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Categorization of Variables of the Organizational Culture at Netflix

Overview: For this assignment, you will apply what you know about Watzlawicks iceberg model of communication to analyze the organizational culture at Netflix. To do this, you will write a one-page paper, in which you identify examples of each of the four variables of the organizational culture at Netflix, which are defined in the prompt below. You will find these examples in the following readings and slide deck about Netflix:
Library Article: How Netflix Reinvented HR
Article: The Woman Behind the Netflix Culture Doc
Presentation: Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility
This task provides you with key insights that will assist you in completing Section II: Cultural Analysis Overview of Milestone One. Prompt: Your submission must include these critical elements:
1. Examples from the readings and slide deck of the four variables of the organizational culture at Netflix. The four variables are: observable artifacts, espoused values, enacted values, and basic assumptions, as defined by Kreitner & Kinicki (2013) in their book, Organizational Behavior:
Observable Artifacts. These are observable components of a companys organizational culture, i.e., acronyms, manner of dress, awards, myths, stories about the organization, published lists of values, values reinforced via observable rituals and ceremonies, decorations, company brand features, etc.
Espoused Values. These are the explicitly stated values and norms that are preferred by the organization.
Enacted Values. These are the values and norms that are exhibited by the employees, which may be the same or differ from the stated espoused
Basic Assumptions. These are the organizational values that have become so taken for granted over time that they have become assumptions
that guide organizational behavior.
2. Sources of the examples of each of the four variables from the readings and slide deck, including page/slide numbers. (For easy reference, download the PDF version of the readings, which are paginated.)
Guidelines for Submission: Your chart must be submitted as a one-page Microsoft Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. It will be evaluated using the rubric.



Any topic (writer’s choice)

n view of this pandemic, many systems have undergone transitions and/or changes. In reflection of how our lives have transformed or will transform over the next decade or forever, what do you foresee regarding societal changes? How are the changes impacting our communities? 

And, in keeping with this course, what group practices do you think will evolve to address issues that are arising out of this pandemic? What particular groups or types of group will require our expertise and knowledge to address those social ills affecting present day and future functioning of our children and families?

Henrik Isben- A Dolls House

in the theme/thesis use integrating quotations.
directions for assignment and bonus question posted in attachments .
please use label on the bonus question.

if you have any questions please free to leave me a message and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Using your chosen country from last week’s Discussion Board, do an internet search to identify at least 2-3 popular science or news article from reputable sources that identifies and discusses a water quality or quantity issue. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to expand on your research through exploring journal articles or other forms of reputable information. From this search, please provide responses to each of the following prompts (limit 1 paragraph for each response:

1. What are the major reservoirs and fluxes from the water cycle that are influential for the communities that reside in your assigned country?

2. Have there been historical or current human impacts on the reservoirs and fluxes? What are they?

3. Who are the actors involved in affecting these reservoir or flux changes? How is the water being used?

4. How have changes in reservoirs or fluxes impacted populations in this country?


Please integrate the different forms of activism you see happening in the world right now in the time of Corona to Indicate how technology and activism are connected.

Include one direct quote from one of these videos.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a research paper about one of the following. The focus is up to you.
a. The Yellow Wallpaper
b. The Veldt
c. A&P
2. Use five outside sources in your paper; at least three should be from our library
(book, online video, or database article)
3. Be sure to include a Works Cited page that includes all resources used, including our
textbook for the short story.
4. This paper should be at least FOUR pages without the Works Cited page.
5. After you have completed the paper, create a

current event

Find a news story about a U.S. company that is changing its balance sheet in some way that we have covered in this course. For example, the company might be issuing or repurchasing debt or common stock, increasing or cutting its dividends, changing its pension plan or stock-based compensation plan, modifying its lease terms, or asking its suppliers to alter their payment terms.

Write a short essay — under two pages — on the following:

Describe the transaction.
What reasons does the company give for conducting the transaction?

How will the transaction affect the company’s balance sheet?

Besides the reasons the company discloses for conducting the transaction, what additional reasons might the company have for conducting the transaction? In particular, what benefits is the company trying to get and/or what risks is the company trying to lessen?

Please submit your essay as a Microsoft Word document. You must provide a complete citation of the article (author, title, publication date, periodical name) and upload a PDF of the news article. The news article must come from either The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, or Bloomberg News / BusinessWeek.

database coding

Assignment Background
In this assignment, you will develop a web application that will allow players to receive
cards from a collectible card game and trade those cards amongst their friends. The
card data used for this assignment is taken from the game Hearthstone. This is the
same data used in tutorial #8 a description of the structure of the data is provided at
the end of this document. A database-initializer.js file has been provided that will
create an empty ‘a5’ database in MongoDB and add each card to a ‘cards’ collection.
Note that the initializer will also delete any information in the ‘a5’ database. Each
user that registers for your web application will maintain their own set of cards and their
own set of friends. Friends within the application will be able to view each other’s cards
and propose/accept trades with each other. All data your server uses for this
assignment (cards, user profiles, session data, etc.) must be persistent. Your server
should be able to be restarted at any point and all the data should still be present.

Henrik Isben- A Dolls House Act 3

Write a reading response to the Act 3 of ” a dolls house”
only answering these questions. please use direct quotes from the play to support your answers.
-question #1 (200-400 Words) In Act3, what is Helmer’s reaction to learning the truth about Nora’s actions? what is revealing about his remarks?

-question#2 (100-200 words) When Helmer finds that Krogstad has sent back the note, what is his response? how do you feel towards him?

-question#3 (100-200 words) How does Nora’s character develop over the course of Act 3?

please label each part question#1,2 and 3 (VERY IMPORTANT)

if you have any questions please free to leave me a message and I’ll answer as soon as possible.
I’ll find the quotes you used in this assignment in my textbook myself. it just makes it easier for me to locate them. I usually have the most trouble citing the book

name of textbook: Literature An Introduction To Fiction, Poetry,Drama and Writing 8th edition by X.J Kennedy and Dana Gioia

HR Managment

Five years ago you joined a global mid-size unionized manufacturing firm as an HR manager. The role was one of managing a traditional HR department; in other words, the HR department was seen as primarily a staffing and administrative function.

At the time you were hired, your Board of Directors asked you to inform them as to what strategic human resource management is all about and how you saw your HR department (and its functions and subsequent activities) transforming to such a new role as a strategic partner.  Your company decided to transform the HR role from a traditionalist function to that of a strategic partner in the organization.

It has been five years since you began that transformation and the HR department is now seen as a strategic business partner to the organization. The Board of Directors, at an upcoming meeting, has asked you to describe how you have adapted to this role of strategic HR manager and what are the business implications?  You have 5 minutes to present your information so you decide to focus on your top priorities and their success. Include in your response to the discussion:

What two HR functions did you address and why? For example, HR function might include reduced voluntary turnover of key talent, such as expatriates, by the development of training for expatriates and their families, etc.
How did you measure the success of your work? What documentation would you provide to them to demonstrate your success (Hint: what specific metrics would you use to demonstrate your success)? in the case of an expat, consider the cost of training and the cost to replace an expat.

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