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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Regional wildlife protection

find UAE related information from different sources or visits to the related above subject. If the information is being taken from an internet site then it is important to rephrase that information in your own words. The exact date of presentation will be communicated later.

Introduction and conclusive should be there and maximum of 1,200 word.
A. What were the initial/historical steps taken in UAE in relation to the assigned topic? (including samples/pictures, Mention the dates and the first steps taken in relation to the assigned topic)
B. What is the present situation (including samples/pictures) of the assigned topic? (present situation information; for samples/pictures to clarify the present situation)
C. What are the expected future changes in UAE (include samples/pictures/visual plans) with regards to the assigned topic? (detailed expected future changes in the assigned topic; for samples/pictures/visual plans to clarify the expected future changes.)

List the exact references as footnotes on the respective pages, for the source of information for each of the above points. The assignment could be rejected if the references are not verifiable and make sure its UAE websites.

Geography and Governments

Select one essay from the choices below. Remember, don’t just summarize or report, discuss and analyze! How we understand history doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Even if the basic facts are not in question, how we come to understand what the facts mean is very much a matter of our own socially and culturally situated viewpoints.

Discuss the impact of geography on the development of the early civilizations and their progression over time. Specifically compare the differences between those civilizations that developed around one river (Egypt and India) versus those surrounded by two rivers (Mesopotamia and China).
Compare the the cultural integration and expansion of centralized and decentralized governments. Identify how the structure of the government either improved or hindered the expansion, both politically and culturally, of the civilizations.
Essays should be

900-1500 words in length, double spaced
Include both internal citations and a works cited page using the Chicago Manual of Style, which Rampolla details and you can find online at the Purdue OWLOpens in a new window or the Chicago Manual of Style OnlineOpens in a new window.
Utilize multiple sources including Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, Mapping Historyopens in a new window and the Crash Course videos. (Please focus primarily on the course texts and keep supplemental materials to just that–supplemental.)

Outbreaks of foodborne illnesses

Visit the CDC’s Foodborne Outbreaks page  (Links to an external site.)using this link.
Select one of the Recent Outbreak Investigations related to food consumption.
In your Blog, include the following:

What organism caused the outbreak?
What happened?
What food was contaminated?
How was the food contaminated?
If this information is included in the report, share how the source of contamination relates to the identified organism.
If the report does not include the information, suggest one way the contamination could have happened based on the organism involved.
In either case, support your response using an external source.
Who was affected by the incident?
How were they exposed to the organism? (if not stated, share your opinion of how they might have been exposed)
How many people reported symptoms?
What symptoms might have lead to the identification of a foodborne illness?
How many of the exposed were hospitalized? Were there any mortalities?
Share your advice, based on at least one source, of how your blog followers can
Avoid the exposure to the organism that caused the outbreak
Identify symptoms associated with the exposure.
Your Blog (which you will submit as a word document) should:

Be visually appealing
Optionally include images and/or videos
images should be inserted directly into the document
videos can be shared with a link
Include references for all included pictures and videos

Any topic (writer’s choice)

William Westley

Answer the following questions:
Some occupations develop their own code of ethics. When any occupation develops a code of ethics it is a hint that people in that occupation do things which other people may regard as immoral. There are military codes and even separate military justice systems because people in the military kill other people in various ways. Ordinarily it is considered wrong to kill people. Lawyers develop their own code of ethics because they do things which other people may regard as immoral, such as, defending guilty persons, not revealing when they know that someone is really guilty of a crime, engaging in actions which may be legal but would be considered unjust by others, etc. Doctors have a code of ethics because they also do things which other people may regard as immoral, such as, lying to patients who are dying, performing abortions, not being willing to testify about the medical malpractice of other doctors, etc.
Westley seems to have stumbled onto the idea that police also develop their own code of morality. He did not refer to any official code of ethics subscribed to by police, although such codes do exist. Instead he used his own observations and interviews to construct the code of ethics followed by the police officers in his study. 

Discuss the police code of ethics as described by Westley. Take into account these questions:

1.    Did the police officers recognize that they had a code of ethics separate from the morality of other people?
2.    Did all of the police officers agree to this code of ethics?
3.    Did they expect other people to agree with their code of ethics?
4.    Did officers freely accept this code of ethics or did they accept it under compulsion?
5.    Why was so much stress put on secrecy?
6.    Did their code of ethics enable the police officers to really see themselves as good people?
7.    Why were there such strong reactions to little acts of kindness to other people?
8.    Did their code of morality enable these police officers to be morally certain about their actions or did it create moral confusion in their minds?
9.    What did Westley mean by legitimations? Did he think that the various legitimations were valid?
10.    According to Westley, where and why did these police officers enforce the law?

All papers must be formatted in the APA citation method.  Students will use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for written assignments, as appropriate.  APA guidelines can be found on the John Jay College Library website by accessing this link:

All papers must be formatted in Times New Roman, 12 font, double line spacing, justified. Please answer these questions in the form of an essay (do not present them in numbered format).
Grade: 5%

Who Killed Peggy Hettrick?

