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Surgical Instrument Frazier Suction Tip

Who invented it, how it got its name, describe the instrument, how it is used, history, facts about it
times new roman 12 pt font
what surgeries its mostly used in
this is a paper about a surgical instrument
it only needs to be 1 page just 500 words
include citations

The Promise

Explore what C. Wright Mills meant by “Sociological Imagination.” (Mills, C. W. (1959). The promise of sociology.
Demonstrate your understanding of this concept by selecting an example of a “private trouble” (from the readings, your own experience, or elsewhere). How are personal troubles different from public issues? Explain how if a personal trouble becomes a public issue, why it may reflect a structural problem in society. Provide an example in your answer.

Methodology of natural philosophers

Use the attached pdf to answer the prompt.
Prompt: What intellectual errors did he (and Bacon) imagine themselves to be pushing back against? How does Offray de La Mattrie put this method into practice? Based on your reading of Man, A Machine, what advantages do you see to this method? What disadvantages? Are there instances where he seems to be imposing his own preconceptions on his observations rather than rigorously following his own methodological demands?

Research Paper

Two parts to this assignment

First Part
Informatics Solution Proposal: Issue Identification

Assignment Content
The purpose of the Informatics Solution Proposal is to increase knowledge and ability with informatics and technology products for the health care workplace setting. You will review the functionality of various products and select one that best meets the needs of a health care setting.

During this project, spanning Weeks 2-5, you will identify a clinical or administrative issue and propose an informatics solution. Each week, you will work on an element of this project. In Week 5, you will synthesize your work into a proposal appropriate for the directors of a health care organization. (Home Health Setting)

Identify an issue in a health care workplace (Home Health Setting) that could be resolved by implementing an informatics or technology solution. The issue can be an administrative issue or a clinical issue. (Kindly focus on Administrative issues).

Draft a 350-word letter or memo to a nursing administrator, informing them of the clinical or administrative problem, why it is a concern, and a request for permission to propose a solution. Support your letter with at least three peer-reviewed resources.

Format the letter according to APA guidelines for formal business correspondence.

Provide an APA-formatted reference page for all resources used.

Second Part
Health Care Technology Terms

Assignment Content
Complete the Health Care Technology Terms worksheet that I have attached.

Select 10 of the 29 terms on the worksheet. Your answers must include the following:
o    A definition or explanation of the term and a description of its purpose
o    An example of the term and a summary of how it is used in a health care setting (Home Health Setting)
o    Two references from scholarly sources

All items on the worksheet are located in the glossary of Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals. An additional resource is required to verify information and substantiate the example.

Kindly focus on the home health setting and administrative issues.

Thank you!

Research Paper

Information Technology, Safety, and Patient Outcomes

Assignment Content
Information and technology skills are essential for all nurses to have, but especially for nurse informaticists. This assignment requires you to consider how information and technology connect to patient care outcomes and a safe care environment.

Explain why information and technology skills are essential for safe patient care.

Identify the baccalaureate nurse’s role in championing the use of information and technology to improve safety and patient outcomes.

Provide examples of how nurses use technology to make health care-related decisions.

Analyze relationship between the quality and integrity of data entered into a database and the resulting effect on the quality of patient care.

Format your assignment as one of the following:
o    875-word paper

Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources, and develop an APA-formatted reference page.


reply to classmates’ post, at least 125 words each and 1 scholarly reference within last 5 years for each

post 1

A societal factor that is affecting nursing and patient education curriculums is the rapid technological advances happening all over the world. As discussed by Meetoo, Rylance & Abuhaimid (2018) the technological innovation of mobile health has the potential to change healthcare in the clinical setting and non-clinical setting. It could enhance patient education, prevent disease, improve diagnosis and research-based treatment, reduce healthcare costs, and enable patients to manage long-term conditions. This article discusses the benefits of apps, digital devices, wearable sensors, monitoring devices, implantable sensors, and lab-on-a-chip. Although mobile health opportunities can benefit society there are large informational gaps regarding the long-term effects, acceptability, costs, and risks. Due to this, there is a significant need to continue research to evaluate the factors needed to standardize the implementation of mobile health into healthcare while maintaining the rights of the individuals. Due to the increasing availability of these new technological advancements, it is important that nursing curriculum and patient education evolve to educate on how to use new healthcare technology.

I chose this article because technology is rapidly advancing, and many people are falling behind and do not understand how to use modern technology making it difficult to implement widespread. These advancements can positively impact patient care and education. The adaption of these technology is inevitable and therefore needs to be discussed and incorporated into the nursing curriculum and patient education fields. We are already using modern technology in nursing school curriculum, making online programs more accessible to students and online simulation courses as part of the curriculum. In addition to using these technologies, it is important to teach nursing students about new healthcare technology so they are familiar with new practices that are offered to patients and can therefore help to teach them and create new innovative ways of providing effective patient care.


