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NOT a paper, only used 2 pages as a guideline but should be a poster format

Research one of the thousands of diets available except for Atkins, South Beach or Keto
and design an infographic or digital poster about your chosen diet to inform consumers.

Your final piece of work should include the following:
Description of the diet – name, basic principles, etc
Explain the scientific basis for the diet e.g. Atkins low carb diet is based on the principles of carbs being a sugar which can contribute to weight gain
Include a typical daily menu
Compare the diet to the RDIs – would you have a nutrient shortage or overage on this diet more than short term?
Predict and explain the safety and effectiveness of the diet based on your research and knowledge. Is the diet suitable for long time usage or just very short term?
Predict whether or not you think that people on the diet would reach their weight loss goals or not or are there certain types of people that would be successful
Predict how the average person would adjust after stopping the diet
Rate the diet overall give a final recommendation of whether or not it is a good or bad diet. If you think there could be some minor adjustments to make it good, then make the suggestions.

Helpful Links:

Instagram essay

Type a paper about Instagram how its bad for the youth because I brings people confidence down with filters and rude comments and the amount of likes they get hurts them use 2 sources and and add a five page for just the works cited page and add personal opinion on Instagram about how many hours you spent I spend about 15 hours a week


a 250-word essay describing why you would like to pursue a career in our emergency medicine fellowship tracks and what you hope to gain from this experience.

I am a recent new grad board certified family nurse practitioner. i have been a registered nurse for 11+ years providing care to inpatient orthopedics, med surgical patient and ambulatory clinic for pediatrics, ob/gyn and have a few years of experience in home care nursing.

Here is info on the program:

The Northwell Health Advanced Clinical Provider (ACP) Fellowship in Emergency Medicine is an intensive and immersive post-graduate program for Advanced Practice Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) who desire a career in emergency medicine. The fellowship will provide a solid foundation of medical knowledge and technical skills necessary to care for this unique population of patients. Fellows will be immersed in a mentored program where they will acquire a variety of clinical and procedural experiences that will prepare them to successfully practice in the challenging and rewarding field of emergency medicine. 

Program goals for Fellows:

Goal 1: Deliver high quality, evidence-based emergency medical care in a variety of clinical settings.

Goal 2: Assess, diagnose, and manage episodic illnesses, injuries, and other acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses that present on a continuum from non-urgent to emergent.

Goal 3: Engage in patient prioritization, medical decision making, development of differential diagnosis, patient management, monitoring and on-going evaluating, consultation, coordination of care and disposition.

Goal 4: Order and interpret diagnostic studies

Goal 5: Safely prescribe both pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies

Goal 6: Educate patients and their families with regard to their illness, health and wellness, injury and disease prevention

Goal 7: Work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary health care environment

Goal 8: Advocate for patients, strive for safety in their environment of care, and deliver culturally competent care

Goal 9: Continuously engage in personal and professional development and strive to mentor others in their development

Goal 10: Seek Board Certification by their respective professional society


The fellows will participate in a centralized Fellowship curriculum that features an initial 2 week orientation to Northwell Health, followed by monthly core fellowship sessions.  Didactic curriculum will be delivered in parallel with our Emergency Medicine residents on a weekly basis over the course of 12 months. Additionally, there will be dedicated days for skills acquisition, simulation, Fellowship Conference/presentations, oral board practice, etc Clinically, our fellows will rotate through a multitude of sub-specialties such as:

Al-Harithy, Howyda. The Complex of Sultan Hassan in Cairo: Reading Between the Lines. Muqarnas 13 (1996): 68-79

-i will upload the document
– (Which journal is the article from?)
-Create an appropriate heading for yourself. (Don’t use your name. Create a meaningful title.)
-Write a 300-word (minimum) post in first person addressing your struggle with the reading materials. This should only be on the content and not about how the author writes (I don’t want to see things like there were no pictures or the reading was too dense or I had to read it seven times, etc.). This is college and the readings are meant to be challenging. 
-Write about what you dont understand, or what about the material fascinates you and why. Do write in proper English; however, do not write anything that resembles formal writing (ex. you don’t need an introduction, conclusion, etc.

