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H1N1 Influenza Epidemic in Iowa

H1N1 Influenza Epidemic in Iowa

Questions to answer.

    1.Why is communication important during the public health response to an epidemic?

    2.Describe the testing process for biological emergencies and how it works, including the impact on the patient and public health.

    3.Why is influenza virus a public health risk every year?

  4. How did Iowas State Health Laboratory (SHL) leverage their prior work developing the Iowa Laboratory Response Network (I-LRN) to respond to the 2009 H1N1 influenza epidemic in Iowa?

  5. How did the services provided by laboratories support the action of the epidemiologists in this epidemic?

  6. How did the worried well strain the healthcare system during the H1N1 influenza epidemic? What can be done to mitigate this reaction and how might planners better prepare for future biological emergencies/epidemics?

profile essay

The profile essay focuses on a person, place, or thing and describes it well enough to place an image in the audiences mind while reading. The focus of the profile can be nearly anything. It is often best to find something that is unfamiliar to profile so that the concept can be explored with fresh insight. However, everyday items, locations, and people might be excellent content for the profile.

Negative Effects of Playing Violent Video Games

Negative Effects of Playing Violent Video Games is what I want to write a paper on.

(total of 10 articles required).  The literature review document must be at least 5 pages long in Week 6.  For Week 7, students will add and/or remove content to meet the Week 7 assignment goal of a ten page paper.

For this assignment, your goal is to present what you have learned about your topic across all of the articles you gathered and read. If your thoughts have evolved since you turned into your outline, it is OK to deviate from what you submitted in your outline last week! You are encouraged to:

Use headings within your literature review to guide the reader through your thoughts as you summarize the key points you want to make.
Be scholarly, but don’t use over complicated language. Be direct. Do not use colloquial expressions, and do not use first person (e.g., “I,” “me,” “my”).
Do not simply write a paper that brings the reader through a summary of what you read article-by-article (like mini article critiques). Instead, each paragraph should be about a different point you want to make about your topic and what the combined literature demonstrates about that point. Expect to use multiple citations in each paragraph.
Take a look at the introduction for the article you critiqued in Week 3 if you are unsure how to write your literature review. Notice how their literature review is focused on topics and a synthesis of others’ research and theory. Model your structure, tone, and “flow of thoughts” after theirs. Also, note how the authors have used citations and where they are placed.
Create a References page that only uses references (not annotations). Be sure that your page lists your references in the proper order and that formatting and punctuation are correct.

Articles I have picked so far, but need more articles;

1. Olson, C., Kutner, L., Baer, L., Beresin, E., Warner, D., & Nicholi II, A. (2009). M-Rated Video Games and Aggressive or Problem Behavior Among Young Adolescents. Applied Developmental Science, 13(4), 188198.

2.Coyne, S. M., Warburton, W. A., Essig, L. W., & Stockdale, L. A. (2018). Violent video games, externalizing behavior, and prosocial behavior: A five-year longitudinal study during adolescence. Developmental Psychology, 54(10), 18681880.

3.Literature review on the impact of playing violent video games on aggression. (2010). PsycEXTRA Dataset, 150. doi: 10.1037/e522202014-001

Pandora streaming SWAT analysis

I need to write a one page summary of Pandora the streaming app weaknesses. Only write about the weaknesses ive attached some info down to work from. 

– Only available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia
– No family plan included for multiple users sharing the same account
– Small library compared to competitors in terms of how many artists feature
– To heavily dependent on ad revenue with no clear way of getting customers to sign up
– No free trial to use the pandora premium so users inherently stick to free usage
– Artists get lower royalties from pandora compared to other platforms

Responses to the week 2 discussion

Give two substantive responses (125 words each) to your peers posts (Ryan J and Tim D) that demonstrate original thought, introspection, and healthy debate among classmates by following the ABC approach:

Acknowledge your classmate and add a new point.
Build on the post. Make it a higher-level answer and give more depth of understanding.
Conclude or contest a previous point.

