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This week, you will need to find a recent article on the web that is related to one of the topics that are mentioned in the assigned chapter in your textbook. Once you choose an Internet article on this week’s topics, you need to:

1.Post a summary of that article including all needed background information for the topic that you have chosen and your thoughts on the article. Remember details are important, so include all information needed for anyone to understand the article and any terms/conditions described in it. The title of your discussion posting should be the

actual title of the article you are using.

2. Please also post a link to that article so that anyone who is interested may go to the original source and read the entire article.

Assignment- Survey Method and Questions

 This assignment consists of two parts. 

Part 1) For each of the quantitative research objectives listed below:

  1. Identify variables to be measured.
  2. Develop a minimum of four (4) sample questions to be included in the questionnaire.
  3. Identify how each question will be scored.
  4. Identify the level of measurement for each question.
  5. Recommend a method of survey administration to be used.

Quantitative Research Objectives

  1. To determine if advertising during the Super Bowl is effective in increasing consumers product awareness. Use a product of your choosing. State the name of the product that was advertised.  
  2. To determine patient satisfaction of patients who are admitted to a hospital during the past 6 months.
  3. To determine if there is a relationship between the decision to pursue a career in law enforcement and gender.
  4. To determine IT professionals perceptions of the best preparation for an IT career.

Part 2)

Explain the method of survey administration you would use if a survey was conducted in your intended research.

Major Depressive Disorder

The essay question requires the use of a primary source – a peer reviewed article detailing the results of a relevant study. To demonstrate your understanding of empirical research, you will want to report an explanation of the numerical data retrieved from the article you’ve chosen. Please be sure to cite your source(s) and to incorporate terminology from our course. See question below.
Major depressive disorder is a mental illness that impacts both the individual and society. Use at least 300 words to describe the responsibility that we have as individuals and within our families to help those struggling with this disorder. Also, describe the responsibility that society may have in relation to this mental illness.

*please demonstrate your understanding of our course concepts by using terminology and information we covered this semester.
*remember to include the numerical data from at least one primary source.
*your source should be cited in the body of your writing AND listed at the end of your essay response.

How Do I Become A Successful Web Designer?

Web designing is a very challenging field. To become a successful provider, you need to have the following skills.

You need to learn web design theory. It contains everything you would need regarding creating attractive and colorful websites. Learning key web tools like Photoshop, WordPress, etc., are also really important if you want to become a successful web developer. You should also know HTML, CSS, and java scripts. These are the top 3 programming languages that developers use most of the time. Moreover, a web developer also has to be Patient and have communication skills. He should also have project management skills and the know-how to sell himself. 


Examining the history of student affairs, there has been a shift within the profession from in loco parentis (in place of the parents) to student services towards student development and finally to student learning.  Question: In your opinion has the student affairs profession truly shifted away from all of these philosophies towards a singular philosophical approach or is it a blended philosophical approach? 

Enrollment management is a critical component on any college campus.  From the first point of contact with potential students to bringing in the freshman class, the enrollment process highly influences the overall student experience.  Question: What role should the academic enterprise play in the enrollment process on a college campus?  Please provide 1 recent article (2009-Present) that supports your argument

In your opinion, whose (what area of the university) responsibility is academic advising?  Furthermore, the book gave reference to several different models-peer to peer, decentralized, centralized, faculty lead, etc..  If you have been tasked with creating an academic advising program at either the institution that you currently work at or at the institution that you were formally a student, what would it be?  Please provide evidence with at least 1 recent article (2009-Present) to support your article..

Wk 4 Annotated Bibliography (Kim Woods Only) Due in 1 day -> Urgent

Read all pages carefully, selected topic, intro & must be follow format according to Sample Paper (3-3 Para each Article)            

Must be 100% Original            

I hv already attached Articles, u must be use this 3 articles for Annotated Bibliography 

Sage : Reverse a vendor payment


This article portrays the distinctions between switching, erasing, voiding, and dismissing an installment. Furthermore, it makes sense of the two strategies for switching a seller check.

