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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Should Include

Identify the goal of the play*     
Overall impression of the play
(These above 3 items should collectively be between 15% and 20% of your critique)
Summary of Plot. (This should be no more than 30% of you critique)
Spelling and Grammar
Production Elements – At least 4 required but you can always do more (Acting, Directing, Set Design, Lighting and Costumes) (At least 30% of your paper)
Conclusion (at least 50 Words) (Restate Goal and if it was achieved)

Baltimore Community assessment

Select a community to study either a community where you live or work.
Utilize the Community Assessment Framework document to guide what constitutes valuable information to gather.  Use Table 17.5 on page 383 of the textbook as your primary guide to follow, to include key assessment content, especially regarding place.

Look for characteristics that you feel define the client/community and the life surrounding it.  Pay particular attention to the immediate surroundings of your identified community.  Valuable information about the needs of the community can be assessed just by looking at the individuals in it!

An important component of the assessment is the impact of the communitys strengths and weaknesses upon individuals and families!
With the information gathered, type a 6-8 page document (APA format) that describes or tells a picture of your community. 
Include such data as where your clinical site is located in the community, a description, in general terms, of its population and the types of services the population receives. 
Define some health indicators, strengths and weaknesses of the community. This information is part of your nursing assessment
Develop a working conclusion about the state of health in this community. 
Define particular problems you are seeing.
Discuss ways a community health nurse  might address those problems using Core Functions & Levels of Prevention
Identify who the partners could be in addressing those problems, such as nearby health centers, hospitals, or faith-based institutions.
Include professional references that strengthen your conclusions or reporting (APA style).

project Scope Management

AssignmentDiscussion Questions
In this weeks course materials we saw that, while no project executes exactly according to plan. Changing the scope of a project needs to be done deliberately. Before we can decide whether to change the projects scope we need to first determine if we need to change project scope. So, how do we know whether project scope change is really needed? What events, activities or other warning signs tell us project scope needs to be re-evaluated?

For this discussion forum, finish this sentence: you know your project scope probably needs to be changed when. Identify one distinct event, activity, or warning sign that indicates a project scope change is probably necessary.

Format: 250 Words and Reference.

listen to the and Answer questions

Miles Davis, Blue in Green (Miles Davis and Bill Evans), New York, March 2, 1959.  Miles Davis (t); John Coltrane (ts); Bill Evans (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d)
There is an introduction, how many bars is it? The melody, or head, begins at 00:18 and ends at 01:44.  What is the form?  This piece presents a type of form that has only 1 section.  How many bars is it?  The tempo of this piece is rather slow.  Hint:  Davis plays through the form two times between 00:18 and 01:44.  Describe how Davis phrases and interprets the melody.  Does it sound like he is playing a written part or is he taking liberties?  Is his style of play different from other trumpet players like Dizzy Gillespie or Louis Armstrong?  Describe.  When Evans begins his solo at 01:45 the chord changes become double-timed. This means the chords are played twice as fast even though the bass and drums keep the same tempo and quarter note.  Keeping this in mind, how many choruses does Evans play?  The double-time continues for Coltranes solo, how many choruses does he play?  At 03:09 to 03:29 Evans solos on the chord progression at quadruple-time (chords are played 4 times as fast as the original progression).  His solo leads back to Davis where the quadruple-time ends and the melody is played.  How many bars is this section?  What are the general characteristics of this piece that are different from the bebop and other hard bop groups we have heard?

I have attached an example for this task

Writing about a Song

Choose your favorite song lyric, the song that you feel says something meaningful. Explicate the lyrics as traditional printed poetry. Then evaluate if and how the musical performance (audio/video) adds to the effect of the lyrics.

Song: Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”

At a minimum, the draft should be 2 pages in length. Ideally, the draft will have a complete introduction, including working thesis, body paragraph topic sentences with textual evidence identified, and a tentative conclusion.

Find a reliable transcription of the lyrics preferably from the composers/performers.
Read first. Then listen like it’s the very first time you are hearing the song. Close your eyes.
Watch the video (YouTube, etc.). Take notes. How does it present the lyric and theme?
Review the Writing Assignment on Song Lyrics prompt on page 142 of your text

Final Project-Policy Issue

You are a lobbyist for an issue that you find important. For example, you would like to see the banning of smoking in federal buildings (Note: This policy has already been enacted.) You are going to make an informational pamphlet to highlight your points to prominent members of Congress. Research members of Congress that you will target in your lobbying. Explain why these members are critical to your goal. Make a plan of action and produce a pamphlet supporting your cause. Who will you be reaching out to? Why? Write a cover letter to a Congressional member and include your reasoning for reaching out to them in particular in the letter. Remember a lobbyist is only as good as the information they provide. A lobbyist who provides incomplete or unreliable information will soon be unemployed, or lose access to officials.

