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1.In this assignment you have to read the following article and then perform the rest:

2. Next,Perform further research (see #3 description below for guidance) on reliability and validity (think about what these terms mean, why they are important, etc.)

3.For the following,  Write about the research you did, providing the class with information about articles you acknowledged, the importance of these terms, and why they are essential to the development of any assessment instrument. Describe and explain at least 4 types of reliability and how they differ. How is validity differ from reliability? Use at least 2 additional peer-reviewed sources to describe and explain validity and reliability.

Twin Studies: Understanding Behavior and Nature vs. Nurture

For this assignment you will submit, as a Word document attachment, the first draft (NOT the rough draft), of your Results and Discussion sections.  You should also include your title page and reference section.  Your reference section should only include the sources that you have cited in this section.

– ONLY write results and discussion section
– I have uploaded the research paper in progress to help you write the results and discussion section
– I have included a power point discussing the correct format and what to expect
– I have uploaded a sample APA 7 paper to show the format of the research paper

Online education – challenges and interventions

An essay on educational/social psychology, the subject is about the challenges of online/distance learning.

Specific need on pedagogical theories-methodologies under ‘theories’ section that are applicable to online learning. A second section needed on possible solutions in the form of interventions that may aid learning. Total additional word count needed 2600

Technological aspect/limitations should be avoided, the subject is social psychology.

Help on introduction, abstract and interventions (partial) sections will be provided.
There are references available already. For this reason there is not set number of additional mandatory references.

Two possible publications that you may benefit from:

Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones
One of the measurements that can be used to determine a childs developmental progression is to compare the child to the typical developmental milestones. Some examples of developmental milestones are when an infant first sits up, crawls, and walks. There are also developmental milestones for communication, emotional, and social development. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides some extensive information on developmental milestones for infants and young children. (Hint: Type “CDC: Developmental Milestones” into your preferred search engine.)

Why is understanding a childs developmental milestones so important, especially communication, social, and emotional development?

its one page review over 4 different articles, its mostly for completion but its gotta be right

The report avoids plagiarism, does not use quotations from the study or outside sources, and is fully written in the students own words. Key elements from the introduction section relating the research study to the broader research literature are mentioned and the need for the study is explained. The student’s report identifies the central hypothesis of the study. The methods section was addressed, including a description of what techniques were used and the reasoning behind those methodological choices. The report summarizes the results section. The discussion section is used to explain how the studys results relate to previous research and the broader literature. The major conclusions and implications discussed in the research article are mentioned as well as any additional thoughts from the student regarding the way the study was conducted and the implications of its results. Can be double spaced

course project task 5

Course Project Task 5 Final Submission

Note: This course has major project assignments that will be due in Week 3 and 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete them. Plan time to start the research and other work for those assignments earlier than the week in which they are due.

Throughout this course, you have been analyzing the different facets of two organizations (GE and Alibaba) strategic development and implementation. This week you will pull all of these elements together, including the material you read this week about strategic leadership. This is a critical exercise as the final written work in the MBA capstone course.

Although we broke up the topics we studied about corporate strategy into manageable chunks, remember that in reality business firms function and compete as integrated wholes. The various elements of business and corporate strategy we discussed and analyzed create value for shareholders when they complement one another. In particular, the logic of business strategy in general must be congruent with the particular firms overall strategies.

Develop an integrated analysis of the corporate strategy of your current workplace organization, a previous employer, or an organization you would like to work for. Reach out to your instructor early in the week (or earlier in the course) if you need assistance identifying a suitable organization for your final study.

You should review the Course Project Guidelines document in the Supplemental Material below for more detail as needed.  The following summary of the major sections of the paper should help you focus your project:

    Executive Summary1-page synthesis of major ideas in the paper. What is the organization? What is its corporate strategy? What are one or two important pieces of rationale for having that strategy? What are one or two brief examples of how that strategy is (or isn’t) accurately implemented? What are one or two important recommendations you can make to the organization about the strategic development and implementation of its corporate strategy. Remember, the executive summary is a brief review that someone can read and get a quick snapshot of key points in your paper.
    General Analysis of Corporate Strategy12-page analysis of the organizations corporate strategy. What is the corporate strategy? What is the rationale that management uses to guide its decisions and actions at the corporate level? What is the business logic and reasoning behind the formulation of that strategy?
    Formulation of Corporate Strategy12-page assessment of appropriateness and congruence of the various elements of the corporate strategy. Does each part fit with the logic and rationale of the overall corporate strategy? Is there internal consistency in how the corporate strategy is formulated?
    Implementation of Corporate Strategy23-page evaluation of decisions and actions actually made by management and of its ability to make those decisions consistent with the stated corporate strategy. Are the organizations decisions and actions consistent with or inconsistent with its corporate strategy? Does it possess the resources and capability to follow its corporate strategy (i.e., make it happen)? Does alignment exist between its strategy and its leadership, structure, systems, and culture?
    Conclusions and Recommendations12-page justification of consultant-type recommendations to the organization. Does the organization need to change its corporate strategy? Does it need to address congruence among the corporate strategy elements? Does it need to address how decisions and actions are made and implemented? Provide clear research, rationale, and appropriate examples to support your conclusions and recommendations.

