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RE: Unit VII Discussion Board Art Appreciation

What role did women play in Renaissance and Baroque art?


If you lived in Europe in the 1500s or 1600s, what role would you have liked to play to promote art?


If you would like to study this concept further, consider visiting the National Museum of Women in the Arts website listed under the Suggested Readings.

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Assignment 2: LASA 1: A Bloody Sunday in Brentwood

The chief of police in Centervale is becoming more concerned with victims’ rights. He worries that law enforcement officers do not have enough real-world opportunities to review cases of victimology. As practice, you and your fellow officers have been asked to evaluate the Nicole Simpson case from the time she first reported intimate violence by O. J. Simpson to the time of her death.

Assess from a victimology standpoint and under the assumption that O. J. Simpson was the perpetrator of the murder.

Here’s What You Need to Do . . .

Using APA-formatted in-text citations and external sources that are referred to on a corresponding reference page, prepare a report on the Simpson case, evaluate what resources could have been used to prevent the murder, and then suggest improvements. Your report should include the following:

  • In the recent decades, we have seen stalking laws, as well as intimate partner-violence laws, undergo vast improvements due to more awareness and education for those who make, enforce, and interpret laws. Make a flowchart that identifies these critical stages in the laws for stalking and intimate violence.
  • Research the laws, policies and procedures, and operational techniques pertaining to victims’ rights and victim protection. Compare and contrast your research with the processes found in the Simpson case. What can you recommend to law enforcement officers to prevent similar results in future cases?
  • Analyze and interpret statistical data using basic research methods. Illustrate any correlations between stalking, intimate violence, and homicide. How can you compare your findings with the facts of the Simpson case?
  • Apply the victimology or criminology theory, or theories that best fits this case. Express your reasoning for your comparison of comparison of the victimology v. criminological theory.
  • Research lethality or danger assessments used by law enforcement agencies and victim advocacy centers. Describe what the assessments are used for. What facts can you select to show the lethality signs that were present before Nicole’s murder? Create your own lethality or danger assessment containing at least five questions that you feel would be the most relevant questions to ask a victim in a dangerous intimate relationship in order to assist in determining the threat level of the partner. Describe your reasoning in your concluding remarks.

The use of green architecture in the world and successful projects worldwide

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  1. This is third chapter of book with name “Green Architecture”.
  2. Please use a lot of image and tables for this chapter.
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Building and construction

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Digital Field Trip Reflection – The National Archives

This week you will take a digital field trip to view the Founding Documents Gallery at the National Archives. Located in Washington D.C., the National Archives are dedicated to preserving important historical and cultural documents, including the founding documents of the United States. Your visit to the digital archive will help you develop your understanding of definitions of democracy and political revolution, and provide key details about the contexts that these forms emerge from.

For this assignment you will need to:

Read the Lesson for the week
Engage in weekly Discussions to help develop ideas
Visit the National Archives at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Produce a two-page reflection assignment (see description below)
For your reflection assignment for this week, please select one primary example from the archive and address the following in a two-page reflection assignment:

Describe the example you have selected and provide the specific URL and the image
Explain the origins and context of the example
Include examples from the textbook this week that help develop your analysis of the work and its context
Provide a link to contemporary issues in government to help discuss the influence that these documents continue to have on contemporary cultural patters

Postmodernism and Neo-Expressionism

For this week, answer all three of the following questions. Cite at least one example in your response for each question. You should reference your book to help you answer these questions. If you use additional sources, you must cite them. Your answers should be in essay format, be a minimum of three-five sentences each, and include at least three terms from our glossary for each question.

  1. Discuss Postmodernism. Provide examples.
  2. What aspect of the museum was exposed in the work of Hans Haacke?
  3. What is Neo-Expressionism? Explain your answer.

Asian Art (Expressed)

Explain how the artist has expressed the American Experience for each one of these pictures and how the advantage of using mixed components helps to express the artist’s views and message. What is similar about the American Experience?? What is different?


1) Kristine Yuki Aono, Relics from Camp, 1996 Mixed Media


2) Romare Bearden, The Prevalence of Ritual: Baptism, Collage, 1964

3)Dan Naningha Passages, 1999

Identify a communicable disease to research

Identify a communicable disease to research.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing your research. Include the following information:

  • Describe the disease and discuss efforts to control it.
  • Identify the environmental factors related to this disease.
  • Explain the influence of lifestyles, socioeconomic status, and disease management.
    • Identify gaps and how you might connect to other resources to meet needs that are not locally available.
    • Include recommendations to expand the community’s programs if there are gaps.
  • Describe what the public health department is doing to reduce the threat of the disease.
  • Include data findings, evidence-based intervention, and a plan to ensure quality health.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Include at least 3 APA formatted references.

Pop Culture and the Arts

  • Describe The Feminine Ideal and the Rise of Aestheticism 150-200 words
  • Please provide one reliable source
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