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Implications of Social Media Use in Participatory in Budgeting in Monroe County

TOPIC: Implication of Social Media Use in Participatory in Budgeting in Monroe County, Indiana.

Write/correct and follow ALL the instructions and comments written in “Blue fonts” by the right hand corner of the Prospectus,  and make sure that you CITE and  REFERENCE any QUOTATION (S) on the following:
Research Questions (Quantitative),
Nature of study
Possible type of Data
Limitations, Challenges, and/or Barriers
Must be in APA FORMAT!

Discussion 3

Analyze and evaluate a Human Ecology Current Events article. The article must be published during the  term that the course is taken. Write an analysis and evaluation of the article, paying particular attention to the  scientific accuracy of the material and focusing on how any problems addressed in the article could have  been avoided in the first place or the lessons that can be learned and used to create a healthy future human  ecology. Be certain to provide a complete Web Address (and citation) for the article in your post. Your  Current Event Journal should be approximately 600 words in length. 

Any topic (writer’s choice)


THE STORY OF VINH (56 minutes)

What is the story? Did you pick up on the dualism what are the two competing stories?

How is Vinh Dinhs being a failed model minority compare to Don Bonus? (On the filmic as well as on the individual level) Can you give specific scenes as an example?

Why do the two stories (AKA Don Bonus and The Story of Vinh) come across so differently? even if both are made by Asian American filmmakers? What are the structural and directorial differences? How many storytellers are there in The Story of Vinh?

I need you to evaluate your own community (Denver, Colorado) in terms of integrated approaches to public health. Select a focus on disease prevention and control, air, water, or food. What community-based strategies do you see in place to protect h

I need you to evaluate your own community (Denver, Colorado) in terms of integrated approaches to public health. Select a focus on disease prevention and control, air, water, or food.

    What community-based strategies do you see in place to protect health?
    What health services, local organizations, or national organizations exist to support wellness in your area of focus?
    Do pollution or contamination in your area impact the focus you selected?
    What does your community need to do to improve public health in the area you selected for this discussion?

400-500 words

Impulsive Buying Decisions In Fashion

I want a 700-800 word of the rationale/ Introduction (     

Should set out the purpose and scope of the dissertation clearly introducing the background context and the research question showing why this research is important through a clear rationale, aims, and objectives) for my research paper with Harvard citations, graphs, 3-4 Aims, and objectives. 

research is based on the drivers and factors influencing impulsive buying. How it’s a marketing tool, focusing on people in the United Kingdom between the age of 18-25 years ( reason, why this age group is important to focus on). Please include UK government surveys to back it up. 

Aging And Society

For this assignment, you are to identify a news article in the popular press about an aging-related topic that has been published in the past 3 months.   You are to summarize the story and evaluate its credibility.   You are expected to read the article critically.  Think about your critique as a conversation with someone about the topic, with you as the aging expert.  Completion of this assignment will increase your awareness of aging topics in the news, improve your skills needed to critically evaluate articles in the  popular media and effectively communicate your opinion with others. 

Format: 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, 1-inch margins.  Include your name, the title of the article, date it was published, the source (website link), and the name of the author(s).
Upload your assignment to BlackBoard via the link under Assignments. 

For the summary (~2 pages), identify the

  1. authors main idea or purpose,
  2. arguments to support this idea,
  3. findings of the research study (if applicable), and
  4. authors conclusions. 

    For the critique (~2-3pages), evaluate whether

  5. the authors main idea is clear, logical, accurate, and well supported.

Identify anything that was unclear and how it could be better explained to support the main idea,

  1. the author provides a biased or objective perspective, 
  2. the information presented can be misinterpreted or misused by the lay public, and
  3. the implications of the articles information and for whom.

Week 1


Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

  1. Define patient compliance and explain its importance in your field.
  2. Identify the health care professionals’ role in compliance and give examples of ways in which the health care professional may actually contribute to noncompliance.
  3. Compare compliance and collaboration.
  4. Compare and contrast patient education in the past with that practiced today.
  5. Explain the importance of professional commitment in developing patient education as a clinical skill.
  6. Explain the three categories of learning and how they can be used in patient education.
  7. List three problems that may arise in patient education and how they would be solved?
  8. List some methods of documentation of patient education.



  • `1.  Identify an example of a company, its product and production process (either a job shop (e.g. project process or batch process) or a flow shop (e.g. line process or continuous process)).
  • 2.  What is the product? What is the production process? How does the product tie to the companys competitive priorities?
  • 3.  Extend the product brand with a new product requiring a different production process. For example, if you choose a product with one of job shop processes in Q1 above, your new brand here goes with one of flow shop processes, or vice versa. Explain exactly how you would go about producing the product and tie to specific operations and supply chain decisions.

case study cuba

case study is attached. answer these 2 questions below. use apa format.

Case Questions
1.    6-15. Research updates on the business environment. Pick a company you are familiar with and do a SWOT analysis for considering entering the Cuban market.
2.    6-16. What entry strategy do you think would work best for this company?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I want professional paper

No more than 1000 words

Reference with citation

You need to read the attached files then you need to do what have requested in the file
And you need to read my paper which is attached before your start writing

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