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Yoga with Babies

Final Project Written Report:

The written component of the Final Project should be uploaded this week, The paper should be between 7-10  pages and should show evidence of your research into your chosen topic (follow your Final Project Proposal). If your project was experimental, you should include your research questions, literature review (citations in bibliography), methods, collected data and your analysis. Note that your project does not need to be experimental, it can be a research project if that is your preference. All reports should include at least 4 research references from peer reviewed journals.

You will make a presentation of your project to the class that is graded separately (see Final Project Presentation for directions.)

The topic is yoga with babies. The history behind yoga in general and why yoga with babies is beneficial to both the parent nd the baby. Essay does not need to be too in depth just something 7-8 pages that covers this topic


Assignment Evaluation Rules:

Overall presentation 10%

Structure 10%

Introduction 10%

Main body

Critical analysis/evaluation 50%

Recommendations 10%

Conclusion 10

Please read and apply the rules for referencing.

Please provide an elaborate answer on each of the following questions:

1. What is Web Server and Web client?

2. What is Domain Registration? Explain the steps to register a Domain.

3. What is Internet? What do you understand by Internet Standards?

4. What are the ways to communicate on Internet?

5. Define HTML Tag and list a few basic tags used in HTML.

6. What are the different types of HTML lists used?

7. How do we create frames? What are the disadvantages of using frames?

8. How to assign different colors in a HTML document



Your assignment is to to choose two AGENT SKILLS (indifference, distancing up/distancing down, inclusion, awareness, allyship) and describe how you see them being used in the color of fear (2 examples per skill). Be mindful that your assignment is to focus on Agent Skills, not Target skills. Most students will focus on the ranks of race and ethnicity, but you may also choose to look at the skills being used in ranks which are not highlighted as much in the video, such as Gender.

For each of the two skills that you choose, you must reflect on your own use of these particular skills in an area of your life where you fall into the agent rank. You should describe one example per skill.

 Watch “Lessons From the Color of Fear” below. Please if you have trouble accessing Panopto in your online classroom

Please complete the Nieto reading before beginning the film–it will help you understand what to pay attention to while watching.

This list of cast members will help you identify names for the assignment:


Think of a time in your life in which you have participated in the path of the Heros Journey. You could have been any of the main charactersthe hero or a figure supporting the hero.

Use a free online application (Canva, Piktochart, etc.) to create an infographic that includes an explanation of the following:

  • Each of the ten steps of the Heros Journey as it relates to your situation
  • Which role you played
  • What the call to adventure was
  • How the journey unfolded during each of the ten steps


INT 1010 Cyberbullying

 This assignment is about Cyberbullying.  Please share the following:

  1. Define Cyberbullying.  (10 points)
  2. Share 2 strategies to prevent cyberullying. (5 points)
  3. Please include 3 references.  (5 points)
  4. Comment on at least one of your classmate’s post. (10 points)

This assignment requires you to research the topic.   


Determinism is explained by a principle of universal causation. Explain.

What does it mean by to act freely according to the compatibilists? How do libertarians show that we can act freely?

Explain why for Frankfurt an unwilling addict has freedom of action but doesnt have freedom of will.

Why does the metaphysical project lead us to the discussion of God?

What is the problem of evil according to Mackie?


Why is the principle if sufficient reason presupposed in a posteriori arguments (cosmological and teleological) for Gods existence?

Are the three arguments for Gods existence able to show that the ultimate cause (cosmological argument) or intelligent designer (teleological argument) or That than which no greater can be thought (ontological argument) deserving of worship? Why or why not?

ASSIGNMENT 3: Selecting Your Fantasy JGR Team



Imagine that you work at JGR. The CEO has tasked you with being the Team Leader for a committee that will plan a one-day summer team-building retreat. All JGR employees will be attending the event. The purpose of the retreat is to foster unity, trust, and cohesion between the organization’s employees. The event will start with a welcome and introduction, and then everyone will break out into group team-building sessions. The whole team will reconvene for a company-wide lunch, followed by a keynote speech.As the Team Leader for the event planning committee, your job is to choose four other JGR employees to be on your committee. 



Download the .In the Week 7 document, read the four role descriptions, Logistics, Budgeting, Programming, and MC/Host. For this assignment, you will choose four team members to fill these team roles.

Watch the Week 7 Strayer Talk, Building Your Team: Finding the Right Balance, which describes the 10 JGR candidates you may choose from for your Fantasy Team. Brief information on the candidates is also provided in the Week 7 document. 


Complete a 1012 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:

1. Describe the role of Team Leader and how you will fulfill that role.

Explain your skills and personal strengths needed to be an effective team leader.

Think about your personal DiSC assessment results from JGR100. What is your DiSC work style, and how will you select team members to complement your skills?

What will you be responsible for as Team Leader? What will you handle personally, and what will you delegate to other members of your team?


2. Select a candidate for each of the four roles described above, and justify your selections.

Review the candidates by viewing the Week 7 Strayer talk and the document JGR Employee Profiles.

Consider how each choice’s particular skills and personality will help them perform their role successfully.

