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Musical Theatre

This is a weekly Reaction paper that I need to write about my thoughts and reactions to different musicals. This week’s musical is “Cabaret”.
1. So first, we need to watch the musical.
2. We need to read articles in order to cite at least 1 source in the paper. (I attached the Reading articles below.
3. Write: maximum 2 pages in MLA style (in-text and work cited page).
The text below are some questions/prompts that professor suggests. But he said we can write about any topics that we want. (music, dance, plot, diversity issue,…)

– “Sally Bowles is a woman unlike those in the other musicals we have seen?  How is she portrayed?  What are her motivations for being the way she is?  Do you think she is meant to be a positive role model?
– Compare the ideas about sex conveyed by Sally Bowles, Natalia Landauer, Maximilian von Heune, Cliff Bradshaw (Brian Roberts), and the Emcee (you should probably just choose a few of these to focus on).
– What is Sallys relationship with men (friends, lovers, clients, her boss, her father)?
– How is bisexuality treated in the show?  How is this subplot affected by its context in Nazi Germany?
– Talk about Sallys choice to have an abortion.  What is its significance considering the timeline of Roe v. Wade (considering the show was created by an American team)?  What were the politics surrounding abortion in Europe at this time?
– How does Cabaret depict the problem of being Jewish in Germany during this time?
– In the film, what is the function of the cabaret?  What about the mirror?”

I will send you
– my 2 essays, they got a low B.
– my friend’s essay that got an A.
– 5 reading articles to cite.
– and also a script of Cabaret (just in case you need to cite some lines). The file is big that I can’t attach. I put the link here, pls let me know if u can’t open it.

Operating Systems

Students will develop a 12-page, APA-formatted document (3300 words) pertaining to the Linux operating system, which is a variant of Unix. The effort will help students understand how the concepts learned in the course relate to one another and how Linux is used in practice.

A 2- to 3-page outline of the major topics the paper will address.
Topics will include things such as history, Linux kernel, and design principles.

Key Points
The document, which will now be 4 to 6 pages, will be enhanced with:
A list of the key points
A brief explanation of each point for each topic

Final Paper
An abstract
A narrative expanding the key points from the prior document, including the following:
Definitions, explanations, and examples in your own phrasing
Personal experiences, if there are any
Personal thoughts and opinions about the topic
Your conclusions about the topic

Reference list

Curated Exhibit Project

For your final project in this course, you will put to the test the curatorial and historicizing skills you have practiced in the Explore & Curate and Micro-History assignments. You will create a full exhibit within the Museum of Communication Technologies.

A museum exhibit is typically organized by an origin-, need-, or theme-based structure. Constructing an exhibit requires that you do some curation of the artifacts within itthat you offer some detailed description of their significance or valueincluding the provenance, arrangement, and researchability of those texts or materials.

The materials or texts in your exhibit can come from anywherethey could be artifacts you have in your possession, texts you collect over the course of the term, and/or texts that come from your or other students contributions to the course museum via the Explore & Curate activities. You will need to provide brief descriptions (item labels) for each of the items in your exhibit so that researchers can easily identify them.

In constructing this exhibit, you will need to determine the arrangement of the artifacts (i.e., in what order are they meant to be viewed by a museum visitor?) and provide detailed information about each artifacts source and origin via item labels. You will also compose a curatorial statement, a 5-6 page (not including title or references pages) document that introduces the collection, and employs research to explain the significance of the artifacts and your overall exhibit. The curatorial statement should contain an overview of the exhibit; describe its origins, scope, arrangement or organization, purpose, and contents; and ideally, should give users a sense of its historic and actual significance.

Artifacts: **10-12** carefully selected artifacts that are relevant to your exhibits theme or topic. These artifacts may take the form of text-based files, images, videos, sound clips, or other media, depending on your exhibits theme and scope.
Labels for each artifact: At a minimum, labels should identify the artifact by its title or a descriptive phrase, provide its source, owner, and/or author, and briefly describe when, how, and why the item was created (in other words, its intentionality, materiality, and functionality). If your exhibit covers several time periods or communication genres/media, you may choose to use additional section labels to help introduce visitors to the different parts of your exhibit.
Curatorial Statement: An overall curatorial statement that provides an overview of the exhibits purpose, theme, and arrangement and uses research to provide readers with a sense of the exhibits significance. The curatorial statement should provide historical context for the exhibit as well as offer some window into your study of communication technologies. The curatorial statement should be 5-6 pages in length (not including cover or references pages) and should cite a minimum of three sources.
Your exhibit should be housed on The Museum of Communication Technologies (via BloggerTM). However, you have many options for constructing your exhibit within this platform. For instance, you might choose to create and upload a presentation, using slides to guide viewers through your artifacts, and using voiceover to communicate the artifact labels. Or, if you are comfortable manipulating HTML code, you might choose to create a responsive image gallery in Blogger. Whatever you choose should be in line with your goals for the exhibit. Your curatorial statement can be uploaded as a Word or PDF file or formatted within the text of your Blogger entry.