Every so often, after a seller installment has been posted, the installment should be switched. Inversion varies from erasing, voiding, or dismissing an installment. You can erase an installment provided that its status is Created. This status shows that the installment has been made however hasn’t yet been produced. This impediment generally applies, no matter what the strategy for installment. You can void unposted checks after they have been produced however before they have been posted. On the off chance that the produced installment is finished as an electronic asset move (EFT), you can dismiss the installment before it’s posted. To dismiss an installment, change the Payment status esteem. An installment that has been voided or dismissed can be recovered after the Payment status esteem is changed back to None.


After an installment is posted, inversions are utilized. Installments that are made electronically can’t be turned around after they have been posted. All things considered, another exchange should be made for how much the installment to get the obligation back for the seller. There are two techniques for turning around posted checks. In one technique, inversions are posted promptly when you click Payment inversion on the Check page. In the other technique, when you click Payment inversion on the Check page, the inversion is shipped off the really look at inversion diary in Cash and bank the board, where a commentator can then post or reject the inversion.

To realize which technique your association utilizes, view the Cash and bank the executives boundaries page. In the event that the Use survey process for installment inversions choice is set to Yes, inversions are shipped off the actually look at inversion diary for audit.

Turn around posted checks without inspecting them

If your association has any desire to post check inversions quickly when you click Payment inversion on the Checks page. On the Cash and bank the board boundaries page, set the Use survey process for installment inversions choice to No. On the Checks page, you can choose the check to switch and choose Payment inversion. You can then enter the date, and select a justification behind the inversion.

Read More-:

Switch posted checks after they are surveyed in the actually look at inversion diary

To survey check inversions before they are posted, make a check inversion diary for survey and on the Cash and bank the board boundaries page, set the Use survey process for installment inversions choice to Yes. On the Checks page, you can choose check to turn around, select Payment inversion. You can then enter the date, and select a justification behind the inversion. The monetary explanation should be set up for both Bank and Vendor types. You should likewise choose a diary name to make a diary in the really look at inversion diary.

Survey an inversion

On the off chance that you’re a client who should survey inversions, You can either support and post the diary, or reject the inversion by erasing the diary. On the Check inversions diary page, you can choose the inversion diary to survey, and afterward click Lines. You can survey the switched check, and afterward select one of the accompanying endorsement choices:

To support and post the inversion diary, click Post or Post and move.

To dismiss the inversion, erase the inversion actually look at diary.

Consequences of posting an inversion

At the point when you post a check inversion, the accompanying occasions happen:

The check status is refreshed to Cancellation.

Assuming that the Reconcile choice was chosen on the inversion page during the inversion, the check is accommodated (the Reconciled choice is chosen) and doesn’t show up on the Account compromise page.

The inversion voucher is posted against the ledger that the check was given from, to build the financial balance.

The voucher is presented on General record.

The adjustment subtleties are refreshed in the History field bunch on the Check page.

The first installment from the receipt that the installment was settled against is unapplied (the settlement is turned around).

An exchange is posted against the seller represent the installment inversion, and the switched installment is settled against the first installment. The Last settlement voucher field on the Vendor exchanges page for the first seller payment is refreshed to mirror the voucher number of the switched exchange.

On the off chance that the check that was switched was given for a client discount, the accompanying occasions likewise happen:

An exchange is posted against the client represent the installment inversion, and the settlement between the first installment and the report that the installment was initially settled against is switched (a negative installment is made).

An installment inversion is applied to the first installment. The Last settlement voucher field on the Customer exchanges page for the first client installment is refreshed to mirror the voucher number of the turned around exchange.

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Prisoner Right 5.2

 In the 1990s an inmate that was HIV-positive had it noted in their medical file. By court order, these notes had to be removed to protect the inmates rights. If a correctional staff member had a potential exposure they would not know if the inmate was HIV-positive or not. Should the staff member have a right to know this to protect their safety or not? Please explain your position and reasoning on this. 

Race and Ethnicity 5.1

 In thinking about the readings and videos presented in the unit, why do you think Latinos/Hispanics became and still remain targets of racists?  Please research and discuss three (3) reasons in detail and include in your discussion the role of white supremacy.  

Module 2- Scholarly Writing – Discussion Question

Visit the Aspen University Nursing Student Caf. Go to, Content, then APA Formatting, and thoroughly review the APA Tip Sheet from Owl, as well as the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Share with your classmates three things to remember from each item. It is suggested that you save the APA tip sheet from OWL for regular use while writing papers.

I have attached the APA tip sheet. – Please use that to write the 3 things to remember.

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