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When Descartes is sitting in front of the fire and looking at it, he seems to be in the best possible position for coming to know that theres a fire. However, according to the skeptic, he can’t know any such thing. According to the skeptic, we do not an

When Descartes is sitting in front of the fire and looking at it, he seems to be in the best possible position for coming to know that theres a fire. However, according to the skeptic, he can’t know any such thing.  According to the skeptic, we do not and cannot have knowledge of the external world.  Is the skeptic right about this?  Why or why not? 
To answer these questions, you’ll need to provide and explain the skeptical argument.  You’ll then need to evaluate the argument.  Questions you might consider: Is the requirement on knowledge (For S to know that p, S must know that it’s not the case that P*, where P* is a possible situation in which p is false) correct?  Is Descartes’ interpretation of the requirement on knowledge too stringent?  Is there a weaker way to understand it? [Hint: See Renee Smith’s suggestion concerning justification towards the end of her dialogue.] Can we in fact know that skeptical hypotheses don’t obtain, especially if we adopt a weaker interpretation of the requirement? [ Hint: you might want to consider what our ordinary practices and standards for assessing knowledge claims suggest.]

Short Answer

1. Describe how a cognitive psychologist would use the experimental method to study the effect of a perpetrators hat on witnesses ability to accurately identify the perpetrator in a lineup.

2. What advantage do PET scans and fMRI have over CAT scans and MRI


This paper is a continuation of the uploaded paper you may see. This paper is considered to be part 2 of my project. There will also be a part 3 to this project as well.


I need to describe the history of the population’s social justice efforts.
I need to describe the progress made in this population.
I need to give setbacks that this population has experienced lately.
I also need to discuss their “status quo” and where they stand in today’s society.


The first step in your project is to understand the domain expertise of the XN Project. This will allow you to become an expert within the domain area so you can provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for your client.

In order to develop the expertise needed, you are asked to do research about the domain. This means finding peer reviewed articles specific to the domain and the challenge that are found within the domain. These article should also have relevance to the business question of the sponsor or the business questions that will help you define a solution.

As you begin to gather article and sources, you may want to develop a map to help organize and categorize the articles and research you are doing along the way for this project. There are a variety of tool available to you to create visual maps.

1; An APA citation of the article
2; A short summary of the main points of the article
3; The findings of the research
4; A statement of how the article is related to the business question.

European Politics and Government

Answer the following questions:

1) What are the advantages/disadvantages of voting for a party vs, a candidate?

2) Why would a country have a bicameral legislature? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

3) Parliamentary coalitions can be hard to manage.  What might be some advantages of a coalition government?

4) What are the advantages/disadvantages of federalism and devolution?

5) What are the advantages/disadvantages of extended use of referenda?  Should some  matters be reserved for decisions by referenda?

6) Should a constitution or courts be able to prevent something that a majority of people wants to see adopted as a law or policy?

Is the RDB still dominant?

Write a primary response to the following discussion topic, touching on each of the bulleted questions.

The relational model for databases with its structured query language (SQL) has been the dominant model for database systems for many years.

Why do you think this is so?

What are the advantages of the relational model?

discussion response

You must reply to at least three colleagues in a manner that extends the discussion. A simple “I agree/disagree” will not be accepted. respond in a manner that further extends the discussion.

post 1.

I think an important lesson to take away from the article ‘The Key to a Successful Retirement’ is that you can plan, and plan, and plan, and retirement will still not unfold the way you thought.  I’d have to agree with Doug here, part of the excitement of retirement is not having somebody plan out your day for you, so when Sydney took her ‘test run’ at retirement it almost felt like Doug was back at work.  I imagine those two years where Doug was retired and Sydney was working were pure glory for him.  The important take away here is that their adequate planning is ultimately what allowed them to learn ‘how to retire’ based on trial and error.  They’re able to do the things they planned for and learn whether or not they like them because they planned for it.  Whether or not they ultimately like it isn’t necessarily the point, the point is that they’ve put together a retirement that affords them the ability to try those things thoughts.  There are certainly worse things one can experience in their retirement years than having your wife drag you around New York trying out new restaurants. 