Communication between a patient and nurse is an important relationship to provide quality and safe care. A societal factor, that can affect this communication, is when a patient has limited English skills. According to Squires (2018), these patients are identified as limited English proficiency (LEP) and this lack of English skills can impact patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. Patients with LEP change the way nurses provide care and present patient education and a bond is needed to maintain the practice standards and improve outcomes.

As a lactation consultant, encouraging and supporting breastfeeding skills requires effective communication for all patients to be successful in their breastfeeding experience. The study from Communication Barrier in Health Care Setting as Perceived by Nurses and Patient (Sethi & Rani, 2017) describes results than can be helpful in establishing an effective nurse-patient communication. This article was chosen because of the reliable source, applicable timeframe, and research information. The cross sectional, descriptive study was conducted on 50 nurses and 50 patients which identified that spoken language and cultural differences was a communication barrier for the nurse and patient. Improvement in education and training can help nurses communicate with patients that maintain good interpersonal relationships and safe clinical practice.

Rough Draft Qualitative Research Critique and Ethical Considerations

Write a critical appraisal that demonstrates comprehension of two qualitative research studies. Use the “Research Critique Guidelines Part 1” document to organize your essay. Successful completion of this assignment requires that you provide rationale, include examples, and reference content from the studies in your responses.

Use the practice problem and two qualitative, peer-reviewed research article you identified in the Topic 1 assignment to complete this assignment.

In a 1,0001,250 word essay, summarize two qualitative studies, explain the ways in which the findings might be used in nursing practice, and address ethical considerations associated with the conduct of the study.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.




paraprasing and direct qoutes

Instructions:  Using the information from this week’s reading material, submit an Annotated Bibliography of 5 sources from your working bibliography. First, put the source in the correct citation format for your particular curricular division, and then write a brief annotation of that source.  The annotation should describe the main ideas covered in the source as well as an evaluation by you for the source’s usefulness for your project.

Remember that an online source can be a number of things. It can be a book, journal article, blog, podcast script, website, government report, newspaper article or editorial, or something else. Be sure to analyze each source carefully and follow the style guide in presenting the needed info.  One goal in your annotation is to help your readers find the source if they want more information, so make it easy for them to do so.
APA Style Guide

Bluebook Style Guide

Chicago Style Guide

MLA Style Guide

Turabian Style Guide

Remember, your final paper must include a minimum of 7 sources with at least 4 sources coming from peer-reviewed journals taken from the APUS library.  Please note that you are encouraged to include all 4 of your sources coming from peer-reviewed journals taken from the APUS library in this annotated bibliography. 

Submit your assignment as a Word document attached to the assignment link so it can be processed on Turnitin.

Sample Annotation. 

Sally Student
COLL 300
Annotated Bibliography- MLA

Calkins, Lucy.  Raising Lifelong Learners: A Parent’s Guide.  Reading: Addison-Wesley
        Longman.  1997.  Print.

Lucy Calkins is a noted teacher and researcher in reading and writing. Her book is a guide for parents, helping them to work with their children’s schools to create a positive learning environment and a lifelong love of learning in their children.  Topics covered include fostering learning and curiosity in mathematics, science, social studies, reading, and writing.  Calkins work also offers advice on school curriculum and testing. By providing specific examples of parental involvement, this book will help support my assertion that parents need to play a strong role in their children’s education.

Defending Your Policy Proposal

Submit a video presentation summary of the policy proposal you created from last week’s Discussion. Be sure to incorporate feedback from your colleagues. Make sure that your summary presentation provides a solid rationale for the passage of your policy, using reputable sources from experts in the field. This should be a simulation of a summary presentation you would make to “real-world” policy leaders, so make sure you are succinct and informative. You can include any visual aids that you think help your presentation.

Your video should be 45 minutes and no more than 6 minutes

sport physical

Topic: Sports Physicals

In the sports medicine field, the sports physical exam is known as a preparticipation physical examination (PPE). The exam helps determine whether it is safe for you to participate in a certain sport. Most states actually require that kids and teens have a sports physical before they can start a new sport or begin a new competitive season. But even if a sports physical is not required, doctors still highly recommend getting one.

Case Study
The administration of the local critical access hospital has asked the practitioner to organize a community service program to conduct sports physicals for local junior high and high school athletes at no cost to the student. The practitioner has the use of the usual physician office space or the facilitys large meeting space and will recruit physicians, nurse practitioners, nursing staff, and medical technicians to conduct the sports physicals. Based on a survey of nearby school districts, the administration expects to serve 100 to 150 student athletes over the 2 days the physicals will be offered.

Case Questions

Which format would most effectively serve the needs of the students in this program? Include consideration of the space chosen for conducting the program.
Which space would be most appropriate to use for the program and why?
What are the drawbacks to the assembly-line format?
Which physical examination focus points could the nursing staff and medical technicians be assigned to complete?
When the practitioner is preparing to advertise the program being offered, the local newspaper asks the practitioner to identify three of the main objectives of the sports physicals for an article. How would the practitioner respond?

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