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MGT 434 Week 2 Retaliatory Discharge and Remedies- Employment Law for Business, Ch. 13

This chapter touched a little bit on employers who retaliate against employees who file discrimination claims. There is often retaliation against the HR manager who supports or agrees with the claim. Every employer has their own interpretation of what they think a disability is but the laws are very clear.

HR managers are often involved in lawsuits of various kinds. I know personally that most of them at my job are discrimination complaints. However, HR managers have to be careful with their findings and how they report after an investigation to an owner because that retaliation can extend to them. An organization can feel as if losing one discrimination claim could open the door to many more and view that HR manager as not on their team.


“HR directors must therefore ensure that the members of their team who handle employees’ legal complaints to not face retaliation for their efforts to prevent or correct discrimination.”

MGT 434 Week 2 Americans with Disabilities Act- Employment Law for Business, Ch. 13

This Act prohibits any type of discrimination against people who have disabilties. This law came into effect in1990 and is the civil rights acts for those who have disabilities.  This discrimination act covers areas such as accessing public buildings, pulbic transportation, employment, and even communications. Regarding employers, they do have to offer reasonable accomodations on the job. And other agencies like the Department of Labor assist in enforcing these regulatons. Basically they are there to ensure that people with disabilties are treated fairly, they are accomodated, and have the same rights as anyone else.

MGT 434 Week 2 Re- Section 503 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act- Employment Law for Business, Ch. 13

Section 503 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was created to help people with disabilities get a government job. It specifies under the affirmative action that any company using federal agencies look to hiring employees with a disability. They are also mandated to recruit, and then train those individuals with disabilities to perform the required job function. This act works on getting those individuals that cannot perform certain functions removed, so they will qualify for those positions. These positions are also subject to promotions, you cannot discriminate because of a disability any type of promotion that might be offered to all employees.

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