Perspectives on Social Institutions

The social institution of religion is dysfunctional or headed for a breakdown. Briefly discuss the history of the social institution of religion and the current status. Be specific about what needs to be fixed. What theory or approach from Module 1s PowerPoint lesson do you think should be applied to improve the status of the institution in the next 12 months and long-term? Provide additional details on the theory/approach and explain how it can be used to improve the institution.
please cite sources

Human rights

Brief Description:
After reading and discussing the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” as well as the
human rights articles assigned for class, choose a specific human rights injustice and write an
essay arguing for change. You may write about any issue you like; however, choose
something that is currently happening in our world, and utilize information about
organizations, groups, or individuals who are working to create change. (See ideas for how to
focus on human rights and the Coronavirus at the end of this assignment.)
The topic you are writing about may affect your life or your children’s lives, so creating
change today can set an example for future generations. Also, injustices that affect people in
this country and other countries may affect the whole world.
Consider your opinion and your position carefully. Remember, an intelligent argument is one
that considers all sides of the issue at hand, utilizes evidence, and arrives at a position based
on careful thought.
Assignment Requirements:
Choose a human rights issue that you have strong or passionate feelings about. Before you
begin drafting your essay, gather research to inform your thoughts. Then, in a class free write,
address the following questions and answer them to the best of your ability based on what
youve read:
Where is the situation?
Who is being victimized and who is in power?
What specifically needs to change?
How does the change need to begin and/or who has begun it already?
Why should it matter to your audience if this change doesn’t occur?

Tensions- Community-Engaged Scholarship &Practice

response paper should be about 5 pages and include:
2-3 big ideas/themes related to this topic that you found intriguing
What ideas/assumptions you began with about this topic that evolved through the
Any questions that were raised for you (What would you like to learn more about?)
Response papers should not read like diary entries. In other words, the paper should not focus on how you feel about a particular issue, but how you are sense-making as we plough through the readings and engage in class discussions. I will evaluate your understanding of the readings, your ability to analyze and think critically about the readings, and your ability to apply the main ideas of the readings. You might make explicit and nuanced connections between theoretical and practical ideas gleaned from the readings and class discussions. Thus, if you draw from your community research experiences, analyze said experiences with theoretical insight from the readings and class discussions.
In short, use your 5 pages wisely, in a scholarly manner.


The topic is over the debate over whether college football should happen in the fall which happened in August/September or something else American sports-related

The focus: Social medias role in shaping your current understanding of the issue (this issue can be the one youve selected for final project)

The method: collect digital ethnography data (guidelines: follow influencers, some non-profits or foundations, collect textual data from posts and comments, collect data written over 10-20 weeks); participant observation notes
Platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, other social networking sites which you frequently visit and are host to communities engaged in your topic of choice.

Question: How is this issue discussed and debated on social media? Your data analysis must draw from a range of sources along with your participant observation notes.
Additional questions: Who are the influencers? What are the trends in the conversation? How has the trend in conversation shifted or evolved over time?

Points to consider: What are the most commonly used hashtags? What do these signify? How are these being used? How do they link to the focus of the conversation? Are trends being generated/ given the currency or immediacy of the topic? How are these presented/ played out/ utilized?

Conduct a content/textual, or rhetorical, or discourse analysis of the data collected. Conduct some form of textual analysis of the data + approach some of these folks that you follow and seek electronic or virtual interviews, prepare questions and collect responses; or conduct detailed survey if youre reaching unmarked audiences (all data must be attributed anonymously unless specific organizations are involved).

Your essay/ report must include an explanation of the issue and your justification for conducting the research using these specific parameters. This will be followed by a thorough analysis of the data, your description and discussion about the key players who they are and what role/ purpose do they serve, and their interactions with each other and within the community that has been constructed around the issue/ topic. Incorporate your participant observation notes here. Your conclusion should reflect on the lessons learned about the issue as covered on social media, as well as the challenges of doing this research and the limitations of what this data reveals. This analysis must incorporate a discussion of the topic in light of the translocal an intersection of the global and the local.

DUE DATE: October 30, 2020 by midnight

FORMAT: 10-15 pages including references (can be written in the form of an essay or report with visuals/graphics)

Health Care with two disciplines

Clearly state the issue, describe it in a comprehensive manner, recognize its complexities, and develop strong connections between it
and the broader topic and two chosen disciplines
2. Skillfully integrates two articles from the list of approved periodicals to show relevancy of issue.
3. Provide an in-depth account of your past experience with the two  chosen disciplines and detailed reasons for interest in the topic and
4. Include a mention of each article title, author, magazine and publication date.
5. Contain concise paragraphs, strong topic sentences, smooth transitions, and a coherent and logical progression of argument.
6. Contain no errors in spelling, usage, grammar, syntax, and formatting, and adhere to proper MLA citation style.

Must be a historical monograph

There will be two critical reviews of monographs. Each review will be 900-1100 words long and be modeled after critical reviews in academic journals such as the American Historical Review or The William and Mary Quarterly.  A book review concentrates on identifying and critiquing on the authors thesis. What is the author trying to argue, what evidence do they use, and do you agree and disagree? It is not just a simple summary of the book.

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