Note: APA does not generally use an executive summary. However, consulting reports often do contain an executive summary. For purposes of this assignment, present the executive summary as the introduction paragraphs of your APA paper. Because the executive summary reflects information from the body of your paper, you will likely need to complete those sections before completing the executive summary.

Submission Details:

    Present your report as a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.
    Support your responses with examples.  Cite any sources in APA format.

The value of great leadership

This link will open a video where Dr. Clinton Longenecker, of the University of Toledo, discusses the traits, characteristics, definitions and impacts of Leadership.  As you watch this video, consider the following questions/prompts:

What are the traits of leadership?
What is the impact of effective leadership?
How can leadership be defined?
What is trustworthiness and how does it influence ones ability to lead?
What are the six schools of leadership thought and how do they differ from one another?
What is the role of work-life balance in effective leadership?

Multinational Organization


Research an multinational organization you are interested that isn’t based in the United States.  Discuss the organizational structure of the organization as it relates to Chapter 8 of our textbook.  Make sure you explain how the organization benefits from it’s organizational structure, specifically as it relates to the type of products and/or services it provides.  Also, address how you feel the structure influences the organization’s international management practices.  Lastly, how has technology helped improve the performance of the organization considering the organizational structure the organization has chosen.  Remember, there may not be an exact match as it relates to the organizational structures in chapter 8 but do your best to find the closest match and point out any parts of the structure that aren’t exactly the same as the structure you feel closely matches the organization.

Reading: Chapter 8: Organization Structure and Control Systems 

Book: Helen Deresky (2017). International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases (9e).  ISBN: 978-0-134-37604-2. Publisher: Pearson Higher Education; Copyright 2017

Intercultural Communication

Grading Rubric
1 point    Defined your communication theory in the first paragraph with an outside source (not the chosen scholarly journal article or a dictionary).

3 points    Provided an overview (not a critique) of the chosen scholarly article in the remaining paragraphs (identified author(s), reported all hypothesis/research questions, methodology, results, conclusions, implications, limitations, etc.). Not using a scholarly article from a communication journal is an automatic 3 point deduction.

1 point    Followed either APA or MLA guidelines when citing all sources (in-text, the chosen scholarly article at the top of the page, and the source used to define the theory at the bottom of the paper). Failure to follow the format of the sample provided is an automatic 1 point deduction.
You must submit both the paper AND the .pdf (the actual file, not a link) of your scholarly

Intercultural Communication
Face-Negotiation Theory
Standpoint Theory
Muted Group Theory
Communication Accommodation Theory

You need to write about one of the points under this. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A SCHOLARLY ARTICLE FROM A COMMUNICATION JOURNAL

Joint ventures

Course Project Task 4
Please read instr before placing bid. thanks

Note: This course has major project assignments that will be due in Weeks 3 and 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete them. Plan time to start the research and other work for those assignments earlier than the week in which they are due.

The Week 4 installment of the final project will continue to evaluate the Alibaba organization introduced in Week 3.

Considering the course material presented in the course readings and discussion for the week, select two of the more prominent cooperative linkages that Alibaba has made. Make sure that there are meaningful differences between the two different alliances or joint ventures you have selected.

Begin your paper by summarizing key details about Alibabas two alliances or joint ventures that you are using for your paper.

Next, for each alliance or joint venture:

    Assess the type of business-level or corporate-level cooperative strategy the organization is following.
    Evaluate how the cooperative strategy enhances the competitiveness and performance of the organization relative to what could be done without the cooperative agreement.
    Evaluate the risks that arise from this alliance or joint venture.

Finally, summarize two or three important take-aways from your research into Alibabas alliances. In essence, what did you learn and what strategic development and implementation lessons might you apply?

Submission Details:

    Present your analysis as a  report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.
    Support your responses with examples.  Cite any sources in APA format.

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