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Health Hazards


After your initial review of the operations and safety data sheets (SDS), you have determined the sampling you want to perform at Acme Automotive Parts (AAP). The table below lists hazards you want to sample and the sampling/analytical methods you decide to use. You can access the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) methods at and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) methods at

Hazard Possible Method Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL)

Manganese Fume (Welding) NIOSH 7302 5 mg/m3 (OSHA Ceiling)

Copper Fume (Welding) NIOSH 7302 0.1 mg/m3 (OSHA 8-hour TWA)

Lead Fume (Welding) NIOSH 7302 0.05 mg/m3 (OSHA 8-hour TWA)

1,2,4 trimethylbenzene (Paint) OSHA 1020 25 ppm (ACGIH 8-hour TWA TLV)

Toluene (Paint) OSHA 111 50 ppm (ACGIH 8-hour TWA TLV)

Xylene (Paint) OSHA 1002 100 ppm (OSHA 8-hour TWA)

Metal Working Fluids NIOSH 5524 0.5 mg/m3 (NIOSH 10-hour TWA REL)

Noise (throughout plant) None 90 dBA (OSHA 8-hour TWA)

Choose one hazard from the welding area, one hazard from the paint area, and the metal working fluids, and prepare one paragraph for each hazard (three paragraphs in total) answering each of the following questions:

Which sampling media will you be using?

What flow rate will you use?

How will you calibrate the sampling train?

Calculate the minimum sampling time you will require to be able to detect concentrations at the OELs listed in the table. Show your work in calculating the sampling times.

Will you collect personal or area samples? Explain why.

Are there any compounds listed in the method that might interfere with your sample?

Are there any special storage or shipment requirements for your samples?

Prepare one paragraph that concludes how you would evaluate noise exposures in the facility. Discuss what type of sampling instrument you would use, how you would perform calibration, whether you would use personal or area samples, and which areas at the facility you would include in the evaluation.

Your assignment must be a minimum of two pages in length, not including title or reference pages. Your assignment must use at least two references. One must be gathered from the CSU Online Library; the other may be your textbook. All references and in-text citations must be formatted according to APA standards

reflction paper

1. Write a reflection paper of attached file.
2. Write about what you have learned from the article and relate it to Career Development and Planning.
3. You can briefly state the main ideas of the article.
4. Paper MUST include your opinion on what you think about the chosen article/topic.
5. Mainly focus on your opinion and cite authoritative resources to back up what you believe.

Creating Humane Society Parvo Info to dog owners

Sketch a brief outline of a social media strategy to spread the news of the Parvo outbreak. Start by answering these questions.

Who do you target?

How do you target them?

How do you find them?

What is your message strategy? Is there a theme?

What kind of schedule would you follow? And why. (let’s make this a 2-week campaign) How many posts?

The infographic would be one post. Give me 2 samples of other posts you might use for this campaign.

In other words, give me the who, what and why of your campaign.

Themes and strategies for storytelling Quick Exercise

While the instructions start on the final slide of the ppt, these instructions incorporate those in a little more detail:

In an effort to promote National Puppy Day, your job for this exercise is to think of some ways in which we can talk about a campaign to “Adopt instead of shop,” when it comes to acquiring a new puppy. In order to do this do a little research and come up with some fun ways we can communicate this strategy:

1.  Come up with 3 clever titles or turns of phrases that are thematic (like “adopt instead of shop”–that’s mine, you have to come up with others; or a thematic phrase might also be something like “Paws before you shop”–again, mine, you have to come up with your own 3)

2.  Provide three reasons why one should adopt a puppy, supported by cited evidence, meaning 3 APA formatted bibliographic sources that support the idea of puppy adoption; one of which must be a statistic.

        For example— More than 50% of dogs are mixed breed, meaning more than half of all dogs in the United States don’t come from a puppy mill.

American Veterinary Medical Association. (2018) American Pet Products Association Survey. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.).

Unit Conversion on MATLAB


Design and implement a basic unit converter that converts numbers that have been entered by the user onto the Command Window (using the input() function).
– Your script should contain code that converts all the units given on the previous page (temperature, length and mass) to and from their imperial and metric types (i.e. both directions). These conversions should take place in individual MATLAB sections created using the %% sign.
– The output must be displayed neatly on the Command Window with an informative message to the user.
– There should be no conditional statements, loops or user-defined functions at this point; these will be included in future milestones.
– You also must not use the in-built converter functions (including but not limited to: convlength(), convtemp() and convmass())
There are two things that you will need to send to me one is the MATLAB file and one is a report on a word doc.

This assignment is very important to me please read everything in the “Attach additional materials” and I want to be sure that i can get full marks if i assign you to do this assignment for me. when you are writing the codes you should always add comments to your code, even if you think your code is simple.

Android application

Was to A weight gain application similar to the weight loss ones e.g MyFitnessPal on ios & android with a much simpler UI & functionality while also containing 1 or 2 “complex” features for extra marks.

