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Highlighted Artwork

Write a two-page in-depth commentary for one of your artistic artifacts that is most representative of your theme and, of course, include the image of that work. This work should be from the course content, not one of your modern or contemporary examples. Make sure you think about the FTC Palette, discussing form, theme, and context for your work. Please review the Writing About Art resource posted in Course Content. Submit by the end of week 6 to the proper area. Format, cite, caption, and reference in MLA style with author/date and proper in-text citations required.
Need Some Ideas?
So, you are selecting one of your works of art for stage 5 and writing a more in-depth essay. You can include the information you wrote in stage 4 about the one artwork then expand on it; possibly it can serve as an overview or introductory statement. Or, you can mix the content from 4 within the in-depth content for 5. One possible direction would be to bring in an outside and contemporary artwork that would make a great comparative study and help to progress your narrative and connections between the past and the present. Or, you could further discuss the elements and principles of art focusing on a particular element or principle. Or, possibly talk about the iconography more extensively than the short descriptions written for Stage 4.
2 page commentary focused on one work of art in proper MLA format.

Exhibition Stage 7

For the last week, you need to submit the completed project. Your only new additions will be an abstract and a conclusion.
A Descriptive Abstract about your Final Project should be around 100 words, single-spaced, 12 pt. Times; include 5 keywords). If you want a critique, post by Wednesday and email the professor.
This abstract may be placed as the front page of your Final Project.
See this important resource:
Here is an example of what a professional database listing with abstract looks like:
This abstract should be placed as the front page of your Final Project. Abstracts are a very important part of academic/scholarly writing, and need special attention, since most everything ends up on the Internet and into databases. Keywords are essential for database searches and can be included within the body of your abstract text. So, choose these words carefully and select what you think will draw people to your work. For this project, include a listing of your keywords (5) at the bottom of your abstract. Citations are usually not included in abstracts as you are simply describing your project. Write in third person, passive tense.
What is this? Go to:
You will then include Stages 3 (Contextual Analysis/Introduction), 4 (Finalized Curatorial Draft of 6-8 artworks), 5 (Highlighted Artwork, which should be placed where you think it fits best), and a Conclusion (1 or 2 paragraphs) discussing how your exhibition illuminates the topic of the history in the arts and draws logical conclusions from the various stages. Your selected images should be placed after the conclusion, using correct figure numbers and MLA formatting, and finally, your list of works cited, which must include at least 6 scholarly sources (journal articles or e-books) found through the library databases. The text for the final version should be about 10 to 12 pages double-spaced, excluding images and Reference List, depending on how many art works you select. Submit by the end of week 8 into the properly provided area.
You will also include a link to your finalized online presentation in either Prezi, Google Sites, or ArtSteps.

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