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This week is about multinational corporations crafting an international business strategy (see textbook’s Chap. 6, under Step 4: Approaches to World Markets), and choosing a foreign market entry strategy (see textbook’s Chap. 6, under Step 5: Evaluate Entry Strategy Alternatives).

After watching Dr Kim’s video, which mentions Chevron’s presence in Kazakhstan through a Joint-Venture; as well as watching this video about
Ikea in China (Links to an external site.)
  (Link will open in new tab.)
; and this other video about
Tata Beverages (Links to an external site.)
  (Link will open in new tab.)
, answer the following questions.

Question 1. Based on Chap. 6’s Step 4: Approaches to World Markets, which approach makes the most sense when operating overseas for Chevron? for Ikea? For Tata Beverages? [Explain briefly your recommended choice for each firm]

Question 2: . Based on Chap. 6’s Step 5: Evaluate Entry Strategy Alternatives, why do you think Chevron chose to enter Kazakhstan through a Joint-Venture? Why do you think Ikea entered China through Foreign Direct Investment, owning 100% of its local stores? Why do you think Tata Beverages entered the US market through an acquisition of Tetley? [Please justify each choice briefly]

Question 3:. For your current employer (or any past employer, or your favorite US company), which approach to world markets and which foreign market entry strategy would you recommend? [Why?]

age of enlightenment

he Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Reason was a period in history when people began to use reason to advance such ideas as scientific methods, liberty, constitutional government, tolerance of others, and separation of church and state.  This would be seen across Europe and would eventually influence event such as the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and create progress in scientific thought.

Discussion Instructions:  Choose an individual from the Age of Enlightenment found in Module one “Learning Activity – Age of Enlightenment”  Answer the following in at least 300 words.  a. What role did this individual play during this era? b. What were some of their contributions? c. How do you feel they were part of change and a turning point in Western Civilization during the Age of Enlightenment?

DO NOT use a general Internet search and any .com sources such as Email me if you feel you need some additional information.

1. Textbook: Western Civilizations – Volume Two – If you do not yet have your textbook, please submit your assignment using the resources below.

2. Fordham University – Modern History Primary Sourcebook – .Primary Sources are from the era. Please use this website to find a primary source from your selected individual. Describe your source and use in the discussion board answer.

3. Review all of the videos found in Learning Module One Study Tools – Module One Videos

4. Choose one secondary source. This can include the links below or the textbook. The primary source should come from the Fordham University source book (step 2).

5. Please include 1. A reference list. 2. At least two sources – (One Primary and One Secondary Source) 3. In-text citations when reference materials. 4. Use ONLY the sources found in the Learning Module One and the textbook.

Discussion reply

Discussion Reply Instructions:

In one reply, critique a classmates discussion post by including the following information:

1, Identify whether there are additional potential risks and benefits of your classmates study to the participants who would complete your classmates study.
2. Evaluate your classmates conclusion about the balance of risks and benefits in his/her study. Do you  agree or disagree with your classmates conclusion? Please provide an explanation and not a simple yes/no answer to these questions.

In the study to determine if following a vegan diet will cure heart disease, it will be extremely important to select participants carefully. Risks related to participant selection include ensuring the other health factors such as recreational drug/alcohol use, tobacco use, other health conditions, etc. are the same amongst all involved. My thought is that participants would need to be non-smokers who are willing to abstain from drugs/alcohol for the duration of the experiment and have no other health conditions other than heart disease. From a health perspective, changing to a plant-based diet poses minimal risk as all other factors such as prescribed medication would remain intact. Also, participants would be under close surveillance by medical professionals to monitor their vitals along the way. It would also be important to teach the participants how to eat only whole foods including cooking/recipe instructions and balanced nutrition. If not properly educated, it is possible they could deprive themselves of necessary protein and carbohydrates.

Benefits of this study far out way the risks because the risks are minimal. Should the study be a success, a causal claim could be made that the vegan diet causes an improvement or altogether cures heart disease. Not only would the participants benefit from improved health, longer life expectancy and the potential to get off medications would improve their quality of life significantly. If the study is a success, the impact on society as a whole would be tremendous. There would be less heart disease, reduction in prescription costs for people, a reduction in the number of heart-related surgeries and increased life expectancy.