I had used AssignCode earlier this year with an expert who got me a FAIL on the same application. Please, I need someone willing to help me with this from start to finish in a way that i can explain this app/code in the presentation.(Expert must be able to communicate with me fully in english)

Once accepted i will provide the app that was done for me by the previous expert along with a video of it been used.(very terrible app)

This is for my final year project so it will require full documentation (will be required after the application is completed.
Attached is the project proposal form to give some idea and some pictures of apps currently on the market on what im looking for similar

If your willing to do this for me but price is too low..then still make an offer and we can discuss for me to increase it and why.

Hometown Racers Blog

Hello writer,

please write a blog for Murray City in Ky state 42071 zip code about their THESE ARE YOUR TOPICS.
((((((((( Need a place to eat ? ……. and Eating on a budget in Murray Ky)))))))))))))))))))

Search the city and the restaurants to write a true blog.
here is the assignment instructions. 

Hometown Racers Blog Assignment 1

Purpose: Journalists and Public Relations specialists tend to be enthusiastic about their subjects and writing in general.  Blogs are a good way to get in the habit of being curious and writing. It also gives you “published” material when job applications ask for writing samples.

Learning outcomes addressed:

Discuss and write with skills that will help to develop a beginning knowledge and work ethically in the pursuit of truth accuracy, fairness and diversity.
Demonstrate a basic understanding of online journalism and by developing and maintaining a professional blog focused on writing and reporting in a specific area.
Think critically, creatively and independently
Apply current tools and technologies appropriate for the communications professions in which they work, and to understand the digital world
Write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for trhe communications method of the students choice
Specifications: Using the topic you chose in class and following the guidelines laid out in teh “blog posts” ppt. Write a 500-700 word blog post about the attraction/topic you chose from our brainstorming session (your post-it note).

Think of these blog posts as short articles. Although a blog often may include the personal touch, remember to also keep it professional, in that it is not actually about you, but about the subject. You are a character in your blog, so to speak, not the story.

These are the parameters for the blog postings:

500-700 words
At least two links (embedded that serve as your sources) and one visual that must be properly sourced
An engaging lead (intro)
Attribution must be correct and must be used (no ripping stuff off Google)
At least two sources that must be properly attributed
Proper grammar, spelling and AP style
Pictures should be included in all of your posts, with appropriate attribution.
Remember it is a TRAVEL blog, aimed at the Murray State student/parent/alumni audience.

A: The blog post is written honestly, thoroughly, with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. There are no grammatical or style errors and everything on the check list was present and done very well. Also, I laughed, I cried, I bonded with the student because he or she seems so into the subject and the process of writing it! I cant wait to read the next one.

B: The blog post is written honestly, thoroughly and is mostly thoughtful. There are one or two grammatical or style errors. Maybe the lede was accurate, but not engaging. It was solidly written. I am looking forward to seeing what the next post brings.

C:  Followed the basic instructions, but it is a big rambling and not all that well written. There needs to be better transitions and the format was off. There were more than one or two grammatical or style errors. This student didnt get into the spirit of the assignment.

D:  Some of the elements of the basic instructions are missing. There were many typos, grammatical and style errors. This student clearly did not do any research. The sources are not good.

E: The student didnt turn in the assignment. This student is not living up to his or her potential.

Discrimination laws

Discrimination laws vary based on state. Research a recent discriminatory event that happened in your state. Discuss at two laws that were challenged that made this a discriminatory event.
What evidence presented itself that determined the discriminatory practice?
What was the outcome?
Is there a state where this event would not have been considered discriminatory and, if so, why?

Share the article of the event within your post (please use a link to the article not the entire article since posting the entire article would violate copyright laws).

Due Monday
Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

For full credit each substantive post should:
Range from 150 to 300 words for initial response and each responsive post
Include one reference from the textbook (page number and chapter number). Internet reference or other sources do not count for this requirement. Remember each responsive post also needs a textbook reference (page number and chapter number) to earn full credit.
Integrate theory, research, and/or professional experience
Include specific examples and/or substantiating evidence
Include in-text citations and references in APA format
Stay on topic and address the course objectives
Demonstrate proper spelling, grammar, and scholarly tone


i will attach two youtube videos you have to watch both youtube videos but the lesson talking about the shoes you have have to answer only #4, #5, #6 but for question six you are comparing the first video about buttons with the second lesson about shoes but for #4, #5 you are using the video only about the shoe lesson to answer both those questions i will attach the questions remember only number 4,5,6 are to be done from the screenshot attached i will send you the links of the videos in the chat

Discussion: Group DynamicsIntragroup, Dominant Group, and Marginalization

Post an explanation of the relationship between racism and privilege. Furthermore, explain how the concepts of racism and privilege relate to “Working With Individuals: The Case of Mary.” Explain the impact of racism and privilege on social work practice. Provide recommendations for how you as a social worker might use an empowerment perspective when responding to Mary. Be specific and provide examples from the case. Also, identify specific skills social workers might employ.

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