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Legal and Criminal Justice Implications of Pre-Teen Sex Offenders

Hi future writer,
This paper is for my capstone group, where our topic is ‘Pre-teen rapists and their pre-teen victims.’ My subtopic is the ***legal and criminal justice implications*** of pre-teen rapists. I have selected and attached 3 reference articles to use in the paper to strengthen the points regarding the legal/cj implications. Please use these articles and cite appropriately.
Thank you!

organizational structure changes

In this assignment, you will evaluate a current organizational structure and recommend structural changes that can help address the concerns the organization identified regarding collaboration, communication, and autonomy.

You work for an organization that has traditionally been very formalized, and managers have had a very broad span of control over direct reports from multiple departments and functions. This worked well in the past; managers were able to oversee a high number of direct reports because there were many rules and regulations dictating how their work should be performed. However, there were downsides. Employee talent was underused, and there wasnt a strong team culture, as most work was done independently according to standard operating processes.

Recently, the organization has been shifting to less formalized working structures to support more creative, innovative work and provide employees with more autonomy. While employees are happy with the purpose of these new changes, managers are feeling overwhelmed, and employees are feeling undersupported. This has impacted function-specific work the most, because in the past, managers didnt need to understand in-depth, function-specific tasks (such as the technical aspects of graphic design work or the intricacies of project management). Instead, they had the ability to rely on rules, regulations, and standard operating processes. Employees have also noticed a lack of communication around current projects, which has led to a lack of updated information and duplicated work across management teams.

You have been asked to work with the human resources department to recommend a new organizational structure that addresses these identified management and communication concerns.

Use the Module Six Assignment Template located in the Guidelines for Submission section to create an updated organizational structure chart for the organization. Then, in a separate Word document, write a brief explanation for your recommended changes and how they will impact both organizational communication and overall team dynamics.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Updated Organizational Structure Chart: Create an updated organizational structure chart that addresses management and communication concerns.
Explanation of Changes: Explain your reasoning for why you made the changes you did to the companys organizational structure. Include how your changes differ from the original and why you believe they would benefit the organization.
Impact on Organizational Communication: Describe the impact these changes will have on the companys overall organizational communication.
Impact on Team Communication: Describe the impact these changes will have on the companys overall team communication and reporting structure.
Guidelines for Submission
Submit your completed Module Six Assignment Template as a PPT file. Submit your separate, written submission as a 2- to 3-page Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Hello I just need help with putting together what I learned in this class for a discussion post. I added some files of some of the topics I would like to be added into the discussion. any other facts or clarification you would like to know just let me know.


Tracey, age 56, was laid off from her bank job 6 months ago; she has been applying for various positions with very little response and only one interview, and her state unemployment insurance has just ended. As a single mother, she was unable to save much for her retirement. She now fears she will run through her small retirement savings to pay the mortgage on her condo and other bills. She has also been without health insurance since losing her job because she couldnt afford COBRA payments or the insurance available through the ACA. Tracey is considering selling her condo and moving in with one of her siblings while she continues to look for work. Shes hoping she can eventually find a job with health insurance benefits that will last until she qualifies for Medicare.

1.    What do you think are some reasons that Traceys economic situation is so unstable?

2.    The ADEA, or Age Discrimination in Employment Act, made it illegal to discriminate against older workers because of their age, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report on the state of age discrimination stated that age discrimination remains a significant and costly problem for workers, their families, and our economy. How do employers get away with discrimination against older workers in spite of the ADEA?

3.    What policy changes would you propose that could help someone in Traceys situation obtain healthcare coverage?

4.    What prejudices do you think you hold against older people in the workforce? Why?

Letter space for letter K

to do ? Design a letterform of letter K that is informed by a place, space or location that you encounter in your everyday life.

Make a visual and/or a conceptual connection between your given letter
Think about using media that is relevant for the space or the idea you have.
Think about how the visual layout of a poster, sequence of pages or timing of a moving image can reinforce the presentation of your chosen space.
How do I do make my letterform ?
You can use an existing font, a found letter or a new bespoke letter that you
If necessary, refer back to the range of exercises we gave you in week 2 for some starting points. Or you can try something else.
and your chosen place or location.
design specially for this project.