post 2

I think the thing that stuck out to me after reading “The key to a Successful Retirement” was the idea of expectations. The article could have gone a much more negative way if the author was unsatisfied with how her retirement played out. This is why I believe it is always best to either lower your expectations, or ignore them entirely. This is because you can still accomplish your goals, dreams, or objectives without fantasizing about the outcome you truly desire. Additionally, by lowering your expectations you actually increase the likelihood of achieving the goal due to things like stress from worrying being gone. Unfortunately, life is not like the movies we see and our expectations would be more effective if they reflected reality rather than fiction.

post 3

One thing that really stuck out to me in “The Key to a Successful Retirement” was the quote “the truth is it’s hard to know who you’ll be without work until you take away the work and find out.” I experienced a lot of this when I got out of the Marine Corps and was wondering how the next few years were going to play out and who I actually was. I was 17 when I joined and was 26 when I got out, so I had never experienced being an adult without the Marine Corps attached to it. I think a big takeaway of the article is what I experienced in a way, which is just let life/retirement happen. You can have a plan, but retirement is meant to be enjoyed and straying from that plan shouldn’t be a stressor or a cause of anxiety. I also think this article highlighted the need to talk to your significant other and see what their retirement wishes are, just because you are married doesn’t mean you will have similar ideas on how you both want to spend your retirement years; marriage in retirement can be very different from the marriage you had while both being in the workforce.

Short essay

Short Essay
What are individual differences, and why are they important to organizational behavior?
What is more influential in determining personality: nature or nurture?
With respect to diversity and inclusion, what do we know about environments that are most conducive to valuing and supporting diversity?

Application Essay
Your boss has noticed that stress levels have been increasing in your work unit and has asked you to assess the problem and propose a plan of action for addressing it. What steps would you take to meet this request? What would be the first thing you would do, what factors would you take into consideration in conducting your assessment, and what plan of action do you think would be most promising?

Submission will be a minimum of at least 1200 words (approximately 5 pages of actual content, ex. Times New Roman font, double spaced, size 12) in APA style, with a cover page and reference page. Cover page and Reference are NOT included in the 5 page minimum.
1200 word requirement is to be proportionately distributed over the 4 essay prompts. (You are NOT writing 1200 words per essay question).
Your overall document will be at least 7 pages total, inclusive of cover page and reference page.
While essay questions may be reflective in nature and equally may invoke your personal viewpoint, ensure that you utilize at least (4) references throughout your submission to support your viewpoint and/or position.
You must use level 1 and level 2 headings to organize your paper.

Bad Ideas About Writing

Read Parrott’s “SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST BORN GOOD WRITERS”,  McCulloh’s podcast (, and Ball&Loewe’s book “Bad Ideas about writing”
– Please see the attached rubric and readings. The podcast is the link above.

Answer the following 2 questions:
1) Why do Parrott and McCulloh want to challenge commonly held ideas about writing? What do you think of their ideas?
2) Read any other essay of your choice from the book “Bad Ideas About Writing”. Summarize why this is bad idea, and the effects of this bad idea, to the rest of us. Does it relate to Parrot and McCulloh’s ideas?

Tip: Make specific references to the texts under discussion in your answer. Deep engagement with the ideas in the text, accurate and compelling summary, application of these ideas to real life situations

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The weekly readings are opportunities to immerse yourself in scholarship pertaining to educational psychology. This assignment, to list your key points from the readings, is an opportunity for you to synthesize the content you explored and make sense of what you read. The objective of this assignment is SLO 4: “Participate in, and reflect on, scholarly presentations or discussions focused on concepts in educational psychology.”

What you will Do
Submit one discussion post containing a list of the 3 – 5 key points from each reading. Please include a heading for each reading and then list the key points.

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