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Please edit proofread my personal statement

Attached is the personal statement that I already created, I just need you to add a few things and re word a couple things as well as structure it to each university. But the main points I would like you to keep. for example- shadowing experience and where i currently work. I was also the primary care taker of my mother when she was ill. I helped edit and get a book published for a holocaust survivor with whom I volunteered to make weekly visits too. I only have only taken a couple science courses, I bellieve these foundation programs really will lead the way and plant the foundation in medicine overall. This is why i would like to do the pre med/ foundation program rather then applying directly to the medicine program. – Website on tips how to write a personal statement

Personal statement Prompt for university #1- lease tell us why you would like to study at the University of Buckingham, and why you wish to study in your chosen area

For you to know a little more about the program- here is the link- I am hoping to do the 1 year pre med and move on to medical school from there and not complete the full 2 year program.

Second University Prompt- Same concept hoping to do the 1 year pre med program and move on to the medical school the following year-
What are your ambitions and aspirations? What interests you about the subject? Do you have any relevant skills, experience or achievements gained from education, work or other activities that make you a suitable fit for the course?

Website to the program-

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