I’m writing an essay about Human Resource Management. It’s divided in few parts. ( HRM – SHRM, HR Planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment, Selection and Induction)

I’m a bit short on time and I need part for Recruitment.
It should be around 500+ words with definition, explanation what it is, attracting suitable candidates, recruitment methods and one recommendation based on research done.

I also uploaded lecturer slides with recruitment part in them

Prime Texts
Carbery and Cross, (2019), Human Resource Management (2nd), London; macmillan international
Gunnigle et al, (2017), Human Resources Management in Ireland (5th), Dublin; Pearson
Armstrong, M. (2017) Armstrongs Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice (14th ed),
London: Kogan Page. Available in eBook format in the UL Library.
Torrington, D (2017) Human Resource Management (10th Edition), Harlow: Pearson
Available as an e-book

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