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First read ead the attached file
1) After reading this chapter, what is your opinion of the finance industry?
2) What was the role of mathematics in the financial crisis?
3) Working in finance is one possible career path for a mathematician. Describe 1) the career that you are interested in, 2) some possible WMDs you might encounter in that career, and 3) how you can use math or statistics positively in that career

Reflection- Code Of Ethics

Consider things such as:

  • Can you separate the individual from the professional where ethics is concerned?
  • Is there a diffeence between ethical and moral?  If so, what is it?
  • What personal ideals and values shaped your work in your chosen profession?
  • What happens when personal ideals and codes of the profession are in conflict?

Create a paper answering the questions above.

Computer Science Upto 300 Words Short Research Paper


Topic : “Features and Added values of Simulation models using different modeling approaches supporting policy-making.”

Each student will write a short research paper for a peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the Question which consists of an abstract and at least 2 papers including a conclusion.  This will be a detailed summary of the research paper and what you gained from the research.  

Once you find the article, you will simply read it and then write a review of it.  Think of it as an article review where you submit a short overview of the article.

*All outside sources must be referenced and cited in your paper.  All papers will be reviewed with a plagiarism software. Any references not properly referenced and cited will result in a 0 on your paper. Multiple violations will result in a failure for the course!


must have good economic theory and supporting material, economic terminology must be used. This is a examination of the benefits and costs of a monetary union for its members.

I Cant stress enough you must be in regular contact with me and follow my instructions, I havent uploaded all the documents to help you yet but I will do so. If I ask that you amend/change something because I dont feel its right or needs more detail as well as economic terminology please just do it. The citations and references must be done to top standard and I am expecting a first class with this paper (at least 80%) so if you if youre taking this paper then have a good economic understanding and follow the instructions in order to achieve a first class.
I will not accept anything less than what I have just instructed

mini lit review

Mini Lit Review Assignment
Due Feb 28

introduce you to (or allow you to further acquaint yourself with) different types of sources and how to access them.
teach you to break down a piece of writing into its component parts: the topic/question, the evidence, the argument, the citations, etc.
give you the opportunity to read somewhat in-depth into a topic and to understand how different pieces are engaged in an intellectual conversation with one another.
practice synthesizing other scholars ideas and arguments together.

Assignment guidelines:
Step 1: Identify 10 related articles.
Step 2: Create summary sheets for each article
Step 2: Enter these articles into your synthesis matrix following the guidelines discussed in class.
Step 3: Synthesize these articles into a miniature review of this literature.

Your literature review should be five double spaced pages of written text and organized by the themes that emerge from your synthesis matrix. You must use APA 6th edition for format your paper including the layout (cover page, text citations, and references).
Writing a Lit Review and Using a Synthesis Matrix
I have to write a lit review – what do I do?
To being you have to know that when writing a literature review, the goal of the researcher is to determine the current state of knowledge about a particular topic by asking, What do we know or not know about this issue? In conducting this type of research, it is imperative to examine several different sources to determine where the knowledge overlaps and where it falls short. A literature review requires a synthesis of different subtopics to come to a greater understanding of the state of knowledge on a larger issue. It works very much like a jigsaw puzzle. The individual pieces (arguments) must be put together in order to reveal the whole (state of knowledge).

So basically I just read the articles and summarize each one separately?
No, a literature review is not a summary. Rather than merely presenting a summary of each source, a literature review should be organized according to each subtopic discussed about the larger topic. For example, one section of a literature review might read Researcher A suggests that X is true. Researcher B also argues that X is true, but points out that the effects of X may be different from those suggested by Researcher A. It is clear that subtopic X is the main idea covered in these sentences. Researchers A and B agree that X is true, but they disagree on Xs effects. There is both agreement and disagreement, but what links the two arguments is the fact that they both concern X.

This sounds like a lot of information; how do I keep it organized?
Because a literature review is NOT a summary of these different sources, it can be very difficult to keep your research organized. It is especially difficult to organize the information in a way that makes the writing process simpler. One way that seems particularly helpful in organizing literature reviews is the synthesis matrix. The synthesis matrix is a chart that allows a researcher to sort and categorize the different arguments presented on an issue. Across the top of the chart are the spaces to record sources, and along the side of the chart are the spaces to record the main points of argument on the topic at hand. As you examine your first source, you will work vertically in the column belonging to that source, recording as much information as possible about each significant idea presented in the work. Follow a similar pattern for your following sources. As you find information that relates to your already identified main points, put it in the pertaining row. In your new sources, you will also probably find new main ideas that you need to add to your list at the left. You now have a completed matrix!

As you write your review, you will work horizontally in the row belonging to each point discussed. As you combine the information presented in each row, you will begin to see each section of your paper taking shape. Remember, some of the sources may not cover all of the main ideas listed on the left, but that can be useful also. The gaps on your chart could provide clues about the gaps in the current state of knowledge on your topic. Creating Your Synthesis Matrix

Its probably best to begin your chart by labeling the columns both horizontally and vertically. The sample chart below illustrates how to do this:

Topic: __________________________________________

Label the rows down across the top of your chart with the authors last name or with a few keywords from the title of the work. Then columns of the table with the main ideas that your sources discuss about your topic. As you read each source, make notes in the appropriate column about the information discussed in the work, as shown in the following chart. Synthesis Grid Example

Topic: The Effect of Technology on Romantic Relationships

Writing Your Mini Lit Review

Here is an example literature review on The Effect of Technology  on Romantic Relationships write up based on the synthesis grid above. This excerpt synthesizes information without summarizing.