Questions to consider when writing the curatorial statement:

What do you want visitors to your exhibit to learn about your topic or theme? What histories do the artifacts in your exhibit help you to tell? What background and context does your reader need in order to understand the significance of the artifacts in the exhibit?
How does your exhibit contribute to or advance the study of communication technologies?
What do you think is the research potential for your exhibit? What questions do these objects or texts raise that have yet to be answered?
How do the individual artifacts in your exhibit connect to each other and to your theme/topic, and why were they selected for inclusion in this exhibit over others?
Why are the artifacts arranged as they are? How does the organization of the exhibit contribute to the visitors experience and to the exhibits goals and purpose?

artifact options below:

Cave paintings
Cuneiform clay tablets
Papyrus scrolls
Medieval illuminated manuscripts
Wax tablets
Graffiti or other forms of street art (yarn bombing, sticker art, etc.)
Monuments or memorials (e.g., Behistun monument; Vietnam War Memorial)
Silk scrolls
Early printed books (16th-17th centuries)
Clay/woodblock prints
Parchment texts (non-illuminated)
Tsunami stones
Message boards/online billboards
Digital videos (e.g., Vlogs, TikToks, or Vines)
Telephones (landline or mobile)
Text messaging
Music Video
Records/Audio Cassettes/Compact Disc/Mp3
VHS/DVD/other home technologies for viewing films
Video games (e.g., live online play)

African American History

1. Discuss in depth some of the more important aspects of the Civil Rights movement, including their ideologies, objectives and tactics during this time and the importance of some of the major players in it.

2. How did the assassination of President Kennedy and the ascension of President Johnson to the presidency play an important role in the civil rights movement?  Why was LBJ able to have bills passed by Congress that JFK could not have passed?

Windows Server

You have been hired to manage the IT network team of Conway Design Firm. Your team is responsible for designing, setting up, and implementing Windows Server 2016 for the organization. Conway Design Firm has two sites, one in New York City and one in Maryland. You are responsible for determining how Windows Server 2016 will be deployed and set up at both sites. You will be expected to design a deployment solution as well as implement the solution for the organization. The company would like to implement the use of virtual machines in the areas where it would be prove most efficient.

Conway currently has 60 employees. The employees and departments are listed below:
Management Team5 managers
Sales Department12 employees
Design Team15 employees
Human Resources3 employees
IT Staff4 employees (who manage day-to-day IT duties)

Other general project information:
Sites: There are two sitesMaryland and New York
Equipment: Networking equipment/computers already exist at both locations

Please make appropriate assumptions regarding any information gaps in this case scenario. In addition, feel free to add relevant information needed for deploying Windows Server 2016.

Adhere to the following guidelines for your project:

Your paper should be between 2500 words long (approximately 10 to 12 pages, double-spaced). This length excludes the title page as well as graphics, diagrams, tables, and the references page.

Font size should be 12 point; use a readable font such as Times Roman or Arial.

Use at least five credible resources, and format them according to APA style. For up to two of your references you may use TestOut material or other study materials from this course; the remainder must be external references.

Use diagrams and visuals, as appropriate, to demonstrate your solution.

Your report must include the following sections and fully address the related topics. Use the following outline format for your report.

Introduction: Briefly summarize the highlights of your solution, and list some of the primary reasons behind your plan. (You will discuss this in greater depth in the conclusion.)

Features of Windows Server 2016: Explain in detail the features that your team plans to utilize.

Server Editions and Deployment: Your solution should answer the following questions:
Which edition of WIndows Server will be implemented for all sites, divisions, offices, and so on?
Where will the servers be located? Why was this location chosen?
How will the servers be deployed? Explain the deployment process. What services and roles will be utilized to deploy the servers?

Storage Solution
What type of storage will be used?
Discuss storage spaces.

Active Directory Deployment
How many Active Directory domains will be created?
How will the sites be created?
How will data be duplicated between the sites?
How will the organizational units be organized?

