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The Great Depression of 1929-1941 presented the US government with macroeconomic challenges of unprecedented scale. Gordons Chapter 8 includes a case study that describes the Great Depression. The chapter also includes explanation of the Classical economists view of the self-correcting economy, and John Maynard Keynes critique of that theory and his prescriptions for addressing the macroeconomic challenges of the Great Depression.

In a 2 to 3-page essay, please describe the causes of the Great Depression, and the macroeconomic policy responses employed by the US government. Please address the following specifically:

1. Summarize the causes of the Depression.

2. Explain the US fiscal and monetary policy responses to the Depression.

3. Explain why the Depression lasted more than a decade.

4. If you think that the US government should have reacted differently to the situation, describe what you think should have been done.

In addition to the text, please read at least two of the following, and use the readings to inform your work.


Assignment- You have just created a new Non Government Organization (NGO) to help support Jamaican international students stranded in the United States due to the Corona Virus Pandemic during school closures. In bullet format layout 3 categories layout the following sections. 1)Source of funding. 2) Types of organizations or agencies that you would seek help from on the Jamaican side. 3) Types of organizations or agencies that you would seek help from on the United States side. Give a 1 sentence reason why this organization or type of organization would be helpful. Layout a brief plan on how you would help the students

supply chain mgnt

SCML 3106
Supply Chain Management
Individual Career Project
This project involves describing a possible career path in SCM.

(A)Select a job in supply chain management that you might pursue upon graduation. What industry, what company (you can make this up), what position title would it have? What would be the principle functions/responsibilities of this position? How much would it pay?

(B)What information from what other internal or external entities might you need to be able to perform in the position successfully? What internal or external entities would rely on you for what information?

(C)What would be the key performance measurements that would indicate how you were performing?

(D)What would be the possible next jobs you could be promoted into?

Please include citations of your information sources.
Type a report, double-spaced, discussing A, B, C and D.

Grade will be determined by the depth of answers as well as clarity and grammar. The report needs to look professional.

Personal Leadership Philosophies

Develop and a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include the following:

– A description of your core values
– A personal mission/vision statement
– An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile (Top 5 Signature Theme Report results are Deliberative, Consistency, Relator, Strategic and Responsibility)
– A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen (Positivity and Discipline)
– A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples.

Strategic management


I have attached “instructions” file and another file containing my own project proposal which is a summary of what i was about to write for the project. Please follow the instructions VERY carefully! It doesn’t have to be complicated i just need the exact requirements to be done. This is my second order for this project and i will reject the order if instructions aren’t followed as requested in the files. There is also a book that i attached that is a requirement for one of the steps. Make any entity or company you would like that would be easy for you and choose a model from the book to your liking.

Thank you

Digital Forensics-Honeypot data analysis

The assignment is aimed at examining some of the attack vectors of two subject areas. First, the one associated with wireless routers and secondly, that of automotive security. As digital forensic investigators, you should be aware of the attack methods as awareness of what areas to focus on when conducting an investigation.

Your task is to research the areas mentioned and answer the following two questions:

    1) Investigate 2 methods used to backdoor or exploit firmware on a SOHO wireless router. Write in detail how each one works and what issue is utilized for each one. Incorporate one or more into the TP-Link firmware. (Document your process) (35 %)

    2) Investigate the need for automotive security and what countermeasures could be utilised. What tools and technologies are currently available to support a forensic analyst after a threat agent has been on an automotive system (e.g. CAN network/infotainment etc.). (35 %)

Please include only one introduction and conclusion for both topics in your report. 

Literature review

Paper Instruction

Students will research team effectiveness in a selected organization and develop an intervention in the form of enhanced group/team effectiveness and skill training program to improve team effectiveness. They will make a presentation to the class describing this process. The intervention should provide group, organizational, culture factors, and skills designed to enhance team dynamics.

Utilizing a variety of approaches and training techniques students drawing from course materials, experience, scholarly and practical considerations, students will formulate an approach to facilitate and design a training program. Consideration should be given to factors that enhance effectiveness, productivity, trust and cohesion, and team synergy. Special attention should be paid to issues of organizational culture and diversity when designing this program/approach.

PS: An example of how the paper should look like has been uploaded

story of a fictional Chinese migrant in Calcutta

2. Do the Optional Assignment (up to 2 points). For this optional assignment, you
are asked to curate a mini-exhibit for a display case in the Culinaria Kitchen. Select one food-related object that narrates the story of a fictional Chinese migrant in Calcutta, Jakarta, New York or Toronto. Your task is to prepare a short blurb of no more than 500 words, explaining where the object came from, who owned it, what they did with it, and how it helps us to better understand the foodways of the
Chinese diaspora in your chosen city. We will train you for this activity during
tutorials, where you may choose to do an analysis of the Hakka Odyssey Exhibition

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Many companies around the world, including those in the US, have outsourced goods and services to India and China. However, some of these businesses have reversed course and are now insourcing these goods and services. Do you agree that this course reversal may be justified?

Position 1: Outsourcing (green side) VS
Position 2: Insourcing (red side)

This is a juxtaposition discussion question. Choose a side. If you choose the green side, find material to support your responsebut you also have to find a way to resolve the counter-side on RED. If you choose the red side, find sources to help support your positionbut you also have to resolve the counter-side on GREEN.

In 300 words, support your position. Include one company as an example in your response.

Environmental Pollution

– Your analysis in a current environmental affairs topic of your choice in the form of short report containing at least one question and response/explanation with proper citation

– identifying  current  environmental affairs  topic  of  your  choice  and  writing  a  short  analysis  explaining  why  that  is important  to  you.

– Caution: You cannot simply report for a work that has been already done by you or others. Your  job  is  to  pick  up  an  issue,  understand  it,  and  add  more  to  it  with  some concrete  recommendations.  The  kind  of  recommendations  you  will  make  will provide  your  professor  information  about  your  ability  to  enhance  existing knowledge in a topic and build more to it. In order to pass this course successfully, it is important that you complete the assignment.

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