While researchers agree that technology affects individuals, it is clear that technologys affects are not the same across the board. Clayton, Leshner and Almond (2017) caution that technologys impact depends on the type of relationship it facilitates. In particular they argue that its not the relationship type that determines how much one maintains their relationship but how strong or weak their ties are (Clayton et al., 2017). People with strong ties are more likely to use technology in positive way to improve and maintain their relationships. Those with weak ties are not impacted by either way by technology use.
Beyond relationship type, relational closeness can also be impacted by the mere presence of technology.  Przybylski and Weinstein (2016) found that their participants reported decreased feelings of closeness toward their partner when cell phones were merely present when they spoke to their romantic partner. Others argue that its not technology that impacts perception of relational quality but instead, differences are a product of the users age. For example, Panova and Lleras (2018) found that participants rated their relationships as more fulfilling when technology was not always present, however they caution this finding may be a result of their participants digital native experience.

Critical Thinking Assingment 2


Please note that the Reflections must have:

1. MLA format-look up the link if you are not sure
2. Single spaced the entire assignment or page
3. One page only
4. Times New Roman, font 12
5. Quotations with page numbers
6. Point and Explanations do not have the author’s name in it.
Be careful. I will deduct a point for each error. If you don’t single space your writing, I will not read it.

Critical Assignment: Management Information Systems Analysis

The company/school you work for has been receiving criticism and in fact questions regarding the strategic use of information systems within your organization.  After a committee review it was concluded change must begin from the top.  In response to this need a decision was made to perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of Kimballs Restaurant as a case study of a successful strategic information system.  This analysis is to include hardware, software, networks, databases and data warehouses, web-enabled commerce, business intelligence, systems acquisitions, and security.  The committee was quite impressed with your professional approach to information systems in your career.  Therefore, they elected you to take on the task to create both a written report and present a summary of your findings via a PowerPoint presentation. They have given you 7 weeks to create this with an expectation of frequent updates on your progress (e.g. research findings, two working drafts, final draft).

Your final paper length will be 15-20 pages, including title page, abstract page, table of contents page, reference page, and appendices pages.

Text should be follow APA guidelines and use discipline appropriate language/vocabulary. A minimum of eight (8) scholarly references should be used.

English1302 Essay #2


The Argumentative Research Essay 

Purpose:  To persuade
Audience: Diverse /  Educated adults.
Length: 4-5 pages (1200 - 1500 words)
Research & Documentation:  Minimum of 5 sources with MLA citations

Visual Element:  At least one visual element embedded in the essay (chart, graph, photo, etc.)

We rarely, if ever, make arguments without being provoked.  Rather, when we make an argument, something has happened or someone has done something that inspires us to respond.   For this reason, I want your argument to be made in response to a current event.   To this end,  I am requiring that you choose your topic from the New York Times “Room for Debate” pages.    Go to: and view the many topics available. 

For each topic there are multiple viewpoints. These will be a central part of the “conversation” to which you respond.  Most topics have between four and seven separate viewpoints or arguments about the event or topic.  Read all of them.  Then begin formulating your own argument in response.  While I don’t expect you to quote or summarize from each individual viewpoint for your topic, you should quote, paraphrase, summarize from at least three them.

In addition to the articles on the Room for Debate pages, you will be required to conduct additional research to support your argument.  This research can come from any reputable source.  See “Evaluating Sources” for tips on selecting reputable, scholarly sources.

Whichever topic you choose, you will eventually need to develop an argumentative thesis statement that clearly identifies your position on the topic. Remember that a thesis for an argumentative essay should be debatable and should clearly take a stand.  Refer to the readings in this section to help you create a debatable thesis statement.

To supplement your argument, you must also include at least one visual element in your essay. The visual element can be a chart, graph, photograph or illustration.  The visual should be used in such a way as to support the ideas and arguments in your essay and it should be embedded within the body of your essay (not added as an attachment or link). Identify the source of your images next to the image in a textbox or within the body of the corresponding paragraph. To help you choose or create a visual element, refer to the reading in this unit on Visual Rhetoric.

Finally,  now would be a good time to review the readings from unit one of this course, particularly those on integrating quotations and citing sources.  It is not enough to simply meet the research requirement by throwing in a quote here and there.  I want to see that you can integrate the ideas of others neatly into your own argument.


Case one illustrate example essay length of no less than 700 words double-spaced Times New Roman 12 part front size. This essay is to consist of your own thoughts words and ideas no second sources are to be used in this essay. Be sure to proofread your essay and edit from proper grammar punctuation diction and spelling a Sarah’s is sending skills will lower a final grade. A gray will be determined based on the module one case expectations. For this assignment you would choose one term from the list below and the find a time using illustration and example make sure that the definition is your own and that is not simply a paraphrase of a definition shed somewhere else. Basically pick from these words and talk about it: mother father Patriot friend wealth success



Develop a counseling program using the information provided in the Figler and Bolles book The Career Counselors Handbook Second Edition and one additional source. Paper must include the following about your program:

My Program

Labor Market Information


Approaches for Assessment

Strategies for Development

Must include Reference of The Career Counselors Handbook and the additional reference used. 

The assignment must be written on a graduate level and references used should be cited within the discussion and documented in a reference list using APA styling.



Please refer to the Sample paper attached for format and outline of paper!!!


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