Cover letter should:

Follow a standard business format
Correctly address your Congressperson
Use the correct postal address
Explain your choice to write to this representative in particular, and provide your pamphlet. For example, maybe your research showed that this representative sponsored legislation on this issue in the past.
Pamphlet should:

Define the problem. Tells us exactly what the problem is. Detail its urgency and provide data. Be objective.
Analyze the problem. Provide relevant data. Tell us how to make sense of the data. Provide any findings
Offer a recommendation. Do not generalize. Be specific.
Must be persuasive.
Cite four scholarly sources
Submit your cover letter and pamphlet for grading.

Writing Requirements (APA format).

Length: Cover letter to Congressman should be only 1 page
Pamphlet should be 5 pages in length
1-inch margins
12-point Times New Roman font
Reference page (minimum of 4 scholarly sources)

Social Work

-Explain the process of refining a research problem into a measurable research question and attendant sub questions.
-Describe the literature that you located for your annotated bibliography and present it in an integrated manner, in narrative form.
-Summarize and evaluate the content of the articles that you have read.
-Explain what contributions, if any, they could make to your study.
-Describe your primary sources for data collection.
-Explain the methods of data collection and analysis for your study.
-Apply assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation to the selected study.
-Describe the primary audience for presenting the results of the study.
-Provide concluding remarks in which you summarize the proposed study and evaluate the potential for further study of the research problem.

Cyber Security Management Model, Recommendations for Counteracting Cyber Threats

IT Security Policy: Your organization of 100 employees has recently became a victim of cyber-crime in which a database of personal information (i.e. credit card and social security numbers) was compromised.  In light of these events, management has elected you to develop a plan to create a comprehensive IT security policy that includes a decision making framework based on ethical leadership models.

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize specific recommendations for counteracting cyber threats.  To do this, create a 3 page report (not including title, table of contents, references, appendices) with the following sections:

Cyber Security Management Model,
Recommendations for Counteracting Cyber Threats,
Each section should closely follow APA standards and include associated:

Standards – a detailed written definition for hardware and software and how they are to be used. Standards ensure that consistent security controls are used throughout the IT system.
Procedures – written instructions for how to use policies and standards. They may include a plan of action, installation, testing, and auditing of security controls.
Guidelines – a suggested course of action for using the policy, standards, or procedures. Guidelines can be specific or flexible regarding use for each policy discussed.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary that explores personality characteristics.

Address the following in your summary:

How do psychologists define personality? Provide an overview of the definition of personality.
Researchers use a number of different methods to study personality. Three of the most commonly used methods are case studies, correlational designs, and experimental designs or true experiments. How do these methods differ?
What kind of information does each method provide?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Cite at least 3 sources

Impact of Marijuana legalization and taxation

Write a memo (3 to 4 pages) that explains the economic impacts of the policy below.

Marijuana legalization and taxation. Your job is to explain the impacts of a policy of simultaneously legalizing and taxing marijuana (using an excise tax). We have discussed the legalization aspects of this policy. The diagram attached below depicts the impact on the marijuana market. You will probably want to additionally say something about how the tax revenue will be shared between consumers and producers, which you should be able to figure out yourself. You also know how to analyze the impact of a price change on the markets for substitutes and complements. Your job is to explain the impact of the policy on price, quantity, consumer and producer surplus, complements and substitutes, and anything else that you think you may be able to shed light on using the tools we have been learning. Provide minimal background. (Primarily because I don’t want you to waste time on the internet learning about the real-world marijuana market.)

A large part of the analysis has been done for you, and appears in a single diagram SEE DIAGRAM BELOW
Your explanation must make sense to a reasonably well-educated non-economist. Keep in mind, you must write it so that a lay person without economic background can understand it. To do this, you must first understand the analysis very thoroughly yourself. Test your explanation on friends and family. Note: DO NOT include a diagram and DO NOT search online. 
Do not do any additional research on the issue. The purpose of the memo is to come up with the best way to explain the impact of the policy on society.
No executive summary.
Minimal background (If it isn’t strictly necessary for understanding your memo, cut it out.)

    Assume that there are no secondary impacts from either growing or consuming marijuana such as environmental impacts, health and safety impacts, etc, and that there are also no secondary impacts from consumption or production of complements or substitutes for marijuana. These things will be the topic of section 5 of the course.
    Assume that consumers have complete information and perfect rationality with respect to the short and long-run effects of consuming marijuana and any other substance they might consume.
    Assume that if there are impacts on complements or substitutes, there will be no change in consumer or producer surplus in those markets, even if there is a shift in demand. (If you want to understand why this is a reasonable assumption, take my Benefit-Cost Analysis class.) This doesn’t, however, mean that a policy maker would not want to know about effects in these secondary markets.
    Assume that alcoholic beverages of various kinds are substitutes for marijuana.

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