Long Term Care Patient rights 3 page paper

focus on a current events article related to our long term care industry.  This industry has many moving parts and is defined by change.  Change is defined as improving the way in which we care for our residents.  Change is further defined in legislation/  Change is defined in understanding best practices, high quality, with both outcomes and process in mind.  Change is all around us.  We go to work everyday, working on change.  Lastly, change is defined as organizational success, and please remember financial organizational success is important (not just quality).  I am purposely, leaving this assignment wide open.  I am interested in how you define change.

Please choose an article that you wish to elaborate on.  Please consider a 3 page summary, including your thoughts. 

Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life

-write one paragraph annotated bibliography on Appendix A Methodology: Enduring Dilemmas in Fieldwork. (pages 345-360)

-write one paragraph annotated bibliography on Appendix B Theory: Understanding the Work of Pierre Bourdieu (pages 361-364)

example of how to do an annotated bibliography:

Ethic on the job

About Your Signature Assignment
Signature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with a grading guide or an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for course/program improvements.
Format your assignment to APA standards.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab as a Microsoft Word document.
Identify a specific job within a specific company that you might be interested in applying for after you graduate from the University of Phoenix.
Research the job and the field in general, as well as ethical issues managerial accountants have faced that would pertain to that field. Also, educate yourself on the basics of operations within the job and company you have selected.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper to include the following:
Summarize the main duties of the job.
Describe a specific ethical issue you might face in that position using 2 credible sources to support your description.
Summarize the IMA’s standards of ethical practice and conflict resolution guide.
Analyze how the IMA’s standards of ethical practice and conflict resolution guide applies to the ethical issue.
Predict how you would handle the ethical issue.
Hypothesize what would happen if no one in the company followed the IMA’s standards of ethical practice.
Assess why it is important to follow the IMA’s standards of ethical practice.
Design or name any methods of internal controls you think could prevent or detect the unethical behavior in the future.

Critically evaluate the role of the media in influencing Russia (social/cultural/political/ economic) identity.

The purpose of the assignment is to discuss theories (e.g. electronic colonialism theory) and critically evaluate the role of the media in influencing Russia (social/cultural/political/ economic) identity.

Before you start working on this assignment, be sure to read theories discussed in the course:

MacPhail, 2014:1-46
Wilkins et al, 2014, chapter 3
Castells, 2011
Your task for this assignment is the following:

To analyze the role of media in creating national identity (social/ cultural/ political/ economic) within the context of an assigned country;
To identify and prioritize examples of how media production within and outside the country is used to shape the nations identity;
To make the linkages between media’s practice within the assigned country and the wider global media industry, and how these linkages influence socio-political and economic change.

3 page double spaced paper competencies of Nursing home administrator

I would like you to consider various competencies of being an Nursing Home Administrator.  This three page review should identify 6 competencies or skills that are essential to effective nursing home administration.  Please be descriptive with your written work.  Lastly, with each competency, provide a brief self evaluation of how prepared you might be to meet or exceed each skill/competency.  3 page body of work double spaces, and a reference page with your submission.

Layout assignment on iDesign or Illustrator

Using all the design concepts you have learned up to this point, create a flyer (8.5 x 11 inches) in InDesign or Illustrator (only for this assignment). The goal of this flyer is to promote an event.

Remember that it must be clear to the reader/audience:

who is advertising (who is organizing this event)
who is invited to this event (who is the audience)
what this event is about (for example: career fair, health fair, music festival, live band, etc..)
and don’t forget to mention DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION.
**When designing your flyer, remember what you learned about repetition, alignment, flow, balance, and contrast. Your flyer must reflect these design concepts.**

You are free to create a flyer about the product/company/issue youve already been working on for your brochure, or choose a real event happening in the community, or make something up for this assignment.

For the mechanical part (your ability to manipulate the InDesign tools your learned), you have to set up the grid, margins, bleed marks, and the bleeds (if applicable).

Then on a separate Word doc, identify/discuss in your design

Be sure to export your flyer as a .pdf. Please submit both the PDF and InDesign files, as well as your Word document.


This class is about leadership. This time the lecture is about the leadership in sport field.
I want you to read though 5 readings I attached and write a short, critical reflection that synthesizes readings in a thoughtful and critical way.
The response should’t be summary. Also I want you to reference all 5 readings.
I will attach the paper guideline which include all details. 300 words at least.

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