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Any topic (writer’s choice)

In our examination of public life in the drama unit, we have looked at how writing may manifest the self (or not), beginning with our framing texts (see syllabus). As seen in these texts, human sentiment is sometimes hard to capture in words, hard to control, and actions can often substitute words to express emotion. For your drama essay, you will be asked to synthesize some of these ideas as they relate to one reading in our unit. In a short argumentative essay, Id like you to define ONE feeling of your choice by close-reading ONE character in the plays dialogue AND stage directions or actions.

ANALYZE: Which form of communication offers more insight into character development (or lack thereof)? How is the audience impacted by the characters movements, placement, or gestures in the play? In other words, how does the character get the audience to empathize with a particular emotion? How does the character express his or her emotions, and how do you know? How vaguely or meticulously does the author control the character? Does the author stage scenes in a very specific manner/Is the setting at all important to the development of this character? Why or why not? When reading, which form of communication (verbal or nonverbal/stage directions or dialogue) controls the narrative? Be conscious readers: carefully use evidence from the play AND from one of your framing texts to support your ideas.

CONNECT: As you continue to develop your argument throughout your essay, be sure to reach a larger conclusion about how the genre of drama requires a specific kind of reading. How does drama develop human emotions? What does drama as a genre offer to readers/viewers (in other words, why read it)? What does drama do differently than other kinds of writing? How does your specific play speak to the tenets of public life, as we have discussed all semester? Use these questions as a guide when drafting your essay; DO NOT address every question unless they are all critical to your argument.


1. 4-5 pages, not including the Works Cited page.

2. Times New Roman font size 12, black ink, double spaced (no extra spaces between paragraphs), left-aligned, 1 margins all around.

3. Adherence to all MLA style and formatting rules, including those for headings, page numbers, in-text citations, and the Works Cited page.

4. Include metatext (see syllabus).

5. Rough draft due at the start of class. Submit electronically on SafeAssign AND upload file in TEAMS. Submit your peer-reviewed essay on Blackboard once you have answered all questions (see Blackboard) and given substantial feedback.

6. Final draft due via Blackboard at the start of class. Notable changes should be made (do not submit your rough draft again as your final draft).

Use a character from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde or Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Police Brutality

500-750 words
Format: MLA

Point of view: Third Person

Assess the website based on the following criteria:
The credibility of the author
The intended audience
The sponsor of the site
The purpose of the Web site
Possible bias of the site
The credibility of the information on the site
The use of sources
The writing style of the site
The date of publication on the Internet and/or last update
The value of the source for students writing a cause-and-effect paper on the topic
Use the CRAAP handout in the module to help you ask questions about the site.

Remember: YOU WILL BE WRITING ABOUT THE WEBSITE, NOT THE ISSUE DISCUSSED.You may even think of yourself as getting a helicopter view of the site.

Students should choose academic sites, such as those posted by universities or academic journals, or professional sites by organizations. Students should not choose generic news sites or popular news sites, such as USA Today or Time.

Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes.
Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution.
Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose.
Read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of texts.
Use Edited American English in academic essays.

Value of a Source for a Problem-Solution Paper
When considering if a site would be valuable for a problem-solution paper, you need to assess whether the source contains the following types of information:

a definition of the issue
the scope of the issue–the number of people affected
the causes of the issue
the effects of the issue
solutions for the issue

Body paragraph one–two or three of the following criteria:

The credibility of the author
The intended audience
The sponsor of the site
The purpose of the Web site
Possible bias of the site
The writing style of the site
Body paragraph two–all of these criteria

The credibility of the information on the site
The use of sources
The date of publication on the Internet and/or last update
Body paragraph three–everyone must have this paragraph
The value of the source for students writing a cause-and-effect paper on the topic

Restate points of credibility
Comment on the significance of your issue.
Comment on the importance of assessing the overall credibility of websites.

Avoid .com sites. Also avoid .org sites of organizations that are not well established.

Look for .gov and .edu sites. They are the most credible types of sites.


specific area(s) of your major you are interested in and why-Skill set needed to fulfill this job(s)-How do your own strengths/weaknesses match up with the skill set above?-Experience needed-Education needed-Salary range-Current job market (i.e. current demand for that job or related job)-And anything else you find relevant. PLEASE Write it in APA format with sources.

Reconstruction Plans

Do NOT use outside sources in your course assignments. Your brain, the book, lectures, and videos are enough information to write these essays. If you use outside sources in your essays, points will be deducted.

What to cover in your essays       
1. Causes       
2. Short-term Consequences       
3. Long-term Consequences   
4. Important Events       
5. Important People       
6. How does this topic help you to understand the United States today?   
7. Primary sources as your evidence -online textbook – a link for a zoom video to clarify the instructions.