Letter of Recommendation- Leadership

Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher

The primary focus should be about skills such as “leadership, work ethic, moral values” as a teacher

Keywords to consider: Positive attitude, communication, teamwork, self-management, willingness to learn, thinking skills (problem solving and decision making), resilience

school flaws: standardized testing

This is a research paper That focuses on the flaws of American classrooms. I have provided four sources that needs to be integrated into the paper. The links to the sources will be on the word document that i have attached along with the outline of the paper. This paper needs to follow the provided outline while maintaining the 3 page minimum.

how do authors reveal the theme through the use of figurative language in the myths of Larcus and Daedalus by peabody and ovid use text evidance

I need a 2 full body paragraph and a introduction and conclusion From Metamorphoses, Book VIII:

Meanwhile Daedalus, hating Crete, and his long exile, and filled with a desire to stand on his native soil, was imprisoned by the waves. “He may thwart our escape by land or sea,” he said, “but the sky is surely open to us: we will go that way: Minos rules everything but he does not rule the heavens.” So saying he applied his thought to new invention and altered the natural order of things. He laid down lines of feathers, beginning with the smallest, following the shorter with longer ones, so that you might think they had grown like that, on a slant. In that way, long ago, the rustic pan-pipes were graduated, with lengthening reeds. Then he fastened them together with thread at the middle, and beeswax at the base, and, when he had arranged them, he flexed each one into a gentle curve, so that they imitated real birds wings. His son, Icarus, stood next to him, and, not realizing that he was handling things that would endanger him, caught laughingly at the down that blew in the passing breeze, and softened the yellow beeswax with his thumb, and, in his play, hindered his fathers marvelous work.

When he had put the last touches to what he had begun, the artificer balanced his own body between the two wings and hovered in the moving air. He instructed the boy as well, saying “Let me warn you, Icarus, to take the middle way, in case the moisture weighs down your wings, if you fly too low, or if you go too high, the sun scorches them. Travel between the extremes. And I order you not to aim towards Bootes, the Herdsman, or Helice, the Great Bear, or towards the drawn sword of Orion: take the course I show you!” At the same time as he laid down the rules of flight, he fitted the newly created wings on the boys shoulders. While he worked and issued his warnings the ageing mans cheeks were wet with tears: the fathers hands trembled.

He gave a never to be repeated kiss to his son, and lifting upwards on his wings, flew ahead, anxious for his companion, like a bird, leading her fledglings out of a nest above, into the empty air. He urged the boy to follow, and showed him the dangerous art of flying, moving his own wings, and then looking back at his son. Some angler catching fish with a quivering rod, or a shepherd leaning on his crook, or a ploughman resting on the handles of his plough, saw them, perhaps, and stood there amazed, believing them to be gods able to travel the sky.

And now Samos, sacred to Juno, lay ahead to the left (Delos and Paros were behind them), Lebinthos, and Calymne, rich in honey, to the right, when the boy began to delight in his daring flight, and abandoning his guide, drawn by desire for the heavens, soared higher. His nearness to the devouring sun softened the fragrant wax that held the wings: and the wax melted: he flailed with bare arms, but losing his oar-like wings, could not ride the air. Even as his mouth was crying his fathers name, it vanished into the dark blue sea, the Icarian Sea, called after him. The unhappy father, now no longer a father, shouted Icarus, Icarus where are you? Which way should I be looking, to see you? Icarus he called again. Then he caught sight of the feathers on the waves, and cursed his inventions. He laid the body to rest, in a tomb, and the island was named Icaria after his buried child.

there is the story by Ovid

Among all those mortals who grew so wise that they learned the secrets of the gods, none was more cunning than Daedalus.

He once built, for King Minos of Crete, a wonderful Labyrinth of winding ways so cunningly tangled up and twisted around that, once inside, you could never find your way out again without a magic clue. But the king’s favor veered with the wind, and one day he had his master architect imprisoned in a tower. Daedalus managed to escape from his cell; but it seemed impossible to leave the island, since every ship that came or went was well guarded by order of the king.

At length, watching the sea-gulls in the air,–the only creatures that were sure of liberty,–he thought of a plan for himself and his young son Icarus, who was captive with him.

Little by little, he gathered a store of feathers great and small. He fastened these together with thread, molded them in with wax, and so fashioned two great wings like those of a bird. When they were done, Daedalus fitted them to his own shoulders, and after one or two efforts, he found that by waving his arms he could winnow the air and cleave it, as a swimmer does the sea. He held himself aloft, wavered this way and that with the wind, and at last, like a great fledgling, he learned fly.

