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22-25 slides max the topic is on the paper attached

Please follow this 2 files attached and make sure it still related to what you talked about and your experience as waitress in the essay before. Please use normal, clear language. Use charts, example, pictures and put ideas then development with examples. also APA reference and make sure there is no plagiarism pllease

How to marketing website intro

How to marketing website intro

We will be paying frequent visits to the How-To Marketing website over the weeks ahead. It features numerous articles written by marketing experts on how they practice their craft. The pieces are succinct and take a hands-on approach to getting the job done.

After reading these How-To Marketing articles on marketing fundamentals, please share below any excerpts you may have found useful.

The Past, Present, and Future of Marketing & PR
In a wide-ranging interview with international marketing expert and author Al Ries, 20-year PR veteran Marsha Friedman considers where the mercurial marketplace has come from, and where it may be headed.

Top Ten Marketing Tips of All Time
Times change and successful marketers roll with the flow, but Michael Fleischner says marketing fundamentals remain the same. Here’s two handful of tips that stand the test of time.

Seven Baby Steps to Powerful Marketing
Leslie McKerns describes how to walk your way to marketing success with seven simple feats.

Where Has All the Good Marketing Gone?
Winning campaigns are not just magical slight-of-hands. Michael Fleischner shares some insights into marketing tips we can learn from top successful marketers.


While submitting your paperwork for tuition reimbursement at your place of employment, your supervisor asks which course you have just finished. You proudly announce that you just earned an A in Cross-Cultural Studies. Your supervisor informs you that you will have an opportunity to share what you have learned in this course with others. Specifically, you are asked to prepare a presentation for a group of health care professionals (physicians, nurses, and therapists) on strategies that they can use to integrate principles of cultural competence into their everyday practices. You are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (5 to 10 slides) including speakers notes (you will be penalized if your speakers notes are not included). In order to help you meet the requirements, your presentation should include:

Discussion as to why cultural competence is important in health care (1 to 2 slides).

Barriers to Communication
Patient-Centered Care
Potential negative outcomes that could be associated with lack of cultural competence on the part of the health care provider (1 to 2 slides).
Methods that can be used to assess a clients cultural beliefs (1 to 2 slides).
Strategies that the health care professionals can use to enhance cross-cultural competence (1 to 2 slides).

Cultural Immersion
Sources of information where the members of the group can go to learn about members of different cultures (1 to 2 slides) [HINT: We had a really good discussion about this topic a few weeks ago.]
Include a reference list at the end in a concluding slide. Also, provide the necessary citations in your presentation/speakers notes.
Assignment Expectations
Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric that is linked within the course. Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Your work should adhere to these MSHS Assignment Expectations.

Additional Resources

What are speaker notes?

As you recall, the PowerPoint slides should only give your audience some key points about the topic. You should not try to cram your slides full of information. Speakers notes can help the presenter remember everything that he or she wants to say about a particular slide.

How do I make speakers notes?

Follow these simple steps to add speakers notes to your PowerPoint presentation:

Open your PowerPoint presentation
Go to the View menu and select the Notes page.
The notes page will be small, so you will have to go to the View menu again and select Zoom in order to make them bigger. Select the percentage of zoom that you want (the higher the percentage, the larger the page will become).
Click inside the notes page and begin typing your speaker notes.
Continue doing this on each slide until your speaker notes are written.
Once you have finished writing your speaker notes, save your presentation and it is ready to be graded.

ethnic studies

1. I think that formal education can promote dominant or counter narratives depending on how it’s taught and by whom. I think the problem lies with who is deciding what we learn and how we learn it.
2. I think education should be liberating students (and teachers, honestly), and helping them learn counter narratives so that they can be prepared for a world full of dominant narratives. Education should equip students with the tools and skills necessary to create a more equitable world.

right somethin like that

The Japanese Quince

Write an essay explaining how external, internal, and abstract conflicts, as well as symbolism in the short story, The Japanese Quince, reveal the storys theme. Your paper should be a minimum seven paragraphs of at least five sentences. I expect your work to have three quotations from the story within in-text citations. As usual, your essay will have no contractions and not use first person or second person, third person only.

Healthcare industry going robotics

Write a 2000 literature review that addresses a problem and a solution on a topic in your field using 15 to 20 sources (*Note: The word count for the assignment excludes the title page and the reference list.

The topic:  Healthcare Industry going Robotics is it moral?

Module 1

For this discussion, you will be sharing your experience with observation and assessment.


In your initial post:

If you are currently working in early childhood education, share two examples of how you have used observation and assessment in your classroom.
What was the purpose of these experiences (why were you doing them?)?
What was the goal of these observations/assessments?

I work with children that have special needs so you can base it off of that.

Compare and Contrast Two Mental Health Theories

You may choose your theories from the textbook or from other sources.
Describe each theory, including some history about the person who developed the theory and the major ideas and applications of the theory.
Describe the ways in which the two theories are similar, and how they differ.
Include a statement of how each theory could be used in your nursing practice. Include specific patient examples if you have them. You may also critique the theory: Is there anything with which you disagree or are there any problems you can identify?

discuss descriptive statistics

This week, you will read the article written by Sorokowski et al. (2015), attached. Then, you will write a paper that includes the following:

    A description of the purpose of the research, the hypotheses, and the methods used to test the hypotheses.
    A description of the variables that were measured in the research and the level of measurement for each variable (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio).
    A description of the sample used in the research. Your description should include a discussion regarding the diversity (e.g., age, sex, race, etc.) of the sample.
        For example, was the sample representative of a particular population or was it simply a convenience sample?
    A discussion to determine if the ethical guidelines were followed in the recruitment and testing of participants.
    A summary of the results and conclusions.
    A description of the measures of central tendency (i.e., mean, median, or mode) and variability (e.g., standard deviation) reported by the authors.
        This should include specific examples of how central tendency and variability were reported in the article; you should not include general definitions for these terms.
Length: 2-3 pages

importance of boiler care in a home

This is a senior paper. It needs to have a thesis statement and a conclusion at the end about the importance of boiler care. And explanation of what boilers are and what they do and how to care for them. Also dont use the words you or I.  And please put the sources used at the end 

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