Im only going to have you do one essay just so I can  can do the other.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

CRIJ 5340
Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice Management
Term Paper

Select a topic of your choice related to the management of criminal justice professionals and write a 5-6-page research paper. The paper should be double-spaced, 12 points and Times New Roman in font. Your research paper should include the following:

1.    An introduction (1-2 paragraphs)
2.    Research question: Write one to two research questions that you would like to explore in your research.
3.    Literature review (at least 4 pages). Find at least four law review or peer-reviewed articles and paraphrase important conclusions of these articles related to your research question. Make sure to cite them all using the APA style.
4.    Conclusion: In this section summarize the important points that you found in your research.

While your paper must have a scholarly tone (e.g. using appropriate grammar and a college-level vocabulary, not using contractions or the first-person or the second person), it should consist mainly of your own original ideas and thoughts. Use the APA style for references. For example,

Worley, V.B., Vaughn, M.S., & Worley, R.M. (2012). Shocking consequences: Police officer liability for the use of tasers and stun guns. Criminal Law Bulletin, 48(4), 625-654. 

The focus will be on integrating in your own language the literature available on the topic of your choice. Make sure the articles are peer-reviewed or law review articles and not book reviews, book review essays, newspaper articles, or descriptive pieces found on the Internet.

Please submit your term paper through Blackboard. Submit several times before the due date to check for plagiarism using SafeAssign on Blackboard. The originality report should contain less than 20% matching. Otherwise, it will not be graded. Please follow the writing rubric below while writing your paper.

Your assignment is due on September 25th, 2020 at 5:59 p.m.

CRIJ 5340

Assignments with more than 20% matching will not be graded and will be assigned a “zero.” The 20% matching is allowed for the reference section and technical terms.

    0-69    70-89    90-100    POINTS
Content & Development
50 pts
– Content is incomplete. – Major points are not clear and /or persuasive. – less than 3 peer-reviewed articles cited.
– Content is not comprehensive and /or persuasive. – Major points are addressed, but not well supported. – Research is inadequate or does not address course concepts. – Content is inconsistent with regard to purpose and clarity of thought. –
3 peer-reviewed articles cited.
– Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive. – Major points are stated clearly and are well supported. – Research is adequate, timely and addresses course concepts. – Content and purpose of the writing are clear.
-4- 5 peer-reviewed articles cited.   
Organization & Structure
20 pts
– Organization and structure detract from the message of the writer. – Paragraph is disjointed and lack transition of thoughts.
– Structure of the paragraph is not easy to follow. – Paragraph transitions need improvement.
– Structure of the paragraph is clear and easy to follow.    
10 pts
– Paper lacks many elements of correct formatting. – Paragraph is inadequate/excessive in length. Articles not cited properly as per the APA style; More than 5 mistakes in citation.
– Paper follows most guidelines. – Paper is over/ under word length. – Articles not cited properly as per the APA style; 1- 5 mistakes in citation.
– Paper follows designated guidelines. – Paper is the appropriate length as described for the assignment. Articles cited properly in the APA style.   
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
20 pts
– Paper contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. – Language uses jargon or conversational tone; use of contractions and first person.
– Paper contains few grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. – Language lacks clarity or includes the use of some jargon or conversational tone, use of contractions and first person.
– Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct. – Language is clear and precise; sentences display consistently strong, varied structure.    

Teaching and Behaviorism

Write a three page (double spaced) essay based on the following question:

– Identify ONE common classroom issue (e.g., lack of motivation, inattention, various behavioral problems).  Then describe two specific plans of action to address it, one based on classical conditioning and one based on operant conditioning. 

Be sure to use specific references to the text’s description of these principles and/or outside references within your answer.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Step 1: Revise your Research Topic: (attached last post)

Now that you have submitted a preliminary research topic and received feedback from your peers in the Identifying a Research Topic discussion board, you should submit a revised research topic. This research topic should be revised according to the peer feedback you received. Your revised research topic should be direct and concise. In about 4-5 sentences, state what your topic is and what aspect of that issue you are most interested in studying and why. If it is helpful in explaining your research topic, you can also indicate what aspect of the issue you are less interested in. Explain what diverse perspectives or ideas you think you will encounter in your research, and tell why you think this issue/problem is important to research.

Remember, your research topic should have multiple perspectives or ideas. This means that you need to be thinking about your topic beyond two clearly defined sides for or against. Most real-world situations are more complicated than that because they impact peoples lives in various ways based on age, gender, culture, geographic location, race, occupation, religion, income level, education level, etc. The goal of your research project is to help you to more fully understand the multiple, diverse aspects to a specific issue or present possible solutions to a specific problem. Ultimately, you need to be able to answer this question: Why is it important for society to solve this problem or understand this issue?