Without delay, he fell to work on a pair of wings for the boy Icarus, and taught him carefully how to use
them, bidding him beware of rash adventures among the stars. Remember, said the father, never to
fly very low or very high, for the fogs about the earth would weigh you down, but the blaze of the sun
will surely melt your feathers apart if you go too near.
For Icarus, these cautions went in at one ear and out by the other. Who could remember to be careful
when he was to fly for the first time? Are birds careful? Not they! And not an idea remained in the boys
head but the one joy of escape.

The day came, and the fair wind that was to set them free. The father bird put on his wings, and, while
the light urged them to be gone, he waited to see that all was well with Icarus, for the two could not fly
hand in hand. Up they rose, the boy after his father. The hateful ground of Crete sank beneath them;
and the country folk, who caught a glimpse of them when they were high above the tree-tops, took it
for a vision of the godsApollo, perhapswith Cupid after him.

At first there was a terror in the joy. The wide vacancy of the air dazed thema glance downward
made their brains reel. But when a great wind filled their wings, and Icarus felt himself sustained,
like a halcyon-bird in the hollow of a wave, like a child uplifted by his mother, he forgot everything in
the world but joy. He forgot Crete and the other islands that he had passed over: he saw but vaguely
that winged thing in the distance before him that was his father Daedalus. He longed for one draught
of flight to quench the thirst of his captivity: he stretched out his arms to the sky and made towards the
highest heavens.

Alas for him! Warmer and warmer grew the air. Those arms, that had seemed to uphold him, relaxed.
His wings wavered, drooped. He fluttered his young hands vainlyhe was fallingand in that terror
he remembered. The heat of the sun had melted the wax from his wings; the feathers were falling, one
by one, like snowflakes; and there was none to help.
He fell like a leaf tossed down the wind, down, down, with one cry that overtook Daedalus far away.
When he returned, and sought high and low for the poor boy, he saw nothing but the bird-like feathers
afloat on the water, and he knew that Icarus was drowned.

The nearest island he named Icaria, in memory of the child; but he, in heavy grief, went to the temple
of Apollo in Sicily, and there hung up his wings as an offering. Never again did he attempt to fly.

And the story by Peabody

You can select one of 3 choices

This assignment is to help focus on disorders and unique issues we see in adolescents.

Below are three topics for you to choose from. SELECT just ONE.

1. Teenagers and mental health and emotional disorders and treatment

2. Teenagers and drugs/alcohol use and abuse and treatment

3. Juvenile justice and teenagers and the adult criminal just system.

As you research this topic, think about what is considered “typical” behavior vs problem behavior.  Adolescence is a time of pushing boundaries, taking risks, and being moody.  What is “normal” and what is “at-risk” behavior or intolerable by family or community?

Conduct online research to address the following 3 questions below.  Use at least 2 references. One reference must be the DSM 5.  Using the DSM see what kind of diagnoses apply to your selected question.

1. How is the adolescent brain and level of cognitive development related to the topic above you selected?  What specifically is the brain issue related to the problem? Is there a psychological/emotional disorder associated with this topic? Identify one or more diagnoses from the DSM used to describe the issue you selected

2. What resources are available to teens their families in our area ( Bucks County PA 18966)?  Be specific- agencies, programs, clinics.

3. Demonstrate your critical thinking on this topic.  Do you think we as a community is getting it right or wrong? Can you identify how other countries, cultures or communities address the topic?

Make sure one of your online research citations is the DSM 5 ( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which will help you identify terminology and class-action of the issue and disorder.

Remember to include your links/resources/sources you used.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1.    Read this article “Argentina’s Macri attempts to thwart economic plunge” The article discusses the Argentinian economy and suggests that political motives and populist actions might slow the economic recovery and obstruct the necessary steps that needs to be taken. 

2.    Create a paper in the form of an APA formatted article that addresses the following questions. Please use apply concepts and theories learned from the textbook to support your ideas, including at least 1 intext citation.
o    What type of economic downturns is Argentina experiencing as of Summer 2019?  Is the current government able to take the right course of action? Explain.
o    How is the currency (peso) responding to government policies?  Is it normal?  Explain it using the supply and demand model.
o    Why would Argentina face balance of payments crisis?  What kind of government policies would exacerbate such malfunction in the macroeconomy?

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