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DBA Business And Government And Society



For this portion of your course project, you will be adding information about the importance of legal, regulatory, and political issues and identifying those present in your chosen firm. How do these issues impact your firm? In addition, this section should meet the criteria below.

  • Explain the impact of government on business.
  • Articulate the need for appropriate regulatory oversight of business.
  • Identify the classes of political strategy.
  • Illustrate the application of political strategies and their importance.
  • Summarize how corporations influence government decision-making.
  • Evaluate how your chosen firm uses lobbying strategies.

A good source of information to assist you in addressing these questions is the annual report(s) of the firm.

This section of your project must be at least two pages in length. You must use at least one academic source, and any information from outside sources should be cited in APA format.

Standards, Security Protocols, and Wireless Security

READING (see attached file):
Joseph Migga Kizza, Guide to Computer Network Security (4th edition):
Chapter 16: Standardization and Security Criteria
Chapter 17: Computer Network Security Protocols
Chapter 18: Security in Wireless Networks and Devices

FIPS 1402 Requirements (See attached file)
Web and Network Communications(See attached file)

Kerberos – CompTIA Security+ SY0-401: 5.1

To see how SSL works with HTTP

TEDxMidAtlantic 2011 – Avi Rubin – All Your Devices Can Be Hacked

ASSIGNMENT 1 – Experience with Security Protocols (One-page)

Using this weeks reading material. In your own experience in your daily activities, think of when you have interacted with security protocols, ie, policies at work or school, online activities? Share a few sentences about your experiences. No PII please.

ASSIGNMENT 2 –  WiFi Security Best Practices (Two-pages)

Using this week’s reading material. Suggest one best practice for wireless security and explain your choice. There are many, so try to not duplicate another students suggestion.

business perspective in natural science

part 1 Using one of the two articles you just read, explain in a short paragraph why you think scientific evidence provided by Patterson or by researchers examining the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke was countered so strongly by the big petroleum and tobacco companies. How do you think the “big money” provided by these industries to fund alternate research efforts reflects the importance of the role of funding in research?
first article
2nd article

Part 2
I have uploaded the instructions for part 2 (these are the questions )
SCI 100 Question Development Worksheet

Answer the following questions. Your instructor will use these answers to evaluate the critical elements for Project 2.

1.    Why did you select your news story? What about the story makes it interesting to you both personally and scientifically?

2.    What did you already know about the topic before selecting the news story? What opinions or assumptions had you made about it?

3.    Which concepts covered in the course relate to your news story? How?

4.    What question do you have about the topic in the news story? Select one question that interests you based on your topic exploration graphic organizer and previous responses.

5.    Why would this question be important to a natural scientist?

The Instruction To Follow Is In The Browse Files. 0 Plagiarism, APA Format,

I need 2800-3000 word paper for this writing assignment. please follow the instruction carefully. Also I have attached the writing paper for week 5 in the browse files too. please read the paper first before starting my assignment. please use scholarly articles for your references.   

Bad user interface

Create a post describing something in your life that has a bad user interface. It does not have to be computer related, though a bad computer interface would certainly be on topic. In your post include the following:

An image of the interface. You can take a picture of it, or a screen capture, and then embed the image within your discussion forum post, rather than uploading it as an attachment. If not, see if you can find an image of your interface on the web to use.*
Describe what about the interface makes it so bad.
Make three design recommendations for improving the interface.
*If this is an interface from a system or device you use for work, please make sure it is appropriate to share an image of it with the class! If you’re in doubt, do not use it!

REMEMBER: Your initial post should be approximately three paragraphs (150 words per paragraph) of content.

Professional Business Report


Marketing Strategy

Problem Statement Rubric

Proper problem statements are constructed from an awareness of the realities of the business world. Reciting what the case gives you as a problem is wasteful. Discussing the history of the industry is probably not useful either.

The following rubric is based on the idea that the real world creates limits. That is: There are only so many marketing strategies that make sense given the real conditions.

Therefore, to quickly analyze any case follow the rubric to develop a complete Problem Statement:

  1. Identify the organization type,      industry, and business orientation. Organizations tend to be either      Finance focused, Production/Operations focused, or Marketing focused. If you think the organization has a      different focus, or multiple foci, it would be smart to read the case more      deeply.
  2. Identify the industry and product      lifecycles. Lifecycle is not a      fact, it is a tool for analysis.
  3. (If relevant) Identify the      relationship of the SBU to the organization. Note: in some cases the      organization and the SBU are the same. Think BCG.
  4. Discuss the competitive      environment. Think 5-Forces Model.
  5. Discuss the resources      available. Not just money, but      things like patents, people, brand, channels, distribution systems, and      workforce.

Insight Marker Assignment


Please review the attached .pdf file. These are the steps for the assignment. You will attach a Word or equivalent document for submitting the assignment. Please make sure that the assignment includes a modified model screenshot and explanation as requested. 

Please include a title page and make sure that you cite any references that are used. You can talk with others in the class when you are doing this, but this is an individual assignment.

Links for the tutorials shown in .pdf file:

 Disease Dynamics(SD):   

 Disease Dynamics(ABM):   


Off-Label Drug Use In Pediatrics


To Prepare
  • Review the interactive media piece in this weeks Resources and  reflect on the types of drugs used to treat pediatric patients with mood  disorders.
  • Reflect on situations in which children should be prescribed drugs for off-label use.
  • Think about strategies to make the off-label use and dosage of drugs  safer for children from infancy to adolescence. Consider specific  off-label drugs that you think require extra care and attention when  used in pediatrics.
By Day 5 of Week 11

Write a 1-page narrative in APA format that addresses the following:

  • Explain the circumstances under which children should be prescribed drugs for off-label use. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Describe strategies to make the off-label use and dosage of drugs  safer for children from infancy to adolescence. Include descriptions and  names of off-label drugs that require extra care and attention when  used in pediatrics.

Help Too

As a leader, how do you know when it is appropriate to lead and when it is appropriate to follow? How can you foster leadership skills in your team members so they too feel confident enough to lead when the situation calls for it?

journal article summary

You will complete 1 Journal Article Summary that relates to the Social Psych Topic each module/week for modules/weeks 2-3 & 5-7. The idea is to find research that relates to each weeks topic to better understand the topic, and to get a better understanding of the research related to each topic. To find these potential articles, you can search google scholar, one of the psychology databases (i.e. PSYC INFO), or look in a specific journal (i.e. Journal of Applied Psychology). **Please dont summarize the attached journal articles for each week.
You will read the article and then summarize the article in approximately 350 words or more. Remember, these summaries are to help you to remember the most important aspects of each article so you have 5 article summaries on social psychological research that can help you both in this course and in future research and coursework.
Make sure that you include:
–    Title and authors of the article
–    Why the article was written (introduction), and what it attempts to find or answer (hypothesis section)
–    How it answers the question or questions it proposes (method section)
–    What the article found (results)
–    What the results actually mean (discussion)
Be careful to ensure that your answers to the above information make sense to you, as you want to be able to develop the skill of making complex/academic information easy to understand to non-academic people and I eventually will be reading these. Make sure to explain any complex ideas in plain language, and dont assume I as the reader know what you are talking about. Summarize these articles succinctly but yet thoroughly. Each Paper Article Summary must be at least 350 words. Refer to the Paper Article Summary Example for guidance on this assignment.

Submit your Paper Article Summaries 2-3 & 5-7 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the Sunday of the assigned module/week.

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