Read the following library article:
Susan, S. (n.d). For December 24, 2011, CBS. 48 Hours (CBS News). (attached)
Review the details of the Peggy Hettrick case (1999).
For this weeks assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation describing in detail the roles of the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense counsel in the case of Peggy Hettrick.
Create a 1012 slide PowerPoint presentation incorporating the following elements:
    The judge is an elected or appointed public official who presides over a court of law and who is authorized to hear, sometimes to decide cases, and to conduct trials.
o    Identify the judge’s actions in the courtroom and how they apply to the case (minimum 3 slides).
    The prosecutor is the decision-making power of prosecutors is based upon the wide range of choices available to them, in the handling of criminal defendants, the scheduling of cases for trial, and the acceptance of negotiated pleas.
o    Identify the prosecutor’s actions in the courtroom and how they apply to the case (minimum 3 slides).
    The defense counsel is a licensed trial lawyer hired or appointed to conduct the legal defense of a person accused of a crime and to represent him or her before a court of law.
o    Identify the defense counsel’s actions in the courtroom and how they apply to the case (minimum 3 slides).
Cite a minimum of three references consistent with APA guidelines.
    Your 1012 slide requirement is excluding your title, introduction, and reference slides.
    Use one basic slide design and layout.
    Text large enough to be read by your audience (font size 2034 point).
    Limit slides to between 6 and 8 lines of content.
    You may use pictures, charts, and graphs to supplement your material as long as they do not take up the entire slide.
    Use bullets for your main points.
    Use speaker notes to fully explain what is being discussed in the bullet points as though you are presenting to an audience, and be sure to follow the Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.).
    Viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained.
    The presentation should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
    Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.
    An appropriate citation style should be followed.
You should also make sure to:
    Use examples to support your discussion.
    Cite all sources on a separate reference slide at the end of your PowerPoint and reference and cite within the body of the presentation using APA format and citation style. For more information on APA guidelines, visit Academic Tools.

Oryx and Crake

About the project(s) on genetic recoding of the pigoons and other animals: They have affected the environment and the ecology. Discuss all the ethical violations that have occurred. Give your opinions on how those ethical violations could have been avoided by observing different practices.

IS Security Policy Analysis, Unit VI Research Paper

NIST has created a project called the NICE Challenge Project ( with the goal of developing virtual challenges and environments to test students and professionals alike on their ability to perform NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework tasks and exhibit their knowledge, skills, and abilities.
The NICE Challenge Project has dozens of unique challenges available for students and cybersecurity professionals.
In addition, NIST has created a website called CyberSeek ( According to its home page, CyberSeek provides detailed, actionable data about supply and demand in the cybersecurity job market. One of the main features of the CyberSeek website is the ability to track data on cybersecurity job demand within the public and private sectors. The CyberSeek career pathway helps students and professionals interested in cybersecurity careers and employers looking to fill job openings.
In a three-page research paper, address the following tasks.
Assume that you are working in a large corporation and that you have been tasked with the following:
Create a security awareness campaign focused on the topic. Include specifics on how you intend to deliver the message.
Create at least one piece of supporting material (e.g., a visual, an infographic, or a handout).
Design a way to test the effectiveness of your message.
Before launching the campaign, you want to make sure you have the full support of the executive management.
How will your campaign align with HR procedures?
What type of educational program would you develop for management?
What would the message be?
Explain how the NICE Framework can be used to develop employees from your organization and how you can benefit from CyberSeek to recruit new talent. Provide examples.
Include a minimum of three references. Your paper must use APA formatting, including a title and a reference page, which are not included in the minimum page count.


Throughout this course, we are going to build a proposal that is intended to increase motivation within your company. Several topics will be analyzed in preparing this proposal to ensure that it will be successful upon implementation. Topics that will be addressed include company culture, motivation, economics, managerial accounting, decision making, and risk management. We will work through these issues as they relate to your idea for a new policy and end with a final proposal to the executives to gain approval.

Assignment 1:

Throughout the first two weeks, you have read about the importance of motivating employees within a company as well as how this is an economically wise decision. The first step in this project is to come up with your idea as to how you are going to increase motivation within the company (it can be a real or fictional company). I want you to explain the idea, and present research to support the importance of motivation (how it benefits both the company and the employee) as well as support for your idea specifically.

This does not need to be written as a formal research paper, but all research provided does need to be cited in APA format. You may write in the first person because you are presenting your own ideas. You do not need to provide an abstract, but you do need an APA formatted title page and reference page. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages (approx. 700 words) not including the title and reference.


Occupation: Truck Driver

During the first week of class, you have read about the importance of culture within the company.  This involves both understanding the diverse cultures within our company as well as creating a positive corporate culture within the company itself.  Using the terms from this week’s reading, please explain how this relates to an organization that you are familiar with (past or present employment).  Is this organization successful in dealing with diversity?  How? What is the culture within this company?  While you are not required to formally cite your sources within the forum, you should make sure that you are incorporating information from the readings into your responses.  Your responses should clearly show that you have read the material.

Free and Trade Issue

Option 1: Find a recent article (less than one month old) from a reputable news source concerning a Free and Fair Trade issue between at least two countries.

    Summarize the article.
    What is the issue?
    Explain why this issue is important to the global community.
    Evaluate the source.
    What is your opinion?

Writing Requirements (APA format). Refer to the APA manual.

    Length: 3 full pages (not including the title or references page)
    1-inch margins
    12-point Times New Roman font
    Title and Reference page required
    APA cite article with link
    Scan copy of article required

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