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econometrics literature review

literature review about the loan growth in both Germany and KSA and how did it affect on the business, banks and the economy as a whole (2017) + the saving and borrowing in (KSA  and Germany) for business purposes or farm purposes+ the saving and borrowing form business institutions in both (KSA and Germany)

Capital budgeting

The assignment involves analyzing the project’s cash inflows and outflows to determine whether to accept or reject a project.  The net present value method considers the differences in the timing of future cash flows over the year. To answer this protect (and make it simple,) you need to use just one year of data  (income, and cost),  and use the growth rate to calculate the future values (income, or cost).  For example, if the revenue in 2019 is $100 and growing at 10%, then the next year revenue is $110, and the following years are,  121, and 132, ….

To measure which project to choose, please calculate the NPV and select the project with the highest value. You are free you use any assumption if they appropriate.

Identify a film or television show which made good use of transmedia marketing. Analyse the transmedia campaign in terms of the target audience(s), the key creative strategies and consider how this campaign can be of use to other film/ TV marketers when t

Question: Identify a film or television show which made good use of transmedia marketing. Analyse the transmedia campaign in terms of the target audience(s), the key creative strategies and consider how this campaign can be of use to other film/ TV marketers when thinking of developing transmedia campaigns. Comment specifically on how independent producers with limited resources could learn from the campaign.

Must include: bibliography and theoretical support when giving an argument

Architectural Responses

There are 4 total responses 300 words each.  The instruction is to create a response while connecting 3 terms/names for each one using the texts provided.  The response is generally open but should be focused on the 2nd term.

First terms/names are: Adolf Loos – Monument – Bauhouse (Reading to be used is 02Foster.pdf and pages are 105-115)

Second terms/names:  Charles-douard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) – Monument – Le Corbusier (in this one both first and last terms/names are of the same person, Le Corbusier is the nickname of Edouard Jeanneret, so technically this is only 2 terms.  The reading for this one is 03Corbusier.pdf, no specific pages, ctrl+F on the pdf to find the term monument, there is a lot of info on it.)

Third: El Lissitzky – Axonometry – White on White.  (White on white is a movement that Malevich started and El Lessitzky wrote a lot about it as well as Axonometry and perspective.  Reading is 05Lissitzky no specific pages, the reading is generally about that for the most part.)

Fourth: Walter Benjamin – Originality/Creativity – Photography.  (Reading for this one is 03Benjamin.pdf, same as the one before this reading talks a lot about “Creativity/Originality” so the point would be to make connections between Photography and Creativity.)

Not sure if its needed but here is some background knowledge about this assignment; I was given about 10 terms per column, there are total of 3 columns hence the 3 terms, the idea was to pick one from each creating a connection based on internet research and the readings for these 3 terms.

Please make sure that nothing is plagiarized, and sources are tagged!

Here is a quick example which isn’t based on anything just off the top of my head so im not sure if its true:  Adolf Loos viewed monuments as something from the year of 7777 to 8888 and he argued that these should not be destroyed in wars.  The bombers should seize fire if they get close to these because these monuments have created the culture as we know today.  The creation of Bauhouse was similar.  The architect by the name of SOMEONE made this and it was agreed by the Something organization that it should stand and be a no man land in a war.  In the book called “dajkjkl” the author talks about… ETC…

Hope that helps to clear it up,
Thank you so much!

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The paper should have a clear introduction, a main body (with multiple sections) and a conclusion. In the introduction, you must clearly state your  research question. The total number of words excludes references.

Research the belt and road initiative.  Explain the causes and effects of the initiative and how it can be useful and how it can do the opposite. Focus on the benefits of the belt and road initiative and also on how it can increase China’s geopolitical power. Explain the belt and road initiatives affect on Europe and Africa mainly.
Research question will be what is the extent of the belt and road initiative on world.

use the following references and 5 more if possible

Garcca-Herrero, A., & Xu, J. (2016). Chinas Belt and Road Initiative: Can Europe Expect Trade Gains? SSRN Electronic Journal. doi: 10.2139/ssrn.2886228