Step 2: List at least six Research Questions

Ideally, you came up with some questions in Identifying a Research Topic.  Consider your feedback and see if you want to make any changes or additions.  List at least six questions. Consider the following advice to ensure that your research questions are as effective as possible:

You have two goals in your exploration:

To enhance your knowledge These questions should be designed to help you gain some mastery over the facts of the problem or puzzle that interests you. You will be required to demonstrate that you are learning new things about your topic, so you do not want to ask questions that you know the answers to.
To enhance your understanding: These questions should be designed to help you gain a better understanding of the complexity of the situation. You will want to be looking for sources that will challenge your preconceptions and make you think about the issue in new ways. You will be required to demonstrate that you have a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the complexity of your issue.

Field Experience A: Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher Interviews

Be creative. 
The school setting is Pre-K Montessori school.

In-person or via phone, interview a certified special education teacher and a general education teacher specific to a grade range relevant to your program of study. Your interview notes will be submitted as part of the assignment deliverable.

In the interviews, address the following:

Describe your role in the IEP process.

Summarize the steps that should be followed prior to creating an IEP for an individual with disabilities.

Describe how you involve parents/guardians and students in the special education process.

Describe strategies that can be used to ensure the confidentiality of the information and instill trust with parents/guardians. Discuss other legal, ethical, and policy responsibilities teachers have related to the educational, developmental, and medical services for individuals with disabilities and their parents/guardians.

Explain how you offer support to parents/guardians of individuals with disabilities. Include a discussion of specific types of support and resources you typically provide.

Describe how you collaborate with the school psychologist and administration as team members in the special education process.

Describe the special education resources and training provided by your district.

Explain how you collect data for IEP progress monitoring.
Describe the collaboration between special education and general education teachers to meet the needs of students.

In a 750-1,000 word reflection, identify the school settings for the teachers you interviewed and discuss the following:

All team members are accountable for understanding the procedures and guidelines for the special education process. Discuss how you plan to comply with this requirement and explain how you will ensure that other team members understand their roles.
Describe strategies you could employ for ensuring the confidentiality of the information and instilling trust with parents/guardians. Discuss the legal, ethical, and policy responsibilities teachers have related to the educational, developmental, and medical services for individuals with disabilities and their parents/guardians.
Describe how you will encourage the involvement of parents/guardians and students in the IEP process. Include discussion about how you will document all efforts to involve parents/guardians and students in the process.
Describe the major differences in roles between the special education teacher and the general education teacher. Discuss whether your frame of reference about the roles of educators in the special education process has changed and if so, explain how.
Describe strategies that could be used for effective collaboration between the special education teacher and general education teacher to support learning for students with disabilities.
Data collection should be completed by both special education and general education teachers. Describe specific strategies you can employ in your future professional practice to streamline the data collection process and support team members in the process of data collection.

Philosophy – Should Socrates have escaped from prison

Introduction to PhilosophyThe topic of the paper is Should Socrates have escaped from prison? 
This should be 3-5 pages long, and you should offer an argument.  Your paper will be judged on the argument you give, not on the position you take.
This paper can be used as a basis for a longer paper later on. For example, MLK says that Socrates committed civil disobedience.  Socrates would probably disagree.  What do you think?  You could use this first paper as part of a longer paper.  You will have my comments on this paper, so that may help you with the longer paper. 
(Note:  there are probably a thousand articles on this topic.  Dont read them.  At least, dont read them until you have turned in your paper. Actually, I would prefer if you left secondary material alone until you write your own argument based on your reading and understanding.)

Rogerian Argumentative Essay

Essay 2 (additional comment for writer: I am on the republican view side of things)

Rogerian argument

1500 words

due via online submission through Blackboard, by midnight on Friday, 2 October
by 11:59pm. 

MLA format for heading

page numbering

font size and style


Works Cited page

Works cited word count does not count toward the word count of the essay.

Choose either a political topic that is a point of debate/argument regarding the upcoming election; or, instead, you may examine an issue related to the U.S. Covid response process, in which you should focus the topic, such as Covid responses to education/universities/sports/campus organizations/campus events, etc.  You choose.  This should be a 2-sided argument, with differing opinions.
Research the public media, in any form, written or online, to determine points made and opinions held about this topic. You must find argumentative support from both sides of the issue.

Write an essay in simplified Rogerian argumentative style, as outlined briefly below:
Write an opening paragraph with a thesis stating your topic, the points of debate, quotes from the media, facts/statistics if applicable, and then stating your position on the issue.
Before beginning your own argument, develop and write a fair description of the opposing points of view.  Use more than one body paragraph to explain this.

As a transitional statement between the opposing argument and your own, admit what is fair and agreeable about at least one of the opposing points of view.

Finally, develop your own however argument, in which you state your points of view on the topic.  State your points of view in opposition to those state in section one, the opposing view; then, to thoroughly develop your argument, consider one or two additional points, facts/statistics, ideas, etc. that further develop your own argument.

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