Category: Sentence Tree Diagramming

Sentence Tree Diagramming

Draw phrase structure trees for each of the following sentences, indicating each of the categories on the tree (phrase (e.g., NP) and word level (e.g., N)). Use the rules given in the “Ideas, Rules, and Constraints Introduced in this Chapter” section of Chapter Three of Syntax: A Generative Introduction. Be careful that items that modify one another are part of the same constituent. Treat words like can, should, might, was, as instances of the category T (tense).

  • The kangaroo hopped over the truck.
  • I haven’t seen this sentence before.
  • Susan will never sing at weddings.
  • The officer carefully inspected the license.
  • John paid a dollar for a head of lettuce.
  • Teenagers drive rather quickly.
  • The cat put her catnip toy on the plastic mat.
  • The police might plant the drugs in the apartment.
  • Those Olympic hopefuls should practice diligently daily.
  • That annoying faucet was dripping constantly for months.
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