Gather information about space.
Investigate a variety of possible places, spaces and locations. Walk. Look. Find. Visit. Think. Remember.
Look for letterforms. Ask more questions.
Dont just Google.
Whats the history of your given letter ?
You will need to investigate your letter its history and its usage.
What does your letter mean to you and what do you associate with it ? Look for existing depictions of your letterform and record interesting ways
your letter has been represented.
Find things that look like letters in spaces you visit. If you are able to. Perhaps your letter is disguised as something else.
How many different ways can you write your letter ?
What does your letter feel like ?
How would you describe your letter in words ?
What are your favourite fonts ?
Write down why. Compare different glyphs. Tell us what you find.
What do other people think your letter stands for or represents ?
Ask some other people about your letterform.
Ask them which places, spaces, locations it makes them think of.

You should have some visual material with annotations for at least two of the areas we suggested last week.
Silver star if youve pushed this beyond the starting point we suggested. Gold star if youve started looking into other areas that werent on our list, especially if youve looked beyond
The university , a bookshop, a gallery, a cinema.
You should have experimented with and tested some letterforms using at least two of the suggestions we made last week.
Silver star if youve pushed an idea beyond just copying something.
Gold star if youve developed your own technique, process or system for making letterforms.
You should have identified an idea for presenting a finished letterform but it might not be fully finished yet.
Silver star if you have a finished idea.
Gold star if youve developed a presentation using multiple letterforms.
Monday 28 September
Critique and feedback
Here are some reasons we critique your work
This weeks tutor group seminar is a critique of your work-in-progress. Try to get as many letterforms as you can to a finished stage.
The critique is online so think about how youre going to digitize your work if you havent done so already. Photographs or scans are fine.
Think about using Padlet or something similar to keep everything in one place.
? Feedback
Crit is short for critique it means : to review or analyse critically.
You are asked to share some of the ideas youve had so far an hopefully a finished letterform or two.
In return you will get some feedback about what youve made.
In the crit well aim to identify the things in your work that are successful as well as areas for improvement.
                  ? The crit is a chance to learn about presenting your work
Different people adapt to presentation in different ways and at different
speeds. Most people find it nerve-racking. Some people love it. Its not easy and it does take practice to get better at.
  Verbal presentation is a vital aspect of the design process and its difficult to progress as a designer without it.
On this course we like to get your presentation skills started early on, but gently does it.
The crit is small, just your tutor and your tutor group.
We wont ask anyone to speak who is uncomfortable doing so, but please let your tutor know in advance if this is how you feel.
We wont ask anyone to show work if theyre really uncomfortable doing so. Again, please let your tutor know in advance.
Its important to attend the crit even if you have no work to show yet. Perhaps especially if you have no work to show yet so you can see how your peer group are getting on. Its often helpful to see other work even if youre own work is not developing as fast as youd like.
Its a basic professional courtesy to inform your tutor if youre unable or dont want to attend. We wont tell you off, but it is useful to know why.
          Studentship : What else did you do during this unit ?
The crit this week marks the halfway point of the project and its a good
You should have described some of the thoughts behind your research
? The crit is a chance to see work made by your peer group
Design is essentially a collaborative process. We often work in teams
idea to think about these questions now in relation to what youve achieved so far and then update your answers at the end of the unit.
and development ideas in your on-going annotation.
Silver star if there is some critical analysis, not just descriptive content. Gold star if youve developed new ideas in light of your critical analysis.
(professionally) and you can learn a lot from your peer group. And they can learn a lot from you .

