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SOCW 6500 Wk 1 assgn 2

The ability to demonstrate social work practice skills is a key component of any social work field education experience. As you demonstrate social work practice skills in your field education experience, you will develop your professional identity as a future social worker.

For this Assignment, reflect on your personal and professional goals or objectives that you hope to achieve by participating in this course.

The Assignment (12 pages):

Identify and describe your personal professional goals and objectives within the parameters of the field education experience.
Explain how your personal professional goals and objectives that you identified might be reflected in your agency learning agreement.

Field education- internship at Parents and children together Hawaii Offender unit

Any topic (writer’s choice)

So I need an essay about if money changes everything. I think it does. It needs to be double spaced and can’t have any conjunctions. The essay needs to be three pages. I added a forth page because I need a work cited page, that cites the sources used in the essay. and could you please use this as an intro paragraph?
Money is the primary source of currency. Most of the time, if we want something, we use money to get it. Some people have a lot of money, some do not have any money. In the word of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context.
The question being asked is does money change everything? Would anything be affected deeply if we were to remove it? Or would nothing be phased and we could go about our business as usual? The answer is yes. Money changes everything. Without money, we would descend into chaos. Nothing would be the same. As the old saying goes Money makes the world go round. Why is money so important? Read on and find out!
Thank you

Current events article reflection

The New York Times is a great resource for finding current events articles about Psychology.  For this assignment, you will choose a New York Times article from the provided options, and write a 3-page reflection paper on the article.

**Be sure to create your free account with the New York Times to have full access to the articles.

**NOTE: You will need to create a free account with the New York Times to have full access to the
articles. See instructions for creating an account with your Post student email in the Unit resources.
In your reflection paper, you will address the following six (6) content components:
1. Summarize the main ideas presented in the article.
2. Discuss something new that you learned.
3. State whether you agree or disagree with the main ideas presented in the article, and explain
why you agree or disagree.
4. Discuss how you might apply what youve learned to your own life.
5. Research additional information related to this topic, and include a discussion of what you
found most interesting. Include the link to the source you have chosen.
6. Discuss at least one idea/question for follow-up research on this topic (do not use the follow up
question(s) provided in the articles).
This reflection paper should be a minimum of three (3) full pages in length. The page
requirement does not include the title and reference pages.
Writing should be in paragraph form, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.
Reference the New York Times article using the following format:
PSY101 Fundamentals of Psychology I
Current Events Article Reflection Paper
Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year of publication, Month Day). Title of the article. Title of
Online Periodical. Retrieved from

List of New York Times articles to choose from:

Bakalar, N. (2019, March 15). Can TV dumb you down? The New York Times. Retrieved from

Brody, J. E. (2019, April 29). Virtual reality as therapy for pain. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Carey, B. (2019, April 13). Doctors use electrical implant to aid brain-damaged woman. The
New York Times. Retrieved from

Carey, B. (2019, April 29). In month after 13 Reasons Why debut on Netflix, study finds teen suicide
grew. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Murphy, K. (2019, April 18). Can botox and cosmetic surgery chill our relationships with others? The
New York Times. Retrieved from

Reynolds, G. (2019, March 19). Broken-heart syndrome is not all in the head. The New York Times.
Retrieved from

Reynolds, G. (2019, May 1). How exercise affects our memory. The New York Times.
Retrieved from

Richtel, M. (2019, April 5). The latest in military strategy: Mindfulness. The New York Times.
Retrieved from

Schiffman, R. (2019, March 28). Can what we eat affect how we feel? The New York Times.
Retrieved from

SOCW 6500 WK 1 assgn

You will have 11 blog assignments. You will first post your responses to blog prompts on social work field education experiences and then respond to three other colleagues regarding their blog posts each week. The topics covered in each week’s resources will inform the topics of the blog posts.

Refer to the topics covered in this week’s resources and incorporate them into your blog.

Post a blog post that includes:

A description of your understanding of field education experiences
An explanation of your role as an intern in your field education experience, including your agency learning agreement

I have attached the learning agreement. Just incorporate why its important to have a learning agreement. I am going to assign a separate order for you to complete the learning agreement in all the sections where it says student.

My field experience is at an agency called Parents and children together (Hawaii)
It is a domestic violence agency but I will specifically be working with offenders.

I have added the link to the webpage below. Tailor all of the assignments to this internship. I will be starting the internship next week.

2 Short Criminal Law Papers (2-3 Pages each)

**Write 2-3 Pages for each Essay**
1st Essay:
1. A defendant who is on probation for a drug-related offense is required to refrain from drug use during his probationary period. He is required to submit a urine test once a month to determine whether he has used drugs within the last 30 days. During a casual conversation, prior to the test, the defendant tells his probation officer that he drove his car to the probation office. The test reveals traces of a controlled substance in the defendants bloodstream. Upon questioning by the probation officer, the defendant admits to having used crack cocaine a few hours prior to the visit. Answer the following questions:

– Should the defendant be charged with violating his probation? Why, or why not?

– Should he be charged with driving under the influence? Why, or why not?

2nd Essay:
2. You are a state Supreme Court judge hearing a case in which two adult male homosexuals, who have been in a relationship for more than 12 years, are being charged under state sodomy laws. They were arrested when police officers obtained arrest warrants based on probable cause that they were committing sodomy in their home. The men argue that their sexual relations are private and consensual and that these charges violate their rights under the First and Fourth Amendments. Answer the following questions:

– Are their First Amendment rights being violated? Why, or why not?

