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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Describe an example of how you as a professional nurse have used ethical theories or ethical principles in a clinical practice setting

– You should research your answer and cite at least ONE scholarly source when appropriate, and always use quality writing.

**I have attached chapters of the two books we are currently using now if useful**


A cousin has won a scholarship to a prestigious industrial design college. The scholarship includes a grant for the purchase of a computer and your cousin has asked you for advice. What sort of computer would an industrial student require? Be specific: desktop or laptop? What sort of processor? How much RAM? On what are you basing your advice?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For this activity, you should first read Articulate a Question Your Research Will Answer on pages 370-372 in Chapter 17 of your textbook. Our goal here is to move from a topic to a more specific research question. Using this section of the textbook to guide your response, draft a tentative research question for your topic:

Topic: (Write a brief description of your topic here. What have you been exploring and what have you found most interesting or confusing about the topic)

What youd like to know: (write an open-ended research question for your topic here)

Remember to write it as a question. Research questions are literal questions that you hope the research will answer.

You can suggest two research questions if you aren’t sure. 

a Company’s Resources & A Company Communitcating

please respond to both questions below using the reading or material required:

1)What are the key elements of your companys value chain? Refer to Figure 4.1 in developing your answer. (Use the organization you have been using over the past few weeks in discussion)

Organizartion: Facebook

Reading: Chapter 4: Evaluating a Company’s Resources, Capabilities, and Competitiveness

Book: John Gamble, Arthur A. Thompson, Margaret Ann Peteraf. (2018). Essentials of Strategic Management: The Quest for Competitive Advantage, 6th Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2018. (ISBN: 978-1259927638)

2) Types of nonverbal communication around the world are kinesic behavior, proxemics, paralanguage, and object language.  Last week you researched a specific country you selected.  This week you have two questions to answer, 1. Discuss the the four different types of non-verbal communication in the first sentence as it relates to the country you selected for last week.  2.  Explain how as an international manager what you need to do to ensure you can establish a strong working working relationship in that country.

Country Selected: Japan

Reading: Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures

Book: Helen Deresky (2017). International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases (9e).  ISBN: 978-0-134-37604-2. Publisher: Pearson Higher Education; Copyright 2017

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Describe a misunderstanding that occurred because you or the person you were interacting with failed to use clear, unambiguous language. Explain how the miscommunication transpired. In your explanation, integrate terminology from the Principles of Communication and the Communication Model introduced in Chapter 1.  How and when did you two figure out that you were assigning different meanings to an abstract word or phrase?  Now, use suggestions from Chapter 4s section about clarity to propose ways you could improve shared meaning in future interactions.

            Your response should be approximately 250 words.

            Organize your thoughts before answering.

            Answers need to be organized, coherent, complete and comprehensive.

            All responses should be in complete sentences using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

            Avoid overly vague statements.

Fourth Crusade

Describe how the art or text of the fourth crusade has played a role in creating the forces, values, cultures, ideas, and/or intellectual environment of the contemporary world.

Begin your essay with a brilliant exciting and engaging introduction in which you lead up to the topic and engage the audience with your topic and why that topic is important.

Arrive at an original thesis.

The essay should be a five-paragraph essay with an introduction and thesis, three evidence/support and body paragraphs with specific examples supporting your case, and a concluding paragraph.

A simple format is:

First paragraph with an intro, your thesis sentence, and a colorful example

Second paragraph proof one

Third paragraph proof two

Four paragraph proof three

Fifth paragraph a clever quote, suggestion, or new idea that challenges the reader and the status quo.

Source Requirements
Use two database sources from solid/reputable journals or books on Asian art.

Do not use encyclopedias and Wikipedia style sources.

Articles must be signed by actual authors.

An MLA style bibliography must be included.

Each source must be quoted AND paraphrased at least once substantively in the essay.

Impact, Cost, statistics of Incivilty in health care

Hi there, This is a powerpoint slides maybe 4-5 slides… I will be presenting this…so I need topics in bullets then give me an explanation for that topic. I have attached a sample of powerpoint, you can use it for references. My topic is mostly impact, cost , statistics of incivility in healthcare, you can add some legalities. Anything that related to the topic is fine. My presentation will only take 5 mins. So I need it to be direct and straight to the point.
Lastly, I need 3 bibliography for this project, each references will have 2-3 sentences (these sentences are just a summary of why this reference was chosen for this presentation. I think they call it Annotated bibliography.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Find a current event article that is interesting to you and relates to the chapter. A current event needs to have taken place no more than 3 weeks prior to submission. Make sure to include the article information in your submission. Answer the questions as concise and informative short answer/paragraph form as possible.

Find and article related to Civil Rights which is this week’s topic and follow the directions below.

What area does this topic effect:

World – How the US relates to the incident
National Government (U.S.)
Local (Specific State/County/City)

Who is the article about? Who are the main players on the article. – group of people, organization, one person
When did the event in the article take place? The date of the event and the article. Include time frame/period.
Where did this event happen?  Actual city, county or state.
What is the source of information for this article? Name of website, magazine or newspaper.
In your own words, write an accurate summary of the article.
How do you think this issue impacts your community? Our country? The World?
How does this article relate to the chapter and why is it important to the study of Political Science?

Terry v Ohio case brief

Write a one page brief for Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968). Case is attached.

The basic elements of a simple case brief are as follows:
1. case file
2. citation
3. year decided
4. facts
5. issue or issues
6. court decision
7. holding
8. case significance

Central Mother’s Program

For this project, students will develop a plan to evaluate both the group and individual program components of the Central Mothers Program. Students should develop a mission statement for the program and identify the goals and objectives of the program. 
Students should select the most feasible research design to evaluate the effectiveness of the group sessions and the individual sessions being added to the program.
There should be an identification and discussion of how client success/progress will be measured and how the information from an outcome evaluation could be used to inform program administrators and program director. 
Students should identify and discuss the ethical concerns for the evaluations and identify and discuss two threats to validity. 
The use of the NOHS Code of Ethics as well as the relationship to Saint Leos core values of Integrity and Community are required.

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