Managerial Epidemiology and Decision Making in Healthcare

You were invited to conduct an in-service on Managerial Epidemiology and Decision Making in Healthcare to newly hired employees. Please develop 3-5 minutes educational presentation offering the trainees insight on:

1. Why they need to know about Managerial Epidemiology (offer minimum one real-life example)

2. What type of data and studies they should be familiar with in order to be successful at their jobs (offer minimum one example of a study design and the data that will be collected; explain how this information is applicable to the managerial functions)

3. Create a short managerial issue case (for example, week 4 discussion activity: Your faculty (the hospital you work for  Board of Directors’ representative) is interested in developing a cardiac care unit. The Board believes offering specialized care for patient’s with cardiac diseases will meet an unmet need in the community but want to be sure they are making the right decision. You are directed to identify the current and future need for cardiac services based on the community population characteristics and current use of cardiac services at your hospital.) and explain how the trainees will develop good decisions to solve it:

-List all types of evidence they will need to collect, explain why;

-Name the epidemiological data, studies, and metrics the trainees will need to support the decision-making process, explain why.

-Explain the decision-making process the trainees will need to apply to this case.

4. List your own decisions and solutions for the case.

**The presentation format needs to be approved by the faculty in week 6. It can be anything from a video presentation with visual aids to a tri-fold using data visualization. If you use a power point, infographics or tri-fold as well as any other static formats, you must present them in a video.It CANNOT be a paper.  If you have unsolvable challenges with the video presentation, contact your faculty. Your presentation may happen in real time directly to the faculty who will record it using Zoom.

HINT: Imagine you are the trainee. What would you want to hear to stay awake and learn something useful?

Briefly mention any experience you have had with bullying, whether its being a bully, being a victim, or witnessing a bully picking on a victim. What do you think explains the unwillingness of many bystanders to intervene when they see bullying?

Times New Roman
Font 12
Briefly mention any experience you have had with bullying, whether it’s being a bully, being a victim, or witnessing a bully picking on a victim.
What do you think explains the unwillingness of many bystanders to intervene when they see bullying?

M7.2 Discussion: Better Together GECC

Last week we discussed our personal career futures. This week well focus on the broader societal landscape and what value diversity and inclusion play in the future of work. Diversity in the workplace does not just refer to race, sex, religion, class, and age. A commitment to a diverse working environment also acknowledges the importance of the diversity of perspectives, cultures, backgrounds, and strengths. 

Begin by reading pages 7.1-7.7 of the webtext for this week and viewing the video, “Inclusion Starts with I.”

Accenture. (2017). Inclusion starts with an I. (Links to an external site.) YouTube. [Video: 3:28 minutes]. Transcripts.

Discussion Instructions
Initial Post: Then, by Thursday of Module 7, create an initial post that responds to each of the prompts below: 

Have you ever encountered a situation like the ones highlighted in the video? How did it impact you? 
What demographic groups, backgrounds, or perspectives are underrepresented in your career field? Why?
What are the benefits of working in diverse groups? What are the challenges? 
You will not be able to see posts written by your classmates until you create your initial post.

Replies:  Then, from Friday through Sunday of Module 7, reply to your classmates initial posts and engage with them in a conversation about the future of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Do you think our workplaces will become more or less diverse and inclusive in the future? Why? Please be sure to reply to at least two of your peers’ posts. 

This discussion will be graded according to the Cornerstone Discussion Board Rubric. Review the rubric and Discussion Board Expectations in advance to know how you will be assessed.
All discussion boards combined are worth 20% of your course grade.
This activity is used to assess one or more general education career competencies (GECC). You will see additional rows in your rubric from your instructor along with assessments of Above/Meets/Does Not Meet Expectations for each competency. These rows do not factor into your grade.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Moral Relativism

What is an ethical opinion / belief that you feel strongly about, but you know is not shared by some people of other cultures?

This can be a belief that certain things are right or good, or that certain things are wrong or bad, that certain acts are acceptable or not, justifiable or not, etc..  (Be sure to differentiate between cultures and societies a society like that of the U.S. contains many different cultures and subcultures.) Reflect on yourself:

What are the reasons for your position?

Try to explain as succinctly as possible the main reason(s) why you have the belief that this is right/wrong or good/bad, etc.

How do these judgments represent your own independent thought and reflection about values and priorities?  Explain.