DNS and DHCP: Explain the following
How will DHCP be setup? Explain scopes and number of DHCP server needed.
Fault tolerance for DHCP.
Exclusions and reservations
DNS namespace and zones

Where will virtual machines be used and for what purpose? Provide a rationale.

File and Printer Sharing
Number of printers and locations
Printer permissions
File and folder permissions needed
NTFS/share permissions

Group Policies
What types of group policies are needed?
Password policies
Audit policies
User rights

Conclusion and Security Recommendations: In a concluding section, justify your solutions with reference to best practices as well as each solutions appropriateness for the given scenario, providing rationales. In addition, please provide three to four key recommendations for baseline security hardening of Windows Server 2016 as it relates to your solution.

Case of the Misconnecting Passengers

After reviewing the case study regarding AirLondon and the case of the misconnecting passengers, answer the following questions in a 2-3 page case study review:

What business questions needed to be considered when determining what data to analyze in this case?
What factors within these data were included to decide who should be booked on the airline? Explain how the passengers booked their flights and why this might impact the decision.
How did the dashboard assist with making the decision of which passengers to book?
Compare this case study with other similar cases you can find online. What are some of the ways in which airlines use analytics to leverage data to improve revenue and reduce operations costs?

Course Project

This is a group project essay, my portion is on the** resources Needed (Staffing, Hardware / Software, Funding) when implementing ERP systems** company type auto industry. full instructions below

Your group will need to explain how the implementation of this enterprise system will be of value to the organization and how it will align with their organization’s strategy and objectives. In order to prepare your assignment, you will need to undertake research.

As the business analysts, your group will devise an implementation plan to help management react faster to market conditions and get the right data/information and knowledge to the right people when needed. Decision-making would be improved along with the competitive position of the organization in the market.
Prepare a prioritized list of system functionality and implementation considerations needed to meet the objectives identified by the senior management team. You will present the design layout of your proposed solution. You will describe the methodology, architecture, customization (if it is an option), IT strategy, and human factors, in addition to selecting your information systems.

In preparing the report, the senior management team would like your team to compare the products/solutions offered by at least TWO vendors of enterprise application software. Your justification of a particular vendor(s) should include a scored feature analysis and a high-level cost/benefit analysis. 

You should state any assumptions that you make and provide the necessary explanations to back up your recommendations (3-5 pages maximum). Please ensure all sources are appropriately referenced with APA standards.

Refer to the following points for some guidance in preparing your second draft:

Link to Organizational Strategy
Mitigation Strategies
Resources Needed (Staffing, Hardware / Software, Funding)
Comparison of two systems & cost/benefit analysis


The purpose of this research paper is for the student to examine his/her
own personal process of political socialization. In other words, the student will
examine who and/or what throughout his/her lifetime has shaped their political
beliefs, values, and/or opinions.
The student should select at least FOUR agents of socialization from the list
below and discuss how each one has shaped his/her political beliefs and values.

health care

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to explore a critical concept in nursing.  The student will be able to demonstrate application of information literacy and ability to utilize resources (library, writing center, Smart Thinking, located within the Tutor Source tab under Course Home, APA resources, Turnitin, and others) through literature search and writing the paper.

Course OutcomesThis assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:CO 2:  Identify characteristics of professional behavior including emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution.CO 3: 
Demonstrate information literacy and the ability to utilize resources.Due DaRequirements and GuidelinesYou must choose one of the articles from the Approved Articles for the RUA document located in the files.Your choices are based on the following nursing topics:    Safety    Delegation    Prioritization or   
Caringreference you must use.

Caring:Ricotta, J.J. & Novak, L. (2020). Caring for caregivers and patients in the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Healthcare Compliance, 22(4), 55-61. Mattioli, D., Walters, L., & Cannon, E. J. (2018). Focusing on the caregiver:  Compassion fatigue awareness and understanding.  MedSurg Nursing, 27(5), 323-328.

please include DOI

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Price taking of course prevails in the market after the equilibrium has taken place, but the question is how the equilibrium is determined beforehand, by the forces of demand and supply, which certainly remain the same before and after equilibrium (meaning that a sloping demand curve can not be horizontal at the time of equilibrium). The revision here is simply that the individual demand for the firm is the total demand equally distributed to the number of firms, because buyers certainly do not have a preference for some firms in buying the product since it is an homogeneous product. This means that the individual demand curves for the firms are sloping and not horizontal and this has tremendous implications on the economic theory and its outcomes (the equilibrium point is not at the minimum average cost, which invalidates the maximization of social welfare and the optimization of Pareto efficiency, etc).

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