– What about their Fourth Amendment rights? Why, or why not?

– What are your options as a judge in your states highest court? Which option will you choose, and why?

*Due to Personal opinions regarding LGBTQ relations, please defend the rights of the homosexual couple as best you can*

***For these 2 essays:

Any topic (writer’s choice)


You and your colleagues at the Sierra Club have been asked to submit a report to the US. Senates Committee on Energy and Natural Resources who have been asked to spearhead a national task force on energy, minerals, and the federal lands. Your report to the Committee will consider a variety of issues, including national security (becoming energy self-sufficient and, if possible, self-sufficient for critical non-energy minerals), environmental sustainability (minimizing conventional air/water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and nuclear waste, as well as minimizing the volume of water needed for energy generation and mining), and economic efficiency. In cases where legislation already exists, you have been asked to re-examine and refine the current laws and policies.
What policy will you recommend? Be sure to consider the life cycle of energy and minerals, including extraction of raw materials, generation into usable forms of energy (generally, electricity), transmission to place of use, and disposal of any waste products.

Question: The role of federal land (and oceans): What role should the federal lands (including offshore lands) play in the national energy (and mining) policy?


MBA Admission

An admission essay with popular writing format for Master education level.

I need it to be:
– 100% Plagiarism Free
– Genuine Piece of paper
– Grammar checked!
– Professional Writing

I trust your ability, so lets do it.

208 Peer review

You will be doing a 1 page peer review on a classmate paper #27-Nurse-Patient Relationship.docx

Peer Review Overview
Peer Review Research Article Critique Assignment

“As a peer reviewer, your job is not to provide answers. You raise questions; the writer makes the choices. You act as a mirror, showing the writer how the draft looks to you and pointing out areas which need attention.”  -S. Williams (University of Hawaii at Manoas Writing Program)

As a peer reviewer, you are expected to provide appropriate feedback, based on the prompts for the Research Article Critique writing assignment and the prompts below. Your responses should show evidence of real consideration of the students writing and be of appropriate depth and length.

Peer Review Feedback is worth a total of 5 points. Points will be deducted for feedback that is superficial, lacking evidence of reflection, and/or not addressing all prompts.

Point out the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the document.
Offer suggestions, not commands.
Editorial comments should be appropriate and constructive. There is no need to be rude. Be respectful and considerate of the writer’s feelings.
Be sure that your comments are clear and text-specific so that your peer will know what you are referring to (for example, terms such as “unclear” or “vague” are too general to be helpful).
As a reader, raise questions that cross your mind, points that may have not occurred to your peer author.
Try not to overwhelm your peer with too much commentary. Follow the feedback form and the issues you are supposed to address.
Reread your comments before returning to the faculty. Make sure all your comments make sense and are easy to follow.

The Getty Kouros

You are to write a short, two-three-page essay on the Getty Kouros, examining the evidence for it either being an authentic work of art or a forgery. Be sure to introduce the artwork, where/when it was found and a brief description of the piece, THEN give a short analysis on its authenticity based on your research. This is an opinion paper, so I want to hear YOUR opinion on what conclusion you have come to, and why, based on the research you have done. You need to convince me that your conclusion is the right one, so how would you go about doing so?
Make sure to properly cite your sources with in-text parenthetical citations and a works cited page!!!
Formatting Rules: TIMES NEW ROMAN 12-point font, with 1-inch margins. Also, be sure to cite your sources according to the MLA style guide. For all online article and/or book sources, you must include copies/screenshots of the sources you are using, with the sections you are getting your information from highlighted on the copies/screenshots.

Peer review

Peer Review Form

Authors first and last name: ________________________________

Topic of their essay: ___________________________________

1) Overall strength of argument: The objective of this essay is to convince us that the author’s chosen place offers them the best chance of achieving the life they want. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how you feel about that place. They have to convince us by showing alignment between their stated priorities and the features of the place. How well is your peer review partner doing? How would you rate their argument so far on a scale of 1 to 10 with “10” being totally convincing? Explain your rating. Do you see any fatal flaws in their approach such as mis-alignment between their priorities and the place?

2) Supporting evidence: The author must provide supporting evidence for their claims about the town or city that is the topic of their essay. There should be at least four sources in the rough draft. Has the author selected strong supporting evidence? Does it speak directly to the claims they make, or only indirectly? Where do you see gaps? Are you doubtful of some claims? Why?

3) Structure and organization: One of the challenges of an essay like this is figuring out how best to organize it. It has lots of elements to manage: the topic, the person’s priorities, their reasons for choosing one place over another, supporting evidence, etc. Evaluate the overall structure and organization of the essay. Does it make sense? Does the author group related information together by paragraph or do they meander and sprinkle bits and pieces of information here and there? Does the essay include basic features like an introduction, preview, transitioning sentences, and main points? Or did you find yourself totally lost in the middle of it? If the latter, propose some changes.

4) Readability: Let the author know how they’re doing overall. In general, is the essay readable?

5) Finish with positivity: Pick one sentence from the essay that you really like. Copy and past it into this review. Why makes it a great or compelling or memorable sentence?


This assignment is graded on completeness. To earn full credit, you must complete steps 1-7.

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