How do these team members’ strengths complement yours? What skills and/or personality traits do they have that will help your team in areas where you feel challenged?

Explain how chosen team members complement you in more than one case.


3. Create 1012 Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) slides for the JGR CEO in which you present the team you have put together for the one-day summer team-building retreat.

Include a title slide and reference slide, in addition to the required slides (not included in the 1012 slide count).

Include speaker notes or record audio for each slide content.

Use specific phrases, ideas, and quotes from the Strayer Videos, Coach’s Huddle, Weekly Readings, and/or Discussion to explain and support your thoughts.

Write in a professional manner using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and SWS.

Benchmark – Cost and Earned Value Managemen


Benchmark – Cost and Earned Value Management

Assessment Description

The purpose of this assignment is to establish a baseline, record actual project data, and utilize earned value management data to measure project performance and communicate necessary project adjustments to stakeholders.

Part 1

Review the “Project Execution” section of Chapter 3 in the textbook. Follow the steps provided to guide your baseline process and the subsequent status of you plan.

  1. Open the Microsoft Project “Global Treps Project Rev4”      file and set a baseline. To set the baseline, first select the project      tab. Then select set baseline. Then click OK.
  2. Turn on the Tracking Table.
  3. Update the following tasks with the revised actuals specified below.
  4. Update the Resource Sheet to reflect the revised labor costs      specified below.
  5. Save the Microsoft Project file as “Global Treps Project      Rev5.”

Revised Actuals:

  • Finalize project team 100% complete
  • Develop project charter 100% complete
  • Develop scope statement 100% complete
  • Develop and refine other plans 100% complete
  • Evaluate current systems 100% complete – Make the “Actual      Start” date the “Current Date” and the “Actual      Finish” date 10 days later than the “Current Date.”
  • Conduct research for income mechanism into Global Treps 30 days      100% complete
  • Evaluate current system 10 days 100% complete
  • Define requirement 22 days 100% complete
  • Define user requirements 23 days 100% complete
  • Define content requirements 29 days 100% complete
  • Define system requirements 33 days 100% complete
  • Define server owner requirements 20 days 100% complete
  • Define specific functionality 33 days 100% complete
  • Define risks and risk management approach 21 days 100% complete
  • Develop project plan 32 days 100% complete
  • Brief web development team 3 days 100% complete

Revised Resource Labor Costs:

  • Project Manager (you): $120 per hour
  • Website Developer (Bobby): $125 per hour
  • System Test Engineer and Event Runner: Vietnam (Kim): $55 per hour
  • Support Team Manager and Event Runner: India (Ashok): $55 per hour
  • Event Runner: Ethiopia (Alfreda): $55 per hour

Part 2

Using the information from “Global Treps Project Rev5,” you must evaluate the seriousness of the threats to project success based upon data from the Earned Value Table and Earned Value Report. Complete the steps below to access the data.

  1. Using the “Global Treps Project Rev5” you created in Part      1, view the Earned Value table by selecting the “Select All”      button, then right-click your selection, select “More Tables,”      and double-click on “Earned Value.” Reveal all the columns. Be      sure the entire number shows in each column. Add a column for the cost      performance index (CPI) and schedule performance index (SPI).
  2. View the earned value report by clicking the “Report” tab,      and then click “Costs” followed by the “Earned Value      Report.”
  3. Create a Word document and insert a screen shot of the earned value      table and the earned value report.
  4. Using the earned value table and the earned value report, answer the      following questions in the Word document after the screenshots.


  • What is the cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index      (CPI), and schedule performance index (SPI) for the project?
  • Is the project ahead of schedule or behind schedule? Is the project      under budget or over budget?
  • Use the CPI to calculate the estimate at completion (EAC) for this      project. Is the project performing better or worse than planned?
  • Use the SPI to estimate how long it will take to finish this      project.

Part 3

Create a management report to discuss where the project stands in terms of the triple constraint: meeting scope, time, and cost goals at a specific point in time. Use the revised information from the Microsoft Project earned value dashboards and reports to communicate the project status to project stakeholders. Be sure the comments address each of the questions below and provide any additional information required in the template.

  1. Are there issues that need to be escalated?
  2. Is it acceptable to do nothing and simply proceed?
  3. Should the project be terminated?
  4. Based on your evaluation of the threats to the project, how should      you proceed?

General Requirements

Submit the “Global Treps Project Rev5,” the Word document, and the project management report.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.  

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Benchmark Information  

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies and professional standards:

BS Business Analytics

5.4: Use appropriate project management techniques to effectively manage analytics-related projects.

BS Applied Business Analytics

1.4: Use appropriate project management techniques to effectively manage analytics-related projects.

discussion 2

 150 words

  • You are a leader for a technology company, explain how strategic human resource management could help your organization gain a competitive advantage.
  • Describe the steps you should take as a manager to recruit and select organizational members to sustain this competitive advantage.

project outline

 . Using content from your textbook, along with a minimum of 3 scholastic references that are no more than 5 years of age, discuss the plan for Quality Improvement in your organization. Please note your p cannot exceed two pages of content and all APA7 formatting requirements MUST be adhered to.  

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