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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose
Your Statement of Purpose is a critical part of your application to the M.A. and Ph.D programs. It is your opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us about your specific academic background, interests, achievements, and goals. Our selection committee use it to evaluate your aptitude for study, as well as consideration for merit-based financial support.

Your statement can be up to 500 words in length. Below are some questions you might want to consider. You dont need to answer every question; just focus on the elements that are most relevant to you.

What is your purpose in applying to the M.A. or Ph.D program? Describe your area(s) of research interest, including any areas of concentration and specialization.
What experiences have prepared you for this program? What relevant skills have you gained from these experiences? Have your experiences led to specific or tangible outcomes that would support your potential to contribute to this field (e.g. performances, publications, presentations, awards or recognitions)?
What other information about your past experience might help the selection committee in evaluating your suitability for this program? E.g. research, employment, teaching, service, artistic or international experiences through which you have developed skills in leadership, communication, project management, teamwork, or other areas.
Why is UCLA Architecture and Urban Design the best place for you to pursue your academic goals?
What are your plans for your career after earning this degree?

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