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Open EITF Issues

For this assignment, go to the Description and Status of Current Issues page of the Financial Accounting Standards Boards (FASB) Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) Website, located at Select a current issue that interests you, and identify it for the assignment.
Open EITF Issues
    19-B: Revenue RecognitionContract Modifications of Licenses of Intellectual Property
    19-C: Warrant Modifications: Issuers Accounting for Modifications of Equity Classified Freestanding Call Options That Are Not within the Scope of Topic 718 or Topic 815

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:
1.    Research the most important impact that the mission of the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) exerts upon the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Analyze the EITFs effectiveness with finding resolutions to emerging accounting issues, and make at least two (2) recommendations as to how they could improve their effectiveness. Justify your recommendations.
2.    Research the issue you selected from the EITFs Description and Status of Current Issues page, and analyze at least two (2) key areas being addressed by the EITF.
3.    Analyze the primary manner in which a companys accounting and financial reporting is likely to be impacted by the work being done by the EITF on the chosen issue, and make at least two (2) recommendations as to the manner in which the EITF could improve a companys accounting and financial reporting.
4.    Create an argument either in favor or against the EITF recommendation(s) on the issue that you have selected. Provide support for your argument.
5.    Analyze the different accounting treatments between GAAP and IFRS for the issue that you have selected, and make at least two (2) recommendations that would have a positive impact on the differences between treatments.
6.    Predict the roles that the EITF and FASB would play, should the accounting profession adopt one (1) global set of accounting standards.


During week four you studied process costing and saw how this cost accounting system varied from job order costing that you learned about in week three. For your week four discussion board post I would like you do identify a publicly traded manufacturing company. BY publicly traded it means they have stock traded on an exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange. I would then like you to research a product they manufacture. Based on what you have found would they use process costing or job order costing. Why did you select the method they did. Please be sure to integrate terms and concepts you learned about in week three and four as you describe the cost accounting system they might use.

The attached PPTs are just for your information to know what week 3 and 4 covered. Do not use them as a reference nor cite them in the answer. Only use external references. Use APA format. 

What Special Education means to me

Please read the document labeled ” Module 1 Assignment and rubric,” for the requirements.

Please ONLY FOCUS on page one part one and page two part two!!!

I will upload the documents that you need to do pagee three part three, when I complete them

Moderate (SCLC and SNCC) and militant (Nation of Islam, Black Power, and Black Panthers) groups had different views about the value of racial integration, the goals for their race, and the methods for achieving those goals. In a detailed essay, compare an

Moderate (SCLC and SNCC) and militant (Nation of Islam, Black Power, and Black Panthers) groups had different views about the value of racial integration, the goals for their race, and the methods for achieving those goals. In a detailed essay, compare and contrast the moderate and militant approaches to the issue of civil rights between the 1950s and 1970s.

Rhetorical Analysis of Nguyens Article.


This is a link to Nguyens article,

I need your help editing and revising the rhetorical analysis essay you did for me last week, my professor gave some feedbacks for the essay, she highlighted and added her feedbacks in the essay.

I uploaded all the instructions and rhetorical analysis essay in the additional materials


Response to this blog post containing 300 words *with MHRA referencing please!*:

In response to your point about John Locke, often called the founder of British Empiricism, while Empiricism has both strengths and weaknesses it could be challenged, in so far as It is difficult to claim that what we experience through our senses is the fundamental root of all our perceptions and understanding..  One factor is that Empiricism relies heavily on the senses for attaining truths.  The senses are not always functioning perfectly, surely injury to the brain or alcohol could alter their validity and lead to a distortion of the truth.  A second argument against Empiricism is that the truths arriving need to be organized and not disconnected.  It is difficult to ascertain how this organization can occur.

Traditional empiricist methods need to be supplemented by extra-logical principals that are not strictly empirical.[1] Empiricism cannot provide us with the certainty of scientific knowledge in the sense that it denies the existence of objective reality, ignores the dialectical relationship of the subjective and objective contents of knowledge.[2] Our sensuous intuitions have to be structured by something inherent in our minds. Differing from Locke, Kant asserts that our minds are not originally like blank slates although our minds may be empty of sensory content before experience begins they nonetheless have a prior structure that gives shape to the sensory experience.[3] Another view, generally associated with Plato (Republic 479e-484c) locates the superiority of a priori knowledge in objects known.  What we know by reason alone, a Pllatonic form, say, is superior in an important metaphysical way, e.g. unchanging, eternal, perfect, a higher degree of being, to what we are aware of through sense experience.[4].


2 assignments  posted here: assignment number 1 . read the case study and (Strategic Analysis Summary). double spaced  , 12 font , new times roman . minimum 2 pages-3 pages . professor will focus on the first 2 pages . that’s important . 

professor recommendation :Recommendation

Competitors (discussion of who are the competitors and what is the structure of the industry)  This is worth 10 points out of 100 points so treat accordingly.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (I would clearly connect your analysis of each Force to your recommendation as you discuss each Force -this would be your comprehensive argument supporting your recommendation – this eliminates the need for a summary or conclusion of your arguments). grading scale posted too. this paper worth a lot of points important paper. 

2 assignments 2 different word files and required things for both . 

assignment 2 :  read the same case study posted , and answer the question, 

Your Question:

How has the competition between Coke and Pepsi affected the industry’s profit?

Cite evidence from the case to support and develop your answer.(important to cite)

Length – 250 Words (approximately one full paged with double spaced 12 point font)

Complete The Comparison Worksheet

Complete the Comparison Worksheet.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA style.

****  Create a hypothetical family. Develop a scenario that has caused this family to seek counseling. The scenario should be 150-250 words in length. Be sure to include the following in the scenario: 1) Identify the members of the family; 2) The problem/focus of therapy; 3) Family rules which enabled the problem to continue; and 4) rationale for who the identified patient (IP) is.******


Complete the specific fields listed in the chart for each theory chosen. All sections will require a 50-75-word description except for the section where you list the three treatment interventions. Include a minimum of six scholarly resources in addition to the course textbook and in-text citation as appropriate. Include a full APA reference for the resources used below.

****Please use at least 6 scholarly references**********

***** Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

******please attach the turnitin report

Unit 4 Assnment (HRM307)

Read the appropriate chapters from our class textbook.  

Briefly answer the following questions on or before Saturday 11:59pm

Note: If you are not with an organization at present, use this as an opportunity to gather information from another person about these questions or conduct your own research on-line about a specific organization.

  1. With whom does your organization compete in terms of compensation and benefits?
  2. What is your companys competitive pay strategy? Do they attempt to pay more, the same or less than the competitive average in your area and why?
  3. What is your companys policy regarding communications of salary grades and ranges? Why do they do what they do?
  4. Explain the difference between salary ranges and salary bands. Which does your employer use and why?
  5. What is a competitive pay line (or market line) and how is it used?

policy making

chapter four only review:
(provided that the offer content includes the following points:
(1) Introduction: the title and general theme of the book
(2) Topics: What were the main topics investigated in the book?
  (3) Arguments: What are the arguments and assumptions regarding the main themes? Be sure to select
Differences / similarities.
Analysis: What are your thoughts on the book? Are the topics appropriate? Do you agree with any conclusions
Or arguments presented? Are there any contemporary events that contradict or reinforce the arguments of the book?
(5) Conclusion: related concluding comments on the book.

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