Reflect on the other:

If you were to try to explain and defend some version of contrary beliefs of someone from another culture or perspective, how would you do that? (i.e., do your best to speak from their point of view about why they hold certain beliefs on this issue.)

If you had to identify an assumption, background conviction, or way of thinking that best explains why someone else would have a different view, what would that be?

Engage with the text:

Considering what the textbook says about moral relativism, would you consider your belief claims to be merely relative, or do they have universal or absolute value to transcend the limits of cultural relativism?  In other words, does your view make a claim of value for all people, or does it just state the assumptions of your own cultural bubble?

M7.3 Final Project GECC

Final Project
Over the last six modules, you built toward this culminating moment: the submission of your final project. This week you will be drafting a research paper of 3-5 pages (approximately 750-1250 words) that builds on your previous Milestone work. Use the Final Project TemplatePreview the document for an example of how to create and format your final paper. 

Begin by reading pages 7.8-7.13 in the webtext before beginning this assignment.

Step 1: Reflect on Previous Milestone Feedback and Make Adjustments 

Each week after you submitted a Milestone assignment, your instructor provided you with feedback, often including suggestions for improvement. Take stock of that feedback and incorporate it. This might mean adjusting the wording of your thesis statement, replacing a source, fixing errors in your APA formatting, rewriting your introduction, or rethinking your organization of paragraphs. Make sure to use your peers feedback on Milestone 5 as well what suggestions did they have to improve your introduction and outline? Did they understand your argument and if not, how can you communicate it more clearly? 

Step 2: Use Your Outline to Draft Your Paper

Using your Milestone 5 outline, begin to flesh out each of your body paragraphs by adding evidence from your sources that support your thesis (along with proper in-text citations for ideas or quotes from your sources). Make sure to include transitions between paragraphs and wrap up your paper with a conclusion paragraph that reiterates your thesis argument and offers some concluding thoughts. 

Step 3: Review and Edit Your Work 

Once you have a full draft written, make sure to re-read it carefully with an eye on the details like spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence clarity, and word choice. Go back to the Writing Refresher section of the course for help with any weak areas of your writing. Try reading it aloud to catch errors you might otherwise miss in print. 

Step 4: Submit to the Canvas Dropbox and Review Your Turnitin Report. Make Changes If Needed and Resubmit.

As you learned in Module 4, Excelsior uses Turnitin in the Canvas dropbox as a learning tool for students. Plan to submit to the dropbox a few days early if you can so you have time to review your Turnitin report and similarity score. If your score comes back high, revise your content to make sure you are using original writing, citing ideas from others, and properly putting the exact words of others in quotation marks. 

Note: you can resubmit to the dropbox up until the due date for this assignment, which is Sunday night at 11:59 pm ET of Module 7. After that due date has passed, your most recent submission is considered final. 

Final Project TemplatePreview the document (Word document)
Writing Refresher
Submission Instructions: 
Submit a completed 3-5 page (approx. 750-1250 words) research paper on your topic choice made in Module 1 that incorporates your work from Milestones 1-6. Use the Final Project TemplatePreview the document for an example of how to create and format your final paper. 

It should include: 

At least 4 references 
A title page and reference page in APA style
In-text citations in APA format
An introductory paragraph with your clear, one-sentence thesis statement (this should NOT be underlined at this point)
Body paragraphs that use information from the sources as evidence to prove the thesis statement 
A conclusion paragraph that offers final thoughts and reiterates the thesis statement
Proper spelling, syntax, and grammar
Improvements based on your instructors feedback on your previous milestone work (i.e. to the thesis statement, introduction, organization, use of sources, APA style, etc.) 
This assignment uses TurnItIn.
The Final Course Project assignment is due Sunday by 11:59 pm ET and will be evaluated according to the IND101 Final Project Rubric. Make sure to review the rubric before submitting so you know how you will be assessed.
This assignment is worth 20% of your overall course grade.
This activity is used to assess one or more general education career competencies (GECC). You will see additional rows in your rubric from your instructor along with assessments of Above/Meets/Does Not Meet Expectations for each competency. These rows do not factor into your grade.

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