You learn early on that the sixth grade teachers sell popcorn every Friday to raise money for the sixth grade trip. When you ask who is responsible for depositing the money, you find out that one of the teachers has an account at her bank and she is taking care of the money. When you question this in regard to the district’s accounting policies, you are told that if this money is put through the general fund (as is specified by the district), the money will not be there when they get ready for their spring trip. What will be your response, in light of the fact that the “state offices of education and the local school districts have a fiduciary responsibility to make expenditures and keep financial records in accordance with legally-approved budgets” (text, p. 131).


Based on the chapter in the text, and the fact that you as the administrator are charged with protecting school funds (p. 145) and general principles that “may be applied to form the basis for an adequate and effective accounting system in every school” (p.133), respond to the following questions:


What would you tell the sixth grade teachers in this scenario?


Why is it necessary to have this conversation?


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