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Translating Evidence-Based Knowledge into Clinical Practice

Creating a Culture for EBP

This week APA paper will focus on two areas…but it is only one paper.

Please use level one headings to separate the two parts of the assignment.

As we review the EBP process, please notice each student has already begun his or her own journey on the EBP Process.

Each one has already created a PICOT question, searched for evidence and practiced evaluating the evidence.

From this point, Nurses need to learn how to implement the information/evidence for his or her PICOT question into their Clinical setting. (See chart 9.3)


    What barriers might you face in implementing a new practice to address your research topic (as identified in Module 1)?
    Describe strategies that could be used to increase success including overcoming barriers.


Then for the second part, one will:

Describe six sources of internal evidence that could be used in providing data to demonstrate improvement in outcomes for your change project. (see pages 227-228)

Suggested Headings:

Steps Integrating EBP Clinically

Steps (Individually; Discuss each of the 8 steps of integrating an EBP change into the clinical setting)

Barriers and Strategies

Sources of Internal Evidence


world war 2

Introduction:  The opening can present the context of war in general by referring to critical thinking questions: Is war necessary? Is war justified? Is war inevitable? Can we live in a world (one day) with peace? Or you can go right to the point to state whether dropping the bomb  an act that was necessary to defeat Japan and  the fastest way possible with the least casualties for the USA. — or whether the act of dropping the bombs was an excessive  use of force and a show of power.

THESIS: Your thesis can state  your position that the atomic bombs were necessary or unnecessary. Your position should be clear. However, you can also do an essay that analyzes the decision to drop the atomic bombs but that does not make a statement either supporting or arguing against the decision.


WRITE about the build-up to the decision. You can include:

How Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and forced our entry into WW2
That Pres. Roosevelt died in office leaving Harry S. Truman to lead the war
The secret project called The Manhattan Project was so top-secret even Truman did not know anything about it when he became president
The decision to build a bomb was urged by Albert Einstein who wrote a letter to Roosevelt because the Germans were trying to develop an atomic weapon


WRITE about the background of Japanese
The Japanese were ruthless warriors that goes far back to the Samaurai code and what is called the Bushido code. You can easily find information on this; consult instructor if you need help
The culture of japan considered their emperor to be a god
All the Japanese were indoctrinated to never surrender
The Japanese military were brutalthey tortured, raped, marauded and were as bad as Nazi Germanys Hitler
The Japanese mixed civilians with military targets


Write about the lead-up to the decision:

Hitler was already defeated, the war in Europe was over
Japan was devastated and losing but they still continued to fight
Japan was given an ultimatum to surrender; they hesitated
Japan wanted to surrender if they could keep their emperor; US refused
Historians disagree about the decisionsome say that US bombed to end the war quickly , others say USA wanted to show power and intimidate the Soviets


OTHER ISSUES to consider:

Should the US have tested the bomb, or shown, or warned  the Japanese before bombing?
Should the US have given Japanese more time to surrender since they were already just about defeated?
The bombs had ever-lasting effects with radiation and cancers still to this day
We bombed twicewas that too much?
The Japanese might have continued the war with more casualties for Americans and loss of lives
US forced Japanese- Americans into internment camps
There was a lot of Japanese racism and propaganda


Good and bad

Radiation, cancer, devastation
USSR develops nuclear weapons
The cold war between USA and Soviet Unionmany tensions and fear of a nuclear end of the world
The space-race and arms race
New inventionscell phone technology, lasers, cancer treatments

Four Generations

This week, you will consider your own diverse cultural and generational background and how it impacts the care you provide to your patients
1.Define and describe the four generations – name, timeframe, and a description of that groups characteristics.
2.Choose the group to which you belong. Explain how you think that you fit with this assessment of that generation.
3.Select any other group to which you do not belong. Explain how those from your group can learn from that group, and explain how that group could learn from yours

see generation document for requirements

Career Goals and Personal Motivations

at least 300 word essay, describing your career goals, personal motivations, and why youve chosen to attend Touro University Worldwide

Career goals – financial advisor (currently working at JP Morgan Chase for over 1 year now as a banker and would like to progress towards an FA)

Personal Motivations – Can be anything


You will choose a movie from the list below. After watching the movie, you will write a review detailing how it relates to this class. In the review, you should tell me when the movie takes place (i.e. the historical context), what are the film makers saying about the time, what does this movie say about our historical memory of an event. You will also need to include an outside source about the event or events detailed in the chosen movie. That means you will also need a Works Cited page. Your reviews should be at least 3 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins.

Movie List:

The Pride of the Yankees
Apollo 13
Tora! Tora! Tora!
All the Presidents Men
Walt Before Mickey
The Lost Battalion
The Killing Fields
Hidden Figures
Walk the Line
Flags of Our Fathers
Good Morning Vietnam
Hacksaw Ridge
Memphis Bell
Red Tails
Bridge Over the River Kwai
Saints and Soldiers
The Longest Day
We Were Soldiers
A League of Their Own
J. Edgar
The Great Escape
Saving Private Ryan


This is a class assignment there is no research to be done for this assignment. You will only need to read the passage from the case study and answer the 5 questions listed below the passage. The answers do not have to be a full paragraph just your own thoughts and opinions.

Has frequent texting and social media reduced teen literacy rates?

[Due by April 26, 2020]

Annotated Bibliography

Find five quality sources for your research essay.
At least two of your five sources should be from the library databases.

For each source:
1) Create a MLA works cited entry.
2) Write a paragraph for each source describing what you learned about your research question(s) from that source.

Holywood Film Critique

The movie I picked for the essay is Mama, I want to Sing (2012) on Netflix.

Holywood Film Critique: 5 6-page essay offering a critical analysis of the religious content of a Hollywood feature film that focuses on a particular religious community, leader, or tradition selected from the approved list in APPENDIX 2 to this syllabus. You will select at least two but preferably three of the nine key phenomenological categories (the nine Cs) as the analytical tool. The grade will be based not only on compelling content (especially the way you interpret the plot, setting, and characterization of the film in light of the phenomenological categories) but also the composition and writing stylespecifically, whether you demonstrate suitable college-level writing skills (proper word usage, grammar, syntax, no obvious spelling errors, etc.).

human resource management

its a case study about a company that is looking for HRM plan covering all bases i studied in my lectures, the case study is basic and need straight forward answers regarding each of the 8 questions that are about planning for employee career planning and development along with some strategies. these 8 questions can be answered using any resources available but all need be referenced, books, links, videos, etc.

Fuzzy Logic Presentation

Create a Powerpoint presentation with the work provided and/or outside work. Also, I need a separate word document on what to say on each slide. I have a video of other presentations. The presentation has to be 5 minutes. I have research paper and other stuff included. Also, have the presentation centered about fuzzy logic and not all the medical stuff. Let me know if more info is needed.

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