Huang, Y. (2016). Understanding Chinas Belt & Road Initiative: Motivation, framework and assessment. China Economic Review, 40, 314321. doi: 10.1016/j.chieco.2016.07.007

Hurley1, J., Morris2, S., & Portelance3, G. (2019). Examining the debt implications of the Belt and Road Initiative from a policy perspective. Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development, 3(1), 139. doi: 10.24294/jipd.v3i1.1123

Kalathil, S. (2017). Chinas Eurasian Century? Political and Strategic Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative by Nadge Rolland. Journal of Democracy, 28(4), 170174. doi: 10.1353/jod.2017.0076


Question 1:

As seen during our class, the WBS can be a very powerful tool to define clearly what is the scope of your project.

I propose you to choose a real and simple project from your professional or personal life and perform the following activities:
Define what is your project (it can be anything you want) and what is the product, service or result expected from it
Document the requirements of the product or service created by your project
Then represent the entire scope of your project work in a WBS (Work breakdown Structure). Make your WBS go down as many levels as you consider you need in order to be able to measure and control your project.
Create a Gantt chart in Excel or MS Project (or equivalent software) for your project.

Question 2:

This homework consists of two elasticity exercises and four questions related to the case study named United Cereal: Lora Brills Euroband Challenge.(Attached case)

Elasticity Exercises: Questions 1 and 2

1.  Cross-Elasticity Exercise:

Suppose that when the price of a burger decreases from $2.00 to $1.75 and other things remain the same, the quantity demanded of burgers increases from 200 an hour to 400 an hour and the quantity demanded of pizza decreases from 400 an hour to 200 an hour. At the same time, the quantity demanded of soda increases from 150 an hour to 300 an hour.

  1a.Calculate the cross elasticity of demand for soda with respect to burgers. (0.5 points)

1b.  Are soda and burgers substitutes or complements? Why? (0.25 points)

1c.  Calculate the cross elasticity of demand for pizza with respect to burgers. (0.25 points)

1d.  Are pizza and burgers substitutes or complements? Why? (0.25 points)

1e.  Describe how the demand for soda and the demand for pizza have changed. (0.25 points)

2. Income Elasticity Exercise:

When Jody’s income increases by 10 percent and other things remain the same, Jody decreases the quantity demanded of macaroni and cheese by 20 percent and increases the quantity demanded of chicken by 5 percent.

2a.  Calculate the income elasticity of demand for macaroni and cheese. (0.5 points)

2b.  Is macaroni and cheese a normal good or an inferior good? Why? (0.25 points)

2c.  Calculate the income elasticity of demand for chicken. (0.25 points)

2d.  Is chicken a normal good or an inferior good? Why? (0.25 points)

2e.  Is the demand for chicken income elastic or income inelastic? (0.25 points)

Open Questions related to Case Study: Questions 3 to 6

Read the article named United Cereal Lora Brill’s Euroband Challenge and answer the following questions:

In what type of market is UC cereals operating in Europe? Why? (1 point)

What are the main resource allocation methods / decision-making processes considered in the development of the Eurobrand? What are their pros and their cons? (2 points)

Should Brill authorize the launch in France? Explain your answer. (2 points)

Should Healthy Berry Crunch become UCs first Eurobrand? And if so, what kind of organization does Brill need to put in place to ensure its effective implementation? (2 points)

The Building of the erie canal

A primary historical source is a document that was created during the past by a person (or persons) who lived during that period. Primary sources are the building blocks of history!
Select any ONE of the below primary sources that interests you and, after reading the source, write an analytical essay in which you summarize the main points of the article (this should take about 2/3 of your essay) and then analyze/critique the source (about 1/3 of your essay).

Try to answer at least some of the following questions in your essay:

Who is the author of your chosen source? What is the time period of the source and what is the topic? What might this article tell a researcher about the time period? What is he/she trying to say? What is his/her point of view? Does he/she make a convincing case? Why or why not? What does the author leave out (if anything)? Does the author exhibit a particular bias? Is there anything in this source that might be relevant to the world today?

Note: Depending on the source you choose, not all of the above questions may be relevant. Answer those which are relevant to your source.

Try to select a document/source that interests you. If it is a topic/person that you are unfamiliar with, be sure to do at least a little research to give you a better background for analyzing the source. If you would like to use additional sources (internet web sites, books, periodicals, etc.,) you are more than welcome to, as long as your focus is on the primary source. Your essay should consist of two sections: a summary of the article and then an analysis of the article.

In writing your essay, you should follow the below guidelines:

Your essay should be a MINIMUM of 800 words (it can be longer if you like).
Your completed essay should consist of a summary (about 2/3 of your essay) and an analysis (roughly 1/3).
All persons, events, concepts in your paper should be introduced/explained clearlyin other words, write your essay as if your audience was another student!
Your essay should follow the basic style guidelines for MLA, APA or Chicago (your choice).
Your essay should have a cover page and bibliography page in your chosen style (these pages do NOT count towards the essay length).
Your essay should be double-spaced with #12 fonts and 1-inch margins.
The essay needs to be written entirely in your own words. Use quotes very sparingly and only to highlight a point you are trying to make. Quoted material does NOT count towards the length of your essay.
Your essay needs to be neatly written and grammatically correct (points will be deducted for sloppy papers).
Your essay should be saved as either a Word (.doc or .docx) file or as a Rich Text File (.rtf). To submit your essay click on the blue hyperlinked title above. To be safe, you should upload your essay file and copy/paste your essay in the textbox on the submission page! It is your responsibility to submit a file that I can open and read. Late points will apply to files that I cannot open or that are in the wrong format.
Any essay submitted after the assignment has closed will be docked 10 points per day! ABSOLUTELY NO excuses (legit or otherwise) will be accepted! 
PRIMARY SOURCES (select one by clicking on the link next to it):

Erie canal source: source will be uploaded as a word document, check files.

Enhanced the membrane distillation by ultrasound application

you will be writing an essay about ( Enhanced the membrane distillation by ultrasound application ). i will attach a file (Essay structure and requirement) this will tell you how the essay should be written, you need to fulfill all the requirement. File (brief) will explain more about the topic that you are going to be writing, you can paraphrase it on the essay. Word file will be attach under the name (H project) carry on from there. i will attach some file as well under the name (information) it contain some research about the topic the you need to read in order to write the essay. in this essay i will be working in how to improve membrane distillation by ultrasound so you can mention some future work as well

passing the torch

Please use the article “Passing the Torch” to answer the following questions.

The Ku Klux Klan was/is a white supremacist organization prominent in the 1920s that wears white hoods and robes and burns cross to visibly mark their explicitly racist mission. The Klan is not considered “mainstream” but rather an extremist organization with out-of-touch values that do not represent America’s tolerance for diversity and pluralism. The common understanding is that the Klan is an embarrassing remnant of a past now long gone, even if there are a few chapters of the Klan still organizing across the United States.

Does the author of “Pass the Torch” believe that it is strategic to label the U.S. political entity known as the Tea Party, which promotes a lot of the same Ku Klux Klan virtues of white Protestant nationalism, as a continuation of the more visible hooded/robed Ku Klux Klan?
Why or why not?


In this reflection paper, you are to critically engage the topic of the social construction of identity in your life.

Message to the writer (information about myself):Female; 23years old; comes from the south part of China; have been in the US for 8year as an international student, including high school and university. My major is electrical engineering; no religious; heterosexuality.

Writing instruction: How is your perception of your own identity related to or affected by social and cultural structures, ideas or conventions?  Please discuss and provide examples of how at least one of your identities (i.e., religious, gender, ethnic, racial, class, sexual orientation, disability and/or age, among others) is shaped, or has been shaped, by cultural and societal influences within contexts of equality and inequality.  Please integrate course material (concepts, theories, discussions, lectures, readings). Please cite at least one course reading and one appropriate outside source.  (course material is uploaded below.)

Guidelines: Please review the rubrics before you start writing the paper.  Your paper should have a clear structure, including a thesis, body paragraphs with clear topic sentences and focused discussions, and a conclusion.  You can use any major citation format (APA, IEEE, Chicago, MLA); each paper should have in-text citations and a reference list.

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