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ASD Questions

Answer the questions in complete paragraphs (at least 3), APA style (citations/references) and make sure to separate/number the answers

1. Explain the differences between Classic Autism and Asperger Disorder according to the DSM-V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association).

2. How is ASD identified and diagnosed? Name and describe some of the measurement tools.

3. Describe the characteristics of ASD under each criterion: a) language deficits, b) social differences, c) behavior, and d) motor deficits.

4. List and describe the evidence-base practices for educating ASD children discussed in chapter 2.

5. Describe the differences between a focused intervention and  comprehensive treatment models.

6. What are the components of effective instruction for students with ASD?

Wasted Resources

What wasted resourses or wasted efforts have you seen/heard about in health care today?


this is for a nursing class

this should be at least 200 words, it needs to be in proper APA format with at least 2 resources, please no plagiarism

Public Health response to outbrea

Choose a recent (within the last 3 years) outbreak or other public health emergency situation that has drawn significant media attention (Ebola).  Describe how specific aspects of the public health infrastructure contributed to either the emergency situation or its solution.  The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report ( contents for recent weeks would be a good place to look for recent outbreaks.

Various Topics

Students will write 6 comparative source analysis essays (approximately 4 pages each) on the required texts and corresponding films for the course.
Address the Following:

Write a thesis that explains the issue(s) you will analyze.
Use the book to provide historical context for the film.
If relevant to your topic, what issues did the film not address about the era in which it was made that you believe are important. Provide information from the book in your discussion of those issues.
If relevant to your topic, what symbolism, metaphors, etc. do you see in the film?
If relevant to your topic, how did the values of the time shape the making of the film? You need to be able to support your arguments about the values of the time with information from the book, not just state what you believe the values of the time were.
Do not limit yourself to the suggestions I have provided here.

These papers are not book reports/film summaries.  Avoid lengthy summarization I have read the books and watched the films; I do not need to be told what they are about.  Use summarization only as necessary for evaluating the books and films.

You must cite the books properly.  History majors must use Chicago Manual Style.  Students majoring in other disciplines may use the citation style appropriate to that discipline.

Will submit movie link and pdf documents for books and label which books and film go with each essay

Performance Evaluation Techniques

Please Use PowerPoint format
Presentation format of your choice (PPT, Prezi, video, etc.) that covers all of the issues noted in the scenario
Submit no more than 10 slides, not including a reference slide, with an overview and conclusion slide
Use voice-over or the notes section to write the full discussion or thoughts that would be presented in person
APA references slide with the list of references you used to create your presentation

Review the content on methods of performance appraisal (
After reviewing the material, you may want to do a bit more reading on any technique that was unclear to you. The content was designed to briefly discuss the common methods you may employ in your performance management system proposal. Once youve reviewed the material, respond to the following case study:

It is your first six months at your new job as an I/O Psychology practitioner at a consulting firm, and you are assigned to work with a new client, Smiley Deliveries, a company that provides delivery service for pre-approved restaurants and stores to customers. When you ask the director about performance evaluations, he says that the employees do not like to do performance reviews. He asks if you can make a plan that will help the business have better performance documentation. You spend time reviewing the company structure.

The company is small, and involves four managers that work under the director, and supervise employees in the following departments: customer service, deliveries, tech support, marketing and technology, and business relations and contracts. Currently, promotions and hiring decisions are made somewhat subjectively. Performance reviews are very general and do not involve any specific objectives. The managers do not like to do performance evaluations or give feedback.

Your job is to briefly describe a performance management system that the company may use, according to the following:

Identify and describe at least two methods that would be appropriate for performance management for this company and explain why the methods are appropriate.
Recommendations for feedback and expectations.
Describe how you would approach the managers about completing performance appraisals on their staff.
Develop a brief presentation detailing your plan.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

After reading and annotating the peer reviewed/scholarly articles, Can Restorative Practices Help to Reduce Disparities in School Discipline Data? A review of the Literature, published in Multicultural Perspectives and Shifting from Zero Tolerance to Restorative Justice in Schools, from Children and Schools, and the Education Week article, Betsy DeVos Weighing Action on School Discipline Policy, and after watching the Restorative Justice YouTube playlist, write an essay in which you compare and contrast exclusionary zero tolerance discipline practices with inclusionary restorative justice practices. In your thesis, make an argument to reflect what you think schools should do to improve or reform their educational justice methods in order to meet the goal of providing every single student in this country equal opportunities in their education.

Final Paper

General Structure of the paper:
    Introduction: Provide substantive background information on the issue, and why it is controversial. Identify the players or interests on the competing sides of the issue that you will be presenting in the paper.
    Explain Competing Positions: Provide the detailed substantive arguments for both sides of the issue. For example, you could provide industrys arguments for why fracking is safe in residential areas, and then present the health concerns local community groups opposed to fracking. In support of each position, provide substantive information including environmental, public health and economic impacts based on your research.   
    Analyze the arguments: Based on the available data and policy considerations, which elements of each sides position did you find most persuasive? Were there arguments that you found unpersuasive? Why? Did your research find flaws in the data or science or legal arguments for one or both sides of the issue?
    Conclusion: Briefly explain which argument you found most persuasive, and why. In the alternative, your conclusion could offer a workable compromise between the opposing positions or a new alternative way to address the issue.
    The majority of this paper should be your original writing explaining the different sides of the issue and NOT block quotes from other sources. You will not earn full points for the argument sections of the rubric if your advocacy sections for each side is overly reliant on quotes, but should be grounded in reliable sources with appropriate internal citation. Using headings for each section of the paper, for example, Introduction Industry Arguments In Favor of Fracking, and Homeowner Arguments Opposing Fracking will help to organize your paper and be more likely to achieve points per the grading rubric.
    All references and in-text citations in written assignments must follow the Turabian Author-Date Style guidelines outlined in Chapters 18 and 19 of the text.

Make A Ppt

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Asthma and Stepwise Management

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that affects children and adults. Advanced practice nurses often provide treatment to patients with these disorders. Sometimes patients require immediate treatment, making it essential that you recognize and distinguish minor asthma symptoms from serious, life-threatening ones. Since symptoms and attacks are often induced by a trigger, advanced practice nurses must also help patients identify their triggers and recommend appropriate management options. Like many other disorders, there are various approaches to treating and managing care for asthmatic patients depending on individual patient factors. 
One method that supports the clinical decision making of drug therapy plans for asthmatic patients is the stepwise approach, which you explore in this Assignment.

    Reflect on drugs used to treat asthmatic patients, including long-term control and quick-relief treatment options for patients. Think about the impact these drugs might have on patients, including adults and children.
    Consider how you might apply the stepwise approach to address the health needs of a patient in your practice.
    Reflect on how stepwise management assists health care providers and patients in gaining and maintaining control of the disease.


Create a 5- to 6-slide PowerPoint presentation that can be used in a staff development meeting on presenting different approaches for implementing the stepwise approach for asthma treatment. Be sure to address the following:
    Describe long-term control and quick-relief treatment options for the asthma patient from your practice as well as the impact these drugs might have on your patient.
    Explain the stepwise approach to asthma treatment and management for your patient.
    Explain how stepwise management assists health care providers and patients in gaining and maintaining control of the disease. Be specific.

The Imporance of Being Earnest

In Oscar Wildes play, The Importance of Being Earnest, he uses
many examples of puns, irony, and dramatic irony to create humor and satirize
the Victorian Era. Support the previous statement by using at least three quotes
from the play (hopefully from the beginning, middle, and end). Write at least five
well-developed paragraphs. Your essay should have an introduction with a thesis
statement and a conclusion where the thesis is rephrased. Make sure to cite all
quotations with page numbers from the book. This should be based on your own
analysis, not Sparknotes or other internet sources. You may use